Friday, 13 January 2012

Special Operation: to Sons!

Exciting times! 40k in 40 minutes but in a wicked new format.. Bringer of Death has been trying to get me into this for a week or so now and I've had a look at the rules and scenarios etc..

It does look very cool! Great work Big Jim and Brian!

You can find the Killzone Rules and Errata HERE.

So I've been thinking about some forces I could use and how it would provide some very cool modelling opportunites for the models..

I'm not sure if I understand it correctly, as I have literally just been browsing on my phone as I walk between teaching classes, knocking unwary students down in my blind eagerness to absorb it....BUT, I think that it basically goes..
- 250 points per "FOC"
- No HQ choices
- No more than 2 very cool things - plasma, melta, suppression fire weapons, Terminators, Jump Inf, Bikes, Cav etc...
- No one can cost more than 80 points total anything.

With that in mind..I am thinking about rocking some Space Wolves to capitalise on the individual nature of the army.. and some Necrons for the exact opposite...unrelenting 'Terminator' esque killer robots...still sold!

Lone Wolf - 2 Wolf Claws, 2 Fenrisisan Wolves 80
Lone Wolf - TDA/SS/Fist 80
2 x Wolf Scouts - 1 x Sniper, 1 x Heavy Bolter
1 x Grey Hunter
1 x Long Fang - Plasma Cannon

This is 248 and I think is legal from my quick glance.
The Lone Wolf with the twin Claws would be the leader - because he already has 2W, he just gets an additional attack, but that means he has 5A, FNP, EW and 2 ablative wounds

The Sniper provides supporting fire and the HB - suppressive fire.
The Long Fang can target heavily armoured foes with his Plasma Cannon as well as weaker, massed inf.

Other thoughts are: Thunderwolf Cav would be immense for this format! Are they allowed? Even just a basic dude with a SS and one with a WC would be very lethal.

As Grey Hunters and Scouts do not have Sergeants I believe I don't have to take one...?

Lone Wolves cannot normally can they here?

EDIT: This is not allowed as you may only select 1 Lone Wolf.. so I'll throw in a TWC with a Wolf Claw, make him the leader...killer! Throw in FNP...or perhaps the +1T to make him T6, 2W, 5A! Whoot! Yeah, I'm down for that!

The Kill Team has to be 5 - 20 bodies, so this is ok, but what about Necrons?

The opposite of this Wolf army full of character.. crap load of tin cans!!

- 170 points buys 10 Immortals - Each Immortal can smash Infantry with S5, AP4 Rapid Fire..
- Lychguard with Warscythe - Leader so gains an extra wound and attack, give him "Hard to Kill" so he gets FNP... that's a tough bastard! He's 35 and then 45 by the time FNP is bought.
-a Praetorian would be cool as well, one of my 2 JI... hmm... low AP, power weapon..

EDIT: I see you can take a Necron Lord without having to access the Royal Court..BIG PIMPIN' TIME! 45 buys a base lord.. 10 buys Warscythe, but I think I want the low AP.. so keep staff of light.. 15 buys Sempiternal Weave...then throw in an extra base point of Toughness, making him T6...then give him FNP and voila...that is a tough mo fo!

I think I'd then like to completely shrink the Immortals down to 4-5 dudes and grab FNP and +1T for each of them! That's proper Immortal!

OR...there is a skill I believe that gives a 5+ Ward save that is taken BEFORE armour... armour is taken after that..then reanimation protocols! 5++/3+/5+ RP...that's pretty tough! Give it FNP too! Whoot! That's just silly!

Need a ruling on Reanimation Protocols working if the 'unit' i.e. one model is dead? (Killzone not 40k)

Necrons - the unrelenting horde of models without character VS Wolves, heroes and characters all! Both are cool...both I have... Killzone locked and loaded then bitches! As you can see....I am in no way 'efficient' at this yet! But I really can't wait to get stuck in...although a lot of the rules seem somewhat Infinity based... ;) 


  1. You can't have above toughness 5 also.

    1. Yay!! We have a reply function at last. Are Thunderwolves not T5 and therefore ok?

  2. I would love to play this so much, but as usual, have no-one to play with :'(

  3. Great Blog!

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  4. Id play you, but london is a trek brother...bully get playing...this shit looks awesome!

  5. There's a KZ section in the TCP forums. If you have questions Big Jim should be frequenting there. Or just contact him or Brian, they're both great folks and will respond when they can.