Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Upcoming Tournaments: My plans for the year

I'm always facing such tough decisions... no, really..
Often I find it difficult to attend the number of tournaments that I would like to. So I need to plan out my calendar quite far in advance.

I am often jealous of guys who can just rock up to tournament after tournament, clocking up the rep.. But I simp can't..I love a weekend of 40k, it's a brilliant way to cram in loads of gaming and just indulge in general geekery.

Caledonian has been and gone and was a cracking start to the year.

The UK40KGT is next up, end of March in very close.. Here I will be attempting to place Top Ten as my goal. It'll be possibly the most competitive field I have been in - with the likes of Caledonian and Brighton Warlords there are always tough players, but it is also an open field of players.. With the GT being qualification only it will eliminate some of the more laid back players and will only be the top half of all qualification tournaments .. Creating a tougher field of players.

War of the Roses (the England ETC Team fundraiser tournie, the Caledonian equivalent) will hopefully run again this year...again something I missed out on last year. June is a possibility here for it, and would fit nicely with my calendar.. 

Blog Wars 5 is 22nd June and I am looking to defend my undefeated title for the 5th time. This time we have a field of 40 competitors over the 3 game, single day format and winning based just on 3 games will be a tricky task to say the least! Plus, there will be a prize for any gamer who beats me! lol.. so I may be facing something of an uphill struggle lol!

Ribble Rumble is something I missed out on last year and I would like to try and make it this year. It is running on the 27/28th July and I am keen to keep my eye on the ticket situation..

9-11th August is the ETC. This is one of my biggest events, if not the biggest on the tournament calendar this year. Can't really say much here about ... It's all very hush, hush..except to say I am looking seriously into rhino-rush Blood Angels as a hard counter to all the current meta armies.. Or am I?

After calendar is pretty clear.. I am hoping that the Brighton Warlords will have events in the second half of the year and I will be able to attend..
I love heading down to Brighton, it's a cracking event and a cracking team/group of lads that run it.. I'm not sure about the current stance of no allies and smaller points games.. But hopefully that will change as the guys get more accustomed to 6th ed 40k.. Pete says it is too broken.. But when everything is broken cause nothing is balanced.. Well, you need to accept that and go from there.. Id definitely like to head down to Brighton again later in the year.. I wonder if it will still be smaller points (1500) and no allies by then.. I hope not.

So those are my tournament plans pretty much for the year.. there are some later in the year that I fancy (Northern Warlords GT for example) and again there are tournaments that I wish I could have attended (already! It's only February!! Battlefield Birmingham basically) but couldn't.. ah well, can't get to them all!

What tournies do you guys head to and never miss? Which tournaments are 'must do' events for you? Have I missed essential tournies off the list?

Maybe next year I might make it to NOVA baby!


  1. Schedule looks good though - obviously not that many events though seems like good ones to go to.

    I think the incentive to beat you adds more to the competition than people - if the newer guys aren't super competitive with strong lists all that could happen is G2 you have people that might have otherwise had lower VP's or a loss being up higher in G2 and have the pleasure of facing your brutal lists ... :P

    Personally for me I might actually look to borrow an army for an event later in the year off Alex (or yourself lol) and have a giggle for a weekend - probably will be my first and last games of 6th :P

    As for events for myself, other than becoming pro at Tetris with Friends ... lol

    New season starts in 2 weeks - a long with my series of competitive gaming articles (with relations to 40K!) - so that should all be fun. While having competitive games at your finger tips available online is great, I do miss going to tournament events a bit ... hence why I might actually do a 40K one (or two) this year - though I wont faff around with it, I'll just take the most brutal list I can find, no "DW finesse army" bull shit lol.

  2. (and still do shit with said list ...)

  3. I've never missed an Open War. It's a pretty long running tournament hosted by the 1st Company Vets and while numbers have dwindled over recent years it's still a fun 3-game 1 day-er. Hopefully they'll be putting it on again this April.

    1. Where Is it based Andy?
      It's one that has a decent name, I've certainly heard of it from pre-blog days when I lurked on forums lol..
      How come numbers have shrunk? Just the way it is or...?

    2. blame league of legends .... :P

      It's something thats not exclusive to 40K Ven - and once again I am going to touch upon it in one of my next articles, but we've been seeing a downward trend in games like table top RPG's and model games (amongst other games) over the past few years. Hell its not even limited to that - FPS games on PC are becoming less popular as the rise of console versions are.

      Things like WOW are main stream for RPG's - or while Final Fantasy might be the best RPG ever (and it is ...) now days the graphics and immersion of some of these RPG games - plus being CO-OP or group - people dont need table top and their own imagination as much.

      Fortunately, 40K does have the slight edge in the hobby side, and imo over a game like d'n'd or whatever, where people can take pride in their force.

      Also, no small part, is that GW really doesn't support tournaments. They "do" in the loosest sense of the word, but if you take 30 seconds (or just wait for my article on it) - look at what, and this is not limited to - Riot do for LOL - WOTC for MTG then look back at GW's support again lol. Luckily 40K does have some great individuals that put on tournaments - I've actually played in a game where one TO actually scammed the entire event, was pretty shitty, I've seen team leaders not pay their players after events and cash prizes.

      What was the question again?

  4. You'll have to give us a shout if you go to Ribble Rumble - turns out its a 10 mins walk from my house...which I never realised until after last years.

    Obviously we will try to have a Weeman presence there from now on!

    1. Haha, nice one dude.. Yeah I'm looking into just clearing it its the wifey, once that's done.. No reason why I won't be on board .. U going to try and make this one Chris? You loving your Nids at the minute? Love them in 6th!

  5. i am building a guard/deamon list for blog wars. i might even get a practice game in, bringing my total experience of 6th up to 3 games... yes really.
    just got a payrise and bonus so i went and bought quite a few new toys today. quite enjoying the mindless gluing together of bloodletters and seekers i must say.

    1. Hey bud, practice game?! Don't go crazy now Atreides lol.. Fantastic news on the career front, well deserved after doing two people's workload lol.. Love a bit if mindless gluing, I did 40 Gargoyles and Swarmlord yesterday to finish my Nids, airbrush session today..

      Do we have the possibility of an Atreides article at some point on this hobby goodness? ;)

    2. should be no problem. i am slowly building an Ork Battlewagon for shits and giggles as well, so it'll more likely be on that to be honest. not converting the deamons at all, just adding to what i already own.

    3. Lol.. Excellent..ork for scratch I hope?

      I'm dying to know what build you are working on...any hints?