Monday, 25 February 2013

Tyranid Update: Troll Forged Miniatures Alien Brains

Hey guys,
Quick update today and non-Ravenwing related.
I've been playing a lot with my Tyranids and loving them.. my black/puple/orange paint scheme looks awesome on the tabletop en masse and I'm working on snow basing for the army - I think the contrast of the pure, white snow to the dark black/purple will offset the whole thing beautifully.

I intend to get the basing done for most of the Gaunts and a couple of Tervigons done this week/weekend.. so you can expect more visual updates later in the week.

What I wanted to show case today was the Zoanthrope alternative models I've bought - NOTE: I only ordered them this weekend after my final round of playtesting confirmed that I wanted to order 6 Zoeys in... so I havent seen them in the flesh yet, but they look great.

The models come from Troll Forged Miniatures over in the States and they look sweet.

Check out the site here, they have a "community sculpt" thing going on, whereby dudes can throw out ideas on their forums and some of them make it sculpt/production.. it's kinda cool.

Either way.. it means that they have some funky stuff that I personally am not interested in, but it also means they have some real gems.

I love these weird little alien Brains - they are costed just right and are resin or "Trollcast" - these guys cost me just forty dollars for 6 - in the UK this is nothing at all.. and with international shipping, I think I paid £! Bargain!

More crazy Psychic Choir Nids for me to play with whoot! In the meantime, the locals will just have to put up with 2 "real" Zoeys and a handful of stand in Warriors! lol.. I'm working on it boys!

Hmmm...maybe one  of the Troll Forged boys will see this and ship my order double time! Unlikely...but if they do.. it's the international going to Humphris!


  1. That model is amazing - it actually looks appropriate - the other zoeys are just too thin - I get the idea of the "alien brain creature" not being all that much there in terms of a physical presence but I'd expect some substance / intimidation factor to them.

    Gonna have to check out that store see what other goodies they have.

    1. It is quite hit and miss mate.. You'll be lucky to find something you like I think.. But go for it by all means...I agree on the GW figs, just think that with two wounds and t4 they need to have at least some substantiality to them.. Not sure that is a word lol..

    2. I see what you mean ... they had some other cool stuff but not all that much, but these models were clearly head and shoulders above all the other models - but given how good they look that was never going to be a hard task.

      It does make you think when starting a new project - do you want to go with GW stock models (boring) convert/theme (good but time consuming, and frustrating if you cant get all the parts) or have a shop around and look at some of the resin 3rd party stuff out there - just look at Atreides rhino's which are stunning.

  2. Hi, What were these Troll Forged Alien Brains miniatures like when they arrived?
    I could not make them out in the ETC pics. It sounds like some of the countries were fussy on what they accepted as models so may be you didn't take them.
    PS Heard you on 40KUK, putting a voice to a blog is like putting a face to a phone call.