Friday, 14 December 2012

Dark Angels WIP - 60 marines airbrushed!

I've been digging out all my unclassified space marines over the last 2 weeks.
You know what I've found?
About 3000 points worth of stuff that is not part of my Blood Angels, Grey Knights or Space Wolves armies.
All miscellaneous Space Marines.
This is mainly made up of 60 Tactical Marines, almost half of which (25) are robed Dark Angel Vets.
I mixed these guys with BA bits to get wings and baroque bling into the models back when I was trying out my "Band of Brothers" Sisters counts as army.
I felt pretty bad about doing that..

Anyway, I also have 20 Ravenwing Bikers, some MM Attack Bikes.. and the coup d'grace.. about 40 Deathwing Termies.. including 2 of the new squads from Dark Vengeance.
I grabbed the Libbie and Chapter Master off of fleabay and now I have a full blooded DA army.

So where is the painting and modelling at?
I see an airbrushed army coming here..


Just really old tac marines I put together when I got into the hobby again at the start of 5th.. plus 2 sets of Black Reach dudes .. still..they do the job.

The Green on these guys is worked up from Caliban Green to umm...Moot Green, yeah that's it.. although it is never PURE Moot Green, always at least part mixed with CG.. The next stage for these boys and all the miniatures you see here is a Thraka Green wash to bring the tone together a bit and then a devlan mud wash to certain parts.. I am thinking of using dust pigments to give them a real 'in action' look..

These guys are the robed bad asses we need in a DA army.. plus a few traditional sternguard which will form the veteran sergeants in the normal tactical squads.. I think this is a great way of getting some flavour into the tact squads..

Bikes & Termies

So this is a big ass pile of stuff... An entire Deathwing army plus 2 new Dark Vengeance squads.. 20 odd Ravenwing bikers..

Whilst the Deathwing are ready to roll as a complete force, the Ravenwing do not have enough bodies to form a true force, but with Allied Guard or something they may be viable.

I'm thinking Speeders and Fliers (if they materialise in the new book), 2 max Bike squads for troops, Drop Pod Sternguard and then IG Allies for bodies..

Special Characters - these guys are just Libbies.. I wonder what the Dark Angel psychic powers are going to be like?? Exciting! But even if they are just Marine ones re-hashed.. I can deal with that!

Inner Circle (Rumour mill unit) - when I heard about a big pimping, closed group of fanatical Inner Circle morons who DUAL WIELD PLASMA PISTOLS I had to have some! So I ordered myself some extra left handed plasma pistols, which I struggle to find for some reason amongst my collection and boom.. off we go!  To be honest, even though this is a cool ass idea for a unit, if they don't materialise in the new DA Codex, then I'll just grab me these dudes as Sergeants for my squads, I love a dual wield and PP will be the new black.. especially if the rumoured "Rites" come into play for DA, one of which supposedly allows rerolls for gets hot! - how sweet? Very.

These are the next project for the weekend.. plus hopefully a scratchbuilt Thunderfire for my Techmarine to use! Speaking of which... over the weekend I'll post up my scratchbuilt techmarine with a full servo harness.. I am really pleased with him and best of all..every part of him was something I already had somewhere in my massive garage-sized bitz box! lol


  1. Nice, you know how I feel about this chapter. Literally the best one ever.

    Actually seeing you doing this is quite tempting for me to do a complete as canon DA army.

    1. Haha.. yeah, they SHOULD be the coolest.. the 1st Legion, riven in two during the Heresy, highly secretive and vengeful, Lion & Angel themed..and yet..the fluff simply doesn't bear out how cool they are!

      Deathwing are amazing, Ravenwing are too.. it's just the rest of the current writing that doesn't sell it.. especially the Heresy turds they put out..

    2. I think they just don't get enough. I feel like they could do a huge series and make them super interesting/popular.

      Blood Angels are loved, but thats prob because of twilight or emos or something, but their fluff in reality is pretty trash. Their primarch died, and everyone gets a bit soppy and has a cry about it every so often, the end.

      Dark Angels? I am sure they could actually just go crazy on the secret side of the stuff, tracking down fallen, setting up crazy story arcs with the fallen themselves, crossovers into other books to raise cross sales.

      I mean just the whole 'wing's and the green men themselves are eternally more interesting than the other chapters imo.