Friday, 24 May 2013

Blog Wars 5 - Abdicating the Throne

It's true.. Blog Wars 5 is rolling around the corner and I am going to have to skip it.

After attending the first FOUR tournaments and WINNING ALL FOUR of them I will have to walk away with my head bowed in shame...

I am also depriving someone the opportunity to take my Crown, to sit upon the Iron Throne after rightfully smashing the shit out of all opponents in their way!

But I will be back, I will want my Blog Wars Crown back, I will want to retake the Iron Throne (there is no Iron Throne at Blog Wars.. I'm kinda just throwing around 'king of the mountain' imagery...)

Blog Wars 5 will be an amazing event and from the look of it, it will be the biggest yet in terms of participation - it s up in Stockport at the Gaming Centre there and for me, that's just too far to drive from Cambridge for a one day event.

I am disappointed not to be going, but I will be back on the trail for Blog Wars glory in the Fall, after being blooded and gaining more experience at the ETC in Serbia - having represented my country at toy soldiers - I'll be eager to reclaim my Crown!

There are still some tickets left for BW5 in Stockport on the 22nd June

Check out the LINKIE here (well, left of 'here'...preceding 'here'? However you want to say it..)

Oh and Alex... I want an actual BW Crown for the prize in Fall/Winter please mate.
I'm being a diva and not coming back unless there is one!
Or an AXE!
Or a sword... hammer...mace.. shield?...dagger? pencil sharpener?


  1. It's a massive shame that none of the Sons can make it. I hope you can understand the venue thing was mostly out of my control. Hopefully I can find a more central one again for BW6.

  2. Should have joined me on the megabus to Manchester! You guys will be sorely missed!

    We should organise something for us southerners to enjoy. Perhaps at the other end of the year?