Saturday, 14 January 2012

So..Orks then?

Now THAT'S a Deffgun!
I worked my sorry little bollocks off towards the end of the week to ensure I had some free time this weekend.
I made very little use of it today, but I have now finally made some progress..

I began the day trying to get my Jumper BA painted up.. I realised I only had 2 Assault Marines to get 3 colours on and then the army was split 50/50...
50 % painted...
50% 3 colours

Not bad.. then it's just the special characters, these of course will be a pleasure to paint up slowly, one at a time for enjoyment and a challenge...such as NMM Sanguinor..

In realising that I had so little to do I suddenly became both demotivated and bored of looking at marines.

I dug around in my many bitz boxes for inspiration... I dug out a dozen - 15 SM Bikers...that'd be different and evidence yet again of a half finished project..

My Tau caught my eye briefly..but as they are painted...meh...wait for the new book..

I briefly painted up some more details on my Necrons.. a couple of Crypteks got more details..I began working on Solar Pulse details... got those done and moved on..

Then I dug out my Orks..

Khemri Brown base...
All in black and not ready to play...yup. This was it.
Shit army?
Uninspired codex?
Unbelievably good models and not at all like marines?

So I begin my first 'real' project in months!
(Converting paint jobs from BA to Blood Hunters Chapter so they can be used as any army doesn't count! GK don't count)

But how the hell to paint them!

Thraka Green wash
I stumbled upon a technique used by John Blanche - khemri brown skin tone with just a Thraka wash.. it looks good and best of all, it shows off the wonderful musculature and scultpting on the model range..

So I have no idea on lists..
I think I'd like a big rush army... couple of BW stuffed with maxed out Nobz, supported by Nob Bikerz.. and leave a Grot unit on the home objective in reserve.. Deff Rolla obv on the BW's...

Obligatory list:
Warboss - Klaw, Armour, Cybork
Warboss - Bike, as above
10 Troop Nobz - allocation shit, Painboy etc
Dedicated Battlewagon - Deff Rolla
7 Nob Bikerz - allocation shit, Painboy etc
10 Elite Nobz - allocation shit, Painboy etc

Dedicated Battlewagon - Deff Rolla

Thats about 1850 - I'd like some attack squigs for +1A on warboss...I am aware this is a mega unbalanced army...and what?
But I have a few KK's and a Dread, as well as 3 Deff Kopta's.. should I try for something more balanced?

Some warbuggies with rokkits
Deff koptas with TL rokkits
Artillery 36" missile shit. They are only 60pts for 3...I'll happily max out that shit...Battlewagons can be dedicated.. so that's cool..
I have some lootas too..but I just don't think Orks should be shooting! Unless its TL...BS2 is a fucking joke... so lets charge people and just use their might.

It makes right after all..

Let me know what you guys think? How do Orks fare in the real world? I know the internet tells us they are shit and I largely agree.. but they are very cool and without the arrogance this may sound as if it is loaded with...I tend to win locally why not play for lols!


  1. You could get more points by simplifying your nob squads. I recently tried out what I call "light" Nob squads: no claws, no armor, no combi weapons, etc. Just a Waaagh banner and 3 big choppas and a boss pole. Much cheaper, (less than 250 IIRC) and still beat face in HTH. They do die quicker, but I find your opponents just alpha strike the tooled up squad anyway. Save the points and buy a battle wagon! And some Lootas to draw fire from your good stuff!

    1. Waaagh Banner! Knew i forgot something, thts the bit of kit that makes them ws5 right..
      its the klaws, cybork and armour that makes them so Expensive, but also makes them both lethal and survivable !
      I could live with only a klaw in each unit, save a load of points there, s7 big choppas are still good for vehicles...
      thanks for thoughts dude...might try out wht ive got on games night...

  2. I would not mind doing a grot army with lots of them grot tanks
    Would be so cool

  3. Can you do a grot army? Proper theme, proper shit! Ive been trying to build ork armies all morning...can't build one i like that i think I'll just say fuxk it and build a biker army...semi useful, load of hard counters...whatever, they look cool as shit!