Sunday, 16 December 2012

Thunderfire Cannon Scratch Build

Like many others out there, I refuse to buy the thunderfire cannon for £35 or whatever it is.. silly money for a  techmarine and a gun.

So I thought I would build one myself just from bits n bobs I have lying around from my random ass collection.. free whoot!

I had to get an image of what the Thunderfire is supposed to look like.. then I had to have an extensive search of my bits. This is what took the longest to be honest... I have a huge collection of random bits and finding Space Marine parts that suited as well as other non-Imperial bits.. I mainly raided a Empire Steam Tank, a spare Manticore kit, some random Marine tank bits.. Vendetta landing gears, all sorts.

It took a few minutes to think what I wanted it to look like, I like the idea of it being dropped into the action from space or low orbit from a thunderhawk.. that way, it wouldn't have to have tank tracks - the most important element that I could not source in my bits...and I'd be damned if I was paying anything at all for this!

My first steps were to put the TFC base platform together. This was a very simple platform, with just the 3 landing gears under a razorback hatch. This would give me the size to mount a pretty decent sized gun on, also a space to angel the gun already built in.

Once this was done, it was time to build the Cannon itself.. I toyed with putting the Cannons from the Empire Steam Tank together and adding a 3d cannon from the Nemesis Dreadknight Heavy Psilencer..but it just didn't look man enough for the job..

Then I found a set of Storm Eagle rockets I had left from my Mech IG army that I sold.. nice one.. trim the flights and noses from the missiles..glue together.. sweet.

Next stage was to provide some bulk to the TFC, and a way in which to elevate the barrel/cannon so that it looks like it could lob shells overhead. This was done with a spare Baal Pred ammo box from the TL Assault Cannons.. and the control panel from a Drop Pod. These, combined with a second Razorback weapons mount gave me the necessary elevation on the cannon and the mountings for the Steam Tank Cannons gave me the pieces that would hold the cannon in place.

Adding a few details to the rear of the Cannon covered the dodgy looking glue job at the back, a DA tome glued on the front gave it the mechanicus/DA monastic nonsense I was looking for.

The Cannon itself got some Baal Pred Sponson covers to give the Cannon itself some covering and armour plates. I did look for one of those targeting thing-ma-bobbies that goes on top of the TFC, but I couldn't find one amongst my scrap.. which to be honest, I was amazed at lol!

Then I think that was it.. pretty easy, looks pretty sweet and it cost absolutely nothing...pilfering bits from kits that I have no interest in using nor have the need.. IG for me are now reduced to just Infantry platoon plug ins as Allies and I have more BA mech than you can shake a stick at.. so a few odds n sods are really not useful.

You can of course see my scratch built Techmarine with full servo harness.. my guy has more practical tools for siege work than lifting, drill, hammer.. and of course the TL Plasma and flamer..

I love it when a plan comes together! What do you guys think? Cracking little freebie or "needs some work Ven"? I'm pretty pleased, I save £30-odd and exert some creativity.. 



    ...Not even an old pair of IG binoculars to make into a targeting array?

    Well done, mate.

    1. That's Drax! Glad you like.. I didn't even find anything remotely suitable! I'm going to dig back through everything and see what I can find... there must be something lol!

      Cheers dude..

  2. Replies
    1. Lol.. out of bits! It'd look very different! Make one yourself! ;)

  3. not half bad that. been thinking about those flyers btw. will email you in a day or two.

    1. Cheers, I try.. eagerly anticipate the email...

  4. I always love to see a conversion or scratchbuild, and this one is a beauty. Good work on saving yourself £35 and congrats on a great-looking, unique model!

  5. That's pretty sweet. Better than shelling out £35 or whatever it is.