Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cambridge Gaming Club: Reminder!! Plea!!

Sup guys,
All the Sons are working on their Caldeonian Uprising tournament write ups.. Killswitch still on his Masters one!
Lists are prepped for Jolly Toys Outing in February - a 2K NOVA style event..

BUT, in the meantime, several of the Sons - Venerable, Kabalite and Bringer of Death can be found on a Wednesday evening from 6pm to 10.30pm at the 28th Cambridge Scout Hut on Flamsteed Road..

If you click on the SoW (or War Pig) icon to the right of the blog you will be redirected to the website ( where you can get yourself set up on our Forum and get directions etc.

The cost is £3 per night for non members or £2.50 per night for members.. less than a PINT OF BEER in Cambridge for an evenings entertainment... we also have cold drinks and snacks available to keep you going..War is not for the empty stomached!

We have been going since October and are not going anywhere.. BUT, we rely on the community coming down to check us out.. and getting stuck in.. Christmas is a wonderful time.. I chuffin' love it.. but it is not a good time to run a wargaming club! Everyone has work parties and holidays etc.. but that shit is done! Get back to the club and get your new bits and pieces of plastic crack out onto the tabletop!

We offer 40k, Warhammer, Malifaux, Infinity, Blood Bowl, Warmahordes and any specialist games you wish to play..including Dreadfleet!

If you are a UK blogger as well, could you do me a favour and possibly repost this shout out on your blog? We need all the publicity and awareness we can get!!

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