Monday, 23 January 2012

A Son takes 1st at Caledonian...but who??

Caledonian Uprising has been and gone, awesome weekend, great games and great performances by all the Sons.

Myself (Venerable Brother), Andy P (Atreides),Bradimus Prime and Alex (Killswitch) all attended, as well as friend of the Sons - Bringer of Death.. in a field of 116 players!! Monster!

Let's get Bringer out the way first...beginning of game 2, Bringer doubled over and uttered one word - "shit".. how right he was..he had contracted some sort of vicious stomach bug.. he had to leg it mid/late game (either 2 or 3 I'm not sure) and take a shit break and he was green driving home at the end of Day 1...
Bringer dropped out of the tournament for Day 2 and therefore came last.
Not a fair reflection on him as a gamer..but, looking back..hopefully he will laugh about it!

So that leaves 4 Sons...  Bradimus ended up in the middle of the pack with some mixed results.. I was only able to catch a few minutes here and there with Brad, not as much as I'd like (top bloke and very glad he is a Son..great writer and gamer.. have to grab a beer or two next time) so I will leave it to him to let us know how he got on..

Atreides is up next...he rocked in 12th with his Imperial Guard and thoroughly pleased with his position and performance over the weekend - he did not continue his 'tradition' of 4W/1D/1L... instead replacing this with 4W/0D/2L.. a very good start to the year! Mad props.. or something.. Atreides will fill you in I'm sure!

So that's just me and Alex... who's the top Son? Me obviously - it's my blog! lol..but who won?!

Not me. I came 11th with my Necrons with a 4W/2L... I had a really enjoyable weekend overall with great opponents.. Big shout out now to all I played, so many thanks to:

Game1) Andy Currie - a charmingly soft spoken Scot with a vicious SW list.. Thanks brother.. hope to see you at more

Game2) Alex West - a beautiful man with a more SW! Alex won best painted and treated me to my first loss! Thanks man...great game...ONE PISSING GREY HUNTER! AhHHHghh! lol...

Game3) Paul - a cool and fast SM army full of Shrike, Vanguards, Ass Termies, Chaplain etc.. eugh. Not nice for Necrons... got him though through weight of fire..Thanks a lot for being a good sport!

Game4) Rob Sims - a mirror match (almost - his was not as good! lol) Necron game.. curb stomped him which he took with grace.. His Scarabs are nowhere near as good as mine.. *sticks tongue out* ;) Cheers dude

Game5) Rich Grint - Thanks for a great game and educating me about exactly how Guard should be played...or certainly searchlights! lol..and sorry my Scarabs ate you ;)

Game6) BJ Mason - Cheers dude..a great game,which ebbed and flowed from a trickle of an advantage in my direction to what became a flood in yours by the end of the game! BJ reinforced to me (as did Alex) that SW are definately the perfect tool to counter necrons and maintained my faith that top players are still top boys!

Bollocks - so that must mean that Alex won the tournament! Whoot!

Killswitch and his Wolves stormed their way to the top and stayed their...smashing dude after dude.. I think Alex only dropped 3 points all tournament (or there abouts) even after losing 10 points for not getting his list in on time..he submitted his list the night before! (Cheating bastard...he just waited to see all the top lists then tailored lol) ..

He has proved once again that he is a top player and I am very chuffed that one of the Sons (Alex also writes for - the tournament podcast) took the win..

Thats the first tournament of the year out of the way and most likely leaves 3 Sons in the Top 16 according to Rankings...unless there have been other big tournies already of course.. not a bad start to the competitive year.. long may it continue..

Once again, a big thank you to Timaaa and the Scottish Team for hosting and organising the event, thanks to the other competitors, especially those that I and any of the Sons played...and well done to ...well, US! Whoo! Full blown reports to follow all this week and, knowing my darling week too! lol


  1. take a look at the scores, our final overall rankings were at the same score (and the same as the two above us), but you had me on VP difference and generalship points, and i got two extra for painting.

    my VP difference was shocking this time, and i really do blame all the foot lists i faced for that fact. it is a lot harder to take care of whole units of infantry than tanks and even in my wins i struggled to table guys with one or two infantry models often left standing out of sight.

    anyway, initial musings aside, it was a a great event and i enjoyed (almost) all of it. good venue, good food, good value for money, and above all great games with excellent opponents.

  2. Andy - great post as ever. Thoroughly enjoyed our game! One of the best I've had in a long time.

    I ended up facing Mr Sims game 6 and was once again eaten by scarabs, resulting in my worst showing at a tournament for a long time. Despite that, was one of the best weekends I've had in ages, with six cracking games. I love big events!

    Congrats to both you and Andy P on your finishes (and Alex, of course...).

    Will hopefully catch you at an event soon for a rematch (Battlefield Birmingham? The X Legion in a few weeks? The GT?)


    Rich G

  3. Hey Rich.
    Big events are pretty much awesome...I thoroughly enjoyed our game too man, it was intense and I was utterly spent after it, lol!
    I'm not actually down for any of those events.. only heard about Battlefield too late for tickets!

    But I really hope we catch up for a game later in the summer or later in the is only January after all!

    Bring it on dude!

  4. Ill see you at the UKGT if you have tickets Rich :)!

    Scarabs are horrid against Guard, I can see Hellhounds & Manticores coming back to play now.

    @ Ven, Jolly Toys awaits payment, I'm still unsure if I can go, depends on whether It would be ok if you could give me a lift if I come up to yours for the weekend? Yes I am inviting myself mwahaha, nah jokes, would that be cool? Let me know.

    1. this is partially why i have one of each in my list at 200 points ;)

  5. just checked that list, it appears none of your have actually paid for Jolly Toys, so i am going it alone (at least i have a better chance of winning without you fuckers there).

  6. @Killswitch - Jolly Toys..yeah you can crash at mine and travel up with us..or whatever. we are a two hour drive away and are thinking bout getting a room, but tbh we'll get a better night sleep heading home and crashing at mine, we can all fuck off out and have a meal and a few beers...

    @Andy - spoke to Ben, all sorted, Steve is paying today and we are off to Jolly Toys Outing! Whoot! sorted man - what the travelodge you are in? Thinking of staying for this one!!

  7. Andy - you are on the M1 Lodge right? Trowell or some shit?

  8. Awesome :)

    That's the one. Would be good to be able to stay afterwards for a pint on Saturday and not get up at a stupid time on Sunday.