Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Red Thirst has me once again!

What's better than big bad green? Big bad RED ofc!
Got my first game of the New Year in last night.
No, not a practice game for Caledonian, although that is most assuredly what we should have been doing...instead Bringer of Death and I got in a 'fun' game with my Jumper Angels and his Eldar Harlequin force.
We played Spearhead and Annihilation with both armies having low KP totals (9 & 11 respectively) and for fast assaulty armies it completely came down to who got the majority of his assault forces to bear first.
This did not actually bear out to be the case though and whilst Bringer got his 2 large Harlie groups in on the charge, he assaulted a 10 man unit with the Sanguinor's "Hulked Out" Serg., a Chaplain and 2 Priests.. all within the Sanguinor's +1A buff zone.. I reacted to his assault by throwing one of the Priests against Maugan Ra, eating all of Maugan's Executioner Power weapon attacks. This swayed the combat very much my way and, due to a low number of rending attacks and poor rolling on Bringer's part (seriously, he can't roll well!)...well, I curb stomped the unit, brought in both Sanguinor and Mephiston and pimp slapped him.

Wraithlords joined the fight and ate a marine or two, but then Sanguinor brought one low and Mephiston smushed one after he had killed Eldrad and some Pathfinders..

It was a tight manouevring game til Turn 3 and then it got messy...with that and the last 2 turns of the game with 90% of our armies locked in savage combat.

Man, it was fun..I am really enjoying messing about with these dudes.. I know I should be focussing on upcoming tournaments...but I am at least playing the game a lot!

I really want to maintain my momentum with these guys and that means PAINTING!

The 40 Assault Marines are in various states of painting from done to just needing highlights, from primed to bare ass metal in the case of Corbulo (just a regular Priest), Mephiston, Sanguinor, Astorath and a JP Chaplain...all of which are in the list and require painting!!

How do I fit so many goomba's in that force? My personal favourite model is Astorath - but I am not a fan of the rules really..although he is relatively cheap (?!) at 220 but his army wide buff is no where near as beneficial as Sanguinor's +1A...the possibility of a fearless army is of course sweet though..

Anyway, Astorath! Well, you all know the deal with The Hulk...I am thinking that when The Sanguinor blesses one of the Sergeants I can swap out the models to represent the Sergeant being filled with the light of the Primarch.. although I do think I want to keep it quite dark in tone.. So that's the plan, use Astorath to represent the 'Hulked out' Serg.

I want to paint these dudes as well as I can - the 'hero' element anyway so that's:
Astorath (Super Serg)
Corbulo (Priest)

Nothing short of a substantial 'Crew' to paint to high standards.. I need a good day/afternoon to paint each one and that is not counting the tweaking required to some units and some squads need a huge amount of work.. need to keep up the momentum!

I'm thinking I will throw up some WIP of Sanguinor throughout the week - I am following/adapting the guide in WD from the other year and hope that I can get some coolio NMM work on board..

How do you guys keep yourself motivated through the whole army? I only have 1/4 of the troops and above individual figures to paint and I am already thinking I am snowed under!! I do know that once I get one or two in place that I will be motivated by that.. I hope...


  1. haha, honestly there is a time and a place for amusing lists. given your first round opponent, i'd say this isn't it. get practicing!!

    incidentally, i'll be taking my list for its first outing this Thursday against the local seals (my only opposition). unlike i usually do, i wont be pulling punches, so i may be making myself unpopular :P

  2. Andy I do think you/we (if I start again) just need to do that. Take the dirty lists, force people to get better. Otherwise, you convince me to get back ASAP and we proxy every book?

    Fun lists are fun. I still maintain you can make them better than they should be, but we saw even Deathwing under me, somewhat competitive, but flaws can just get the better of you.

    But get practising Ven! I want to see multiple events with same/similar lists where you do what Andy does, tweak, tweak and tweak some more until your a stalwart with it!

  3. Bully man, i have a damn table, get over and play on it! busy this Saturday during the day? don't give a shit if you proxy or use fun lists tbh, i just want to play someone who isn't either new or inept. plus you have my Malifaux rulebooks and i want to show them to someone ;)

  4. also, i want to try Special Operations: Killzone so damn bad.

  5. I liked this list from the first time you posted it.
    A great army for best painted also if you put the effort.

    I get motivation by playing the army, I enjoy my painted models on the table, players comments and then want to do the rest of them.

    If you want we can airbrush the whole army it wont take more than 2 hours. You let me know.

    Have you seen the leaked 6th edition rule book, if its legit it looks very good and tactical. Not sure it tacles the mechanised problem.

    1. Hey D, cheers for the offer brother...im pretty much done with the rank an file..no grey plastic on the table!!
      Seen the sixth stuff...pretty sure its either fake or early work... what are your thoughts