Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Femme Fatale's - Sisters at 1750

So my last post on Sisters was talking about 2K, which is not something we see much of in UK, and was really just a game to both test the new codex for myself, and help Atreides get in his only game of practice for the 2K tournament all the Son's went to last weekend.

Looking at 1750 I didn't quite want to just chop bits out of the 2000 point list. At 2K I pretty much could get everything I wanted, while not really compromising or being stingy in certain area's. What's important is it gave me a solid indication of the numbers I wanted going into 1750.

A separate information I did take on board was from a text conversation with Atreides and a team speak chat with Killswitch, was talking about Death Cult's. Atreides played against a SoB list at the weekend, and he saw a more maxed out unit of DCA's being used to brutal effectiveness. Both Killswitch and I were talking about how great they were in Grey Knight lists (especially as troops) and really the only unit I enjoyed using out of what was a very boring codex to play with.

Anyway, lets get into the list and move on from there;

 Bully's Harem - 1750

Saint Celestine
Uriah Jackobus
6xDCA 3xCrusader - Rhino

10x Battle Sisters - MG/MG - Rhino
10x Battle Sisters - MG/MG - Rhino
10x Battle Sisters - Heavy Flamer/Flamer - Rhino

5x Dominion - MG/MG - Immolator MM
5x Dominion - MG/MG - Immolator MM
5x Dominion - MG/MG - Immolator MM

5x Retributor's - 4xHBolter - Immolator MM 
5x Retributor's - 4xHBolter - Immolator MM


The first thing that I really want to draw attention to is the HQ's. While  I actually began the army building with the 3 troops (started as 3xMG squads), the HQ is very interesting.

The DCA unit is somewhat of a test.  Its a lot in the unit, though they are still quite cheap, especially for a very expendable glass cannon (discounting Uriah, who is just pure value in this army). This size stems both from my discussion with Killswitch and the unit that Atreides faced. GK's are putting in two of these units quite often now, and its understandable, they make things disappear in a flash. A unit of this size with the support of the "stuff that hurts catcher" crusaders (and Uriah) paired with the FNP it should be able to absorb a bit more fire power and still pack a punch, not to mention be a unit that requires a good bit of attention less they face its wrath. This is very much a unit I will be paying close attention to. Originally it was 5xDCA and a rhino (which I could just make into another immolator and 5xDCA and share some of the booty around the army), but I want to see where this stands first before I move forward.

Onto the troops. I wanted to try and create some diversity here in a book that doesn't offer it. People moan about the SoB troops, but they are combat tactics away from being great, and are just fine as it stands. Originally in the list each squad was 2x MG and 1xCombi Plasma, since Terminators are a "thing" and far too common on the UK tourney scene. However, with that nice little glass cannon of a deathstar and plenty of melta, I feel I am as reliant on the combi plasma. To make points, but I am quite happy about it, I've made a flamer unit as well. This gives me versatility. When I need a stay at home unit, they are the ideal choice as I am not wasting their resources as much, and in games where flamers are more viable, I have them (Orks, Necrons and Eldar's come to mind, even Guard).

The rest of the list is quite stock. The temptation to load up more melta in the dominion is there, but honestly I think you start to go too far down that road. The retribution squad as a two of at 2k was perfect, and I expect at 1750 they will do some really great things as being an ideal number. Two empty chassis is enough.

One thing I am really disappointed with is my lack of dozer blades and searchlights. The SL's might be a bit unnecessary, since the only unit I feel they will really effect is the Heavy Bolters. However, dozers are solid, especially since the battle sisters will look to rarely get out if they can help it, and the DCA's just want to drive down peoples throat to prepare a charge!

Tweaks will be coming! 

With two or three games planned against Atreides this week (most likely I will be running Sisters for two and BA's for one) I should start to form a better and stronger opinion.

While I have a few things on my mind relating to 40K (especially about the concept of meta and play testing, more on that in another article!), the one thing is about painting the actual army.

I've 99% decided on the scheme as a bronze/gold concept with red cloth trim and some weathering on the metallics. The beauty of metallic paints and washes is that they are incredibly easy to reach both a good tabletop level and quick. However, I am not a fan of that level of painting, but I don't want to blend up 65+ infantry models and 9 tanks!

So I feel like I need a compromise. Which is quite handy with this colour scheme, the characters and stand out models (Sister Superiors, DCA's) can receive the full on treatment using non-metallic paints. I can use the brilliant banner models for another element of eye candy. Finally the tanks will feature both a reverse paint scheme (so gold on red, rather than red on gold) with free hand of some sorts (idea's are brewing about this).

The one thing that is really bugging me is basing. If you remember my Deathwing army, I created a lava base for everyone, to try and create a bit of contrast, but also because I am not a fan of standard basing. The dilemma is  whether to stick to this (as I love this style of base with the lava) make something similar (snow base with "ice pools" for example) or just go the route of standard basing, since the sister models are on the old crappy "metal slots" and pinning 65 models does not sound like a fun weekend!

I will be doing a WIP series for the army, which will hopefully keep me on some form of clock to get the army done as a by-product. The first test model I am hoping to have up (with a stage by stage) sometime over the weekend.


  1. eugh blogger ate my long and well thought out comment.. fucker.

    Long Range Support? One dimensional playstyle read: predictable.

    Effective DCA with Jakobus - told you bitch! FNP + 1A yes please.

    Midfield playstyle WILL struggle against other MEQ armies that excel in the midfield.. Wolves, GK and BA. -1T/S/I sucks in CC.

    3 troops enough for SG or Table Quarters?

    Just thoughts.. know it can work as I play a local guy who is EXCELLENT with his Sisters..

  2. Its actually pretty solid in the midfield purely because you want to be there, having the 15 dominions, 30 SOB's and 10 DCA unit plus saint C is not to be laughed at.

    I had 4x Troops at 2K and it felt "just enough" - 30 might be the same, "just enough", but I feel you - like I say they are combat tactics away from being excellent (imagine 10x with 1xMG combi in a immolator, 1xHB at the back ... just sick). Its a bit of a swing to get 4 troops in, and something I will test (prob would drop saint C, reduce the DCA's down to a smaller squad).

    There is a good bit of play in the list, which is good, its not like GK's of "run to midfield get your psycannons in range and just laugh". But the beauty is this book has an advanatage over any other MEQ, except maybe BA's as their razorbacks are just plain better (TL-MM > everything except fast lasplas/asscan's).

    The CC part is just why I have Saint C and thinking such a big unit of dca's. Saint C is such an ace in a hole to MEQ MSU armies, DCA's are plain dirty.

    Play testing will show a lot. Worst comes to worst, they become a proxy army lol. Honestly though I think they are underrated and just not played enough.