Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ravenwing 90% finished! Whoot!

Hey all. Quick one just to show the progress on the Ravenwing Bike force I've been working on.. REally pleased with how they have come out - here is a shot of the first one finished - everyone else is at the same place....EXCEPT for the Scorched Brown rim of the base.. these are the last steps to finish the army off to this standard...      

Pretty happy with how they look have to be honest, they get a Tamiya weathering on the tail pipes and bolt weaponry..I love using this stuff - it's pricey, but creates a cracking effect from just 3 different pigments - a base metal, a highlight and a rust.

They have a single highlight on the gold at the stage, but may get more.          
The airbrushing looks good, but is a very stylised "black", being far more grey... I took inspiration from the cover art of the latest Ravenwing book though on his one, allows more character to be shown..

Last stages are to "rim" the bases (not like that filth bag!) and airbrush the plasma "glow"... Bout a days work left!

Whoot! Now to decide whether or not I want the army lol!                  


  1. Nice rims Ven. Scorched brown sets off the pale concrete base nicely. I do think they look a little too airbrush-y? Like not enough colours perhaps? Maybe a drybrush Leadbleacher on bike engine and finish off the metallics will help break it up? The gold defo needs a final highlight, perhaps a fine Mithril Silver edging to make it shine?

    Super fast rapid progress tho - I wish my drop pods were that quick! I'm still staring at 10 more doors... but the finish is in sight!

  2. Thanks dude, yeah I did think about the Mithras silver highlight... If I have time, I'll add it, also thought about using a green wash to corrode the gold a bit, add a bit more depth to the gold and overall model.

    The model does look a bit airbrush-y ... But to be honest, I like this look... I know it is quite common now to see the trademark airbrush fade, but it gives me a great deal of pleasure to see it on the tabletop. It is also the reason why the progress is so quick!

    That's a lot of doors Siph, you better get cracking!

    1. Like I mention in my comment below - I think using really watered down washes right at the "lowest" (I.E darkest) and recessed points will give you the airbrushed effect but counter the fact that airbrushing does not create depth.


    *throws hands to the air*

    For the speed and time its not a bad job. Clean and good colors for not having much detail means it wont look bland/empty on the battlefield.

    1. Base coat? You fucking kidding?

      That's four airbrushed layers fucker... Nicely blended up from near black at the bottom of bike with true light source work... Mother licker... ;)

      Tamiya pigments x three just on exhaust pipes!

    2. I think your airbrushing could just use a lick of washes after it to just give some depth. I can see the lighting effect, but the one thing with airbrush is unless its super extreme (think how I do highlights ...) its hard to give a sense of depth in recesses.

      On that I'd grab some thrakka green wash (or whatever its called now) with a darker tone (prob black, maybe even a very dark blue) and just water it down and throw it into the lower recesses.

      The whole process for 30 bikes would take maybe 30 minutes if that, 60 if your doing 2 washes.

      Then throw some "brown" wash onto the metals - 5mins for the lot.

      I think it would just be a quick job but just add the perception of detail/depth.

      I mean obviously your missing a lot of detail (the inside engine for E.G, eyes etc..) so I am just thinking "quick, simple" jobs opposed to actual sit down and get a brush on it for 4 or 5 layers in micro detail - I know thats not what your going for.

    3. I do like the tone on the exhaust pipes, is that an airbrush paint or?

      I like using the washes though as it tricks your eye into thinking there is more layering than there actually is. I hate using the washes themselves, but the effect is very good for the time investment. Painting a layer - 10 - 15 mins per model, washing that layer on - 30secs. When your against the clock or just going for a certain level (table top) then its brutally effective.

      How long does an airbrush "session" take?

    4. I really like those exhausts too. Looking forward to seeing one 100% done, or even better 30 100% done ;)

      Only 7 more Pod doors left... jeez I'm slow...

  4. Sorry it does look like a base coat

    Stop deluding yourself if you think otherwise (or take different pictures)

    1. The above is called "banter" FYI, learn this term, it may be useful later in life for you dude.

  5. Apologies, didn't realise it was clique only comments on this blog

    1. It isn't, not at all.. "Stop deluding yourself" is quite a strong line to take for a first time comment/anon comment, therefore within context it is received as rude.

      If you look back over the two and a half years of the blogs'll see it is both open to all and friendly.