Monday, 20 February 2012

Jolly Toys Outing 2K "NOVA" Results - Sons'

Hey guys,
A very quick update for how we all did this weekend at one of the large tournaments in the UK. There were about 66-68 players playing at 2K in a NOVA missions format at the holy geek ground - Warhammer World.

4 Sons attended, Atreides, Kabalite, Bringer of Death (friend of the Sons) and myself, Venerable Brother.

Atreides (IG) finished 37th, a poor performance that doesn't reflect his ability.. I'll let him discuss his woes at a later date.

Kabalite finished 20th with his DE, he was on a fantastic roll until he hit a hideous GK army full of Purifiers, Strikes, Purgation - all Psycannon'd up and all in Razors...v nasty vs DE paper planes.

Bringer of Death finished 7th with his GK strike/purifier/dread/dca build.  He had a very solid tournament losing to the eventual winner, Rich Morgan with Horde Orks - Bringer failed to bring his squads into the midfield, instead leaving them back in his DZ.. late game he got his Purifiers into the game and 6 Purifers wiped 60 Orks in one round of combat...if only he had done that in Turn 2 rather than Turn 4..

I finished 3rd overall with my 'Crons. I won 4 and then suffered loss in the final game. The last game was on the top table, playing for the amazing first prize of an engraved AXE! Whoot! I faced Rich Morgan's Horde Orks and we had a great game, it came down to the last turn (5) but I couldn't get there on the 3rd win condition.. we drew Primary, drew Secondary, Rich won on Tertiary, I pipped him on VP's by 10 points but that was irrelevant as he had the Tertiary...still this clawed me 9 points from 25 and Rich only 16.. so I managed to keep a high final placing and a podium finish.. Made 2 mistakes in the game that I can think of that I wish I hadn't but never mind.. I'll discuss all my games later in the week.

I won 3rd place trophy and won Best Necron trophy too.. pretty pleased! lol.

I will discuss all this and more later this week! Great tournament and great weekend..


  1. haha my woe, was entirely me playing like crap. I am pretty sure Steve would have won 9 times out of 10 but the other two that i lost really were mine to lose. amazingly, i really am not disapointed because i learned so much about how to use a slightly different style of guard. it has made me think very differently about them. thoughts in a post in a week or so when i have fully considered.

  2. Hard luck on losing to Rich Morgan. That guy's an asshole: I hear that he's built a gingerbread house to lure children into.

    He's a good player (and great craic) to be fair to him and he's well versed with his Orks so I can imagine that any mistakes you made were duly punished although it sounds like he was lucky to be there after suriving the run-in with the Purifiers. Kudos on your podium finish. Did you manage to take any pics of your games btw?

    I've also got to ask what you think about Warhammer World basically telling the lads to F off and not bother returning next year?

  3. @Andy - learning even more about an army you are well versed in...pretty priceless really. Look forward to some insights...

    @Stormy - lol. He was a very good player and there is no taking that away from him, mistakes were definately punished!
    No pics I'm afraid, it'll just be general discussion of the games and thoughts regarding tactical errors etc.

    Um, I have no idea what you are talking about regarding WHW telling the boys to fuck off? What the hell happened there then?

  4. Love you too Stormy (or as i like to call you, big merv) :) glad you rectified your original statement in the second paragraph, otherwise i may be making a visit to cork to show you my brand new axe :)

    you ETCing for Ireland at the home nations, i want my orks to get their hands on your wolves ;)

  5. @venerable brother - i think our game would have been very different had i not had that hiiaaauugggeeee ruin in the middle of the board, gave me somewhere to camp until i called the waaaaghhh, excellent game though mate. glad you got 3rd too, would have been an injustice if you hadnt

  6. @Rickrolla, hey up fella. It was a beast of a ruin bro, like you say, still a great game though. Very tough.. I'm also glad that my push for a tertiary loss didn't result in the Orkz not winning overall lol!

    I'll have to win another axe somewhere else in order to cut the wedding cake in summer now lol!

  7. I agree, would have been a real shame to see yet another grey knight army winning a tourne.

    You at the indy GT?

    1. Agreed.

      No bud, didn't grab a ticket in time and the reserve list was cut off at a certain point.. if you know any one that doesn't want their ticket... those fuckers must be like gold dust!

  8. @Rick: I'd love to head to Mansfield but it's highly unlikely at the moment tbh. Hopefully someone will wander over there with a list I've inspired and take you to school. And btw, my money's on me on the tabletop and in a ring. :P

    @Ven: I read something earlier where the organisers were told they couldn't hold an event where there would be more than 20 people in attendance. Here you go:

    'Well i received a letter from GW at the end of the day telling me that from January next year, we are not able to book more than 10 tables for any event, so looks like we will be at maelstrom games next year!'

    Taken from here:

    I'd love to know what prompted this crazy decision.

    1. Fuck it, run it at Maelstrom...Same commute for almost every player, and the Nottinghamites can just leg it 20 mins down the road.. really not an issue.

      Must say it was nice to play at WHW.. never done it before.. I was all lined up to get stuck into the ToS, then they changed the format to the new one and all my interest disappeared..

      Nice venue, spacious, thematic, cheesy as fuck. But I, along with most tournament players, have no soul and will happily play anywhere that has tables with decent terrain!

    2. I think Stelek summed up the changeover best, although I can't find the link now. Funnily enough it was a response to an email I sent him.

      Ya, I was looking to head to a TOS at some point but I don't fancy mangling 5 random bunnies and getting sweet FA for it in random missions where if I beat my opponent I won't get max sports and thus knob myself. Not for €300+.

      'But I, along with most tournament players, have no soul and will happily play anywhere that has tables with decent terrain!'
      Amen to that.

  9. @Stormy - I think its because they dont like the format of the tourne being run, which is why they changed the format of their GT's a few years back, and dont want any similar tournements run there.... CRAZY, they must have made a killing that weekend

  10. Yeah, it seems strange that they're willing to refuse to run something that brought in lots of money on the basis that it was 'competitive' and didn't adhere to their handholding 'everybody wins' ethos they've emphasised in the past year. Well, that's the perception that I get from reading it tbh which is pretty much the same as yours Rick.

  11. Congrats Ven great showing for the crons and can't wait to see the list.