Friday, 20 January 2012

Scarabs done, Caledonian here I come!

Last night I painted up the last few bases of Scarabs that I needed in order to get them all done.

I used Tamiya weathering master kit to 'paint' these guys - the sponge applicator is a bit crap, it wore out by the end of 8 Scarab bases, but hey ho...sponges work just as well!

great little kit for Necrons and I am glad I dusted it off and gave it a go...although it does mean that these guys have a very different look to them than the other 20 Scarabs I have done... ah well..

And that is the whole Necron army at 1850 complete..

I even began highlighting the Purple elements of the Crypteks..although the highlighting will be for next tournament as will more weathering powders..but for now, they are all painted nicely, cohesively and look cool..

Time to hit up the 1st 40k tournament of the year..which, soon as I didn't get a ticket for the UK40KGT, will also be the biggest I attend this year with 116 participants... massive!

Top Ten is the goal! Look forward to quite a few BatReps and tournament reports next week as Venerable Brother (me), Killswitch, Bradimus Prime and friend to the Sons' - Bringer of Death all report back from one of the UK's biggest tournaments...will a Son place?


  1. they look bloody great, really impressive work.

    i am getting properly excited about this event now, all the while knowing full well that i'll be lucky to get into the top 25% in such a competitive field.

  2. Haha, yeah i know that too, but a mans reach should exceed his grasp n all that!

  3. The finishing touches we're put on the wolf guard last night meaning I can get a practice game in tonight! The Mrs has even approved, she is a good wife.

  4. quite right, quite right. as long as i do better than Steve all will be well :)

    i think its the missions that are going to throw me. lots of things to think about. going to go through those in the car with you guys tomorrow for sure.

  5. Those look really really good, well done.