Thursday, 20 December 2012

Judging the Mood: New Dark Angels models out!

This is all over the internet and I am very, very happy!
I have prepared for this and am so pleased! I have 60+ marines of various types ready to roll.. vehicle support from all the typical Marine stable - from Rhino's to Land Raiders and everything in between..
Aegis Defence Line, FW AA Missile platform..
DW and RW forces ready..

Now, just need to await the new models and plug a few in to the force!

My purchases will no doubt include the new fliers - if they are nicely costed (points) and effective..
I anticipate great things for the new Deathwing Knights and for the Ravenwing..
I have an army of each ready to roll and I must say that I am incredibly excited to add the new Speeder and Fliers to my Ravenwing and that running a 'niche' army is going to be a real possibility once again.
Let's face it, bike armies are the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow, so I look forward to rocking them again.. perhaps this time with some IG platoons to bulk up the numbers and make up for the small scoring bodies.

As for Deathwing - very excited to simply have a greater variety of units available in the army other than plain ol' DW. It'll be great to have a unit of Deathwing Knights and Command Squad dudes alongside the regular DW. Add in a platoon or too and once again we can make up for some of the limitations of a terminator army.

Now, neither the DW or RW is going to be a full on hardcore army.. unless the DW Knights are Paladins on crack and regular point price termies! Broken! But this will not be the case, so both niche armies will be just that. They will both suffer from the same frailties that niche armies do and will not drop the big boys of early 6th - Crons, Demons or Nids.

How it all fits together across a more balanced Dark Angels force remains to be seen.. and to be totally honest - I'll be waiting to get the codex into hand for a vigourous pumping of information before I commit to any purchases!

What are your thoughts on the new models? I love the DW Knights, the Fliers and the Ravenwing with Plasma 'Talons'.. not sure about the new speeder, but will ce rtainly convert one up from an old Land Speeder Storm.. unless of course that is a dedicated transport for Scouts.. and useful lol!


  1. Lik the models bar the speeder and belial. belial is too static and sthe speeder looks like a playmodible toy.

    apparently though is gives a "stealth bubble" so raven wing may be viable, specially with all that new plasma. Realy depends on sammaels rules!!

    1. Speeder really is not good.. Belial - agree.. very static.. my 6th ed update for Belial will be a KNight conversion from the plastc kit..

      RW viability will depend a lot on points I think and Sammael's rules.. I did hear a rumour of a new bike Captain too which could be very cool..

  2. after some serious thought, i believe that the speeder thing is the worst model ever produced for 40k.

    1. Did you see the slightly more streamlined bit of kit? I think it has plasma cannons or something on the back rather than the 'stealth bubble generator thing'?
      I think that looks alright..

      I'll be kit bashing from a LS Storm I think.. cheaper and I'll make it look better!

  3. apparently storm shields get a shield wall rule giving you toughness 5 if touching other models, and the mauls are rending and get a once per game s10 ap 2 hit...

    1. T5 Termies with Storm Shields.. This is Sparta!!

      May help to keep them alive against some small arms fire. If we can get a comm squad FNP as well, that'd be nice.. maybe a nice IC to tank some saves too..

      Mauls sound sweet.. +2 S at Init. and ap4 aren't they? That's fine by me..

  4. Some of those models look sweet.

    1. Which in particular grab your attention dude?
      I'm a big fan of the flier, termies and always love more bikers.. BUT some of the poses are quite static..I'm thinking Belial in the main here..

    2. At first few looks:

      Bikes first. I adore these models. I did see a page that showed the boxes, I am going to assume they are plastic right? Surely couldn't be finecast?

      Honestly if Ravenwing are a tier 1 or 1.5 army, I'd almost certainly come out of retirement to play/paint them

      Deathwing Knights second. These are awesome. One thing I always liked was back in the day DW had a cool model compared to standard chapters (back in the lead/white metal days), though I always felt the Space Wolves versions surpassed them. Deathwing should be the best terminators bar none, thats the whole point of them, quite literally an elite company of terminators. They loo the part, I mean they look way better than paladins/gk terminators and blow the SW models out of the water (which are a bit dated now). The stormshields look FREAKING SWEET. I'd love to file it down and get some free hand going on there with some epic wings and shit.

      The standard terminators look pretty darn good as well.

      Put it this way, if my Deathwing army is good again, I will re-do it, but with these models. Even if I was still playing and still had my DW, I'd redo it with these models in actual cannon colors.


      What I don't like


      First off, his knees are pointing ever so slightly inwards.

      If you look at it, it looks like he really needs a piss. Seriously, go look at it now and don't tell me he's not holding in a leak.

      The new speeder - I NEARLY like it, its sooo close to being good, but there is just too much going on. I can't tell if its their highlights/camera flash but the lines look way to sharp as well and it looks really "kit bashed" because of it. To me it feels like someone has gotten a speeder and just kitbashed the back of the sisters of battle exorcist on the back and converted the weapons.

      The flier looks pretty decent though

      Asmodia looks pretty decent ... for a chaplin model. I don't like he looks epic enough for the grand fucking inquistor.

      I just hope Ezekiel is fucking boss. I started running him in my DW at the local store towards the end with a jump pack chaplin making an uber deathstar, it was fucking awesome.

      Christmas present from the codex for me would be if that Deathwing got a special rule for their armor ... the old 2nd Edition armor saves ... 2+ on 2D6 and minus AP from it.

  5. The flyers are not too bad, though on par with the Storm Talon. In fact they look like somebody welded the wings of an Aquila Lander on a Talon... oh! and the new DW are quite nice.
    Anybody know if the rumour concerning Land Speeder Storm being dedicated transport for Scouts has been confirmed?

  6. Not been confirmed by any source as far as I know would be nice though.. it really is what it should be..

    Yeah the fliers do look like that.. but in my opinion, it is an improvement from the Storm Raven/Talon. Definitely a move in the right direction imho.

    Question is.. what are their points costs and what is their effectiveness?