Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New Project! Dark Mechanicus Daemon Nids!

I was inspired the other week at the Southern GT by Rich Fielder's incredible Necron/Dark Mechanicus project. Truly inspirational work..

I've thrown up some pictures here.. but you can see more of Rich's work at the new blog site for him and his boys - DeathorGloryblog@blogspot.com or at his old site www.thedarkmechanic.blogspot.com
Check them out, they are tough tournament chaps, but also good lads. A heady combination indeed!

Anyway, I've been thinking about how I can get loads of the new Forgefiends into an army and run a Dark Mechanicus army inspired by Rich.. I thought Nids would be the best, but I would also need a huge number of random little gribblies.. then I thought about Demons..

Lightbulb moment on that bad boy... don't need a lot of troops for that and can go flying circus too..

I really want to build a Chaos Marine force too.. but don't want to buy Helldrakes - bloody expensive.. next light bulb moment - scratch build a Hellblade /Talon thing - the FW flier! Dead simple shape and with time and effort, I am pretty sure I could builld a couple over the half term holidays for £30 or so.. a hell of a lot cheaper than buying 2 for £90! Plus it would give me a chance to actually do something hobby esque and cool!

I am really forward to trying out some crazy ideas and seeing where I get to.. But of course, the HellTalon/Blade thing doesn't really fit into demons..

Fancy doing Nids..really badly, but then I am not sure what I would do for Termagants? Hordes of Necron warriors might work, but they would need a lot of robes etc.. maybe I can do something with upper bodies of Necrons and green stuff a huge volume of cloaks! Tough, coz that sounds like a lot of work..

I have some cool ideas - that I've shamelessly stolen been inspired into action by Rich Fielder, for Flamers of Tzeentch/Hive Guard etc.. dead cheap and I am sure they will look amazing! I am planning on maybe running large units of these things as they are sooo good in 6th, horrible offensively and with the big bird looking after them, kinda resilient too, 2 wounds makes a huge difference..

I am just adding this sentence as I finish work and prepare to bugger off to Paris for work for a few days, but I was looking Blight Drones at FW and thought about using much smaller versions as a legion of Gargoyles for Tyranids! Essentially little bodies of nid sections, bloated a la Nugle into just a gun, with a pair of VTOL-esque props either side to lift them.. 30 mini blight drones! Cool! They may also work of course as Screamers of Tzeentch..

The real question with Demons is just the troops? what to run them as? How to build Chaos Demon troops in this techno-organic, Dark Mechanicus mess... Back to the imagery I think.. see if the internet has any ideas for me! I guess I could get back to green stuffing Necron Scarabs and build out huge (relatively), towering (um...relatively) stacks of Scarabs to represent Plague Bearers..kinda apt actually.. OK, so that is that one done actually! Sweet..

OOOh, Ooooh! I can use these as Termagants.. YES! FUCK YES! I now have an idea for running hordes of Termagants from the bellies of the giant tervigons..

Gonna have the bugs teleport in via a Necron wormhole set in their tummies! oooh... this is all gonna be soooooo cool!

Horrors? Shooty little critters... what about the mouth from the Ectoplasma Cannon as a head and then just have some weird cloaky things like the Veil of Darkness/Crypt thing from Vampire Counts conversion everyone does? Green stuff the cloaks etc?

God, I have got so much work to do! lol... It's amazing to be passionate about trying to build something new for 40k for a change...that does NOT include a single marine body!

It has been a long time for me since I built a new army.. even Necrons a year ago (or just shy, whenever the latest book came out) were not even a new army for me, just a case of buying the new kits that really worked *cough* Barges *cough* and getting stuck in on the cheap.. even a few fliers don't really represent getting a whole new army.. This is gonna be a fun project! And probably my most challenging one to date!

Can I get it done for Blog Wars 4 in December? No chance.. will I try? Hell yes.


  1. your post has got me thinking of a blog which i use to visit alot


    take a look at the 'tyracrons' not the daemon look you might be looking for but might help you brainstorm few more ideas...

  2. Cheers dude, ill check it out, I remember the tyracrons when the project was first completed....never really investigated it though...time to investigate...

  3. sounds like a ton of work, but if it makes you happy.

    A for the hellblade tallon, I would start with two drop pod "wings". If you can make one we can probably duplicate it. I would like to try it out myself but I am busy as hell already.

  4. indeed, building things like that with odd shapes is a hell of a lot harder than it might look. if i built one entirely from scratch with no plans etc i'd estimate between 18 and 24 hours work to get it right.

  5. Sounds like a brilliant idea, loving the aesthetic of it all. For the flier, try to think of basic shapes to build it from, a couple of right angle triangles for the wings would be very easy to duplicate, and then just some surface details could replicate the look.