Monday, 9 January 2012

My 1st round match up at Caledonian...not good!

First round match up's at Caledonian have been announced and my opponent has been kind enough to volunteer his army list..I will of course recipricate.

So this is what I am facing...dual Jaws Priests and a crap load of high strength weapons. Plus a Drop Pod Dread to either kill a vehicle (which I will not allow through bubble wrap) or toast a unit of Scarabs (which I cant stop as they will be the bubble wrap lol!)

Andy Currie's Space Wolves
Rune Priest - Living LIghtning, Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of Slain 110
Rune Priest - Murderous Hurricane, Jaws of the World Wolf, Chooser of Slain, Bolter 110
Dreadnought - Drop Pod, Mulit-Melta, Heavy Flamer, Wolf Tooth Necklace 160
Wolf Scouts x 5 - Melta Bombs, Melta Gun 110
Wolf Guard x 3 - 3 x Power Fists, 3 x Combi-Meltas 1 x Melta Bomb 134 (2 into Grey Hunter Squads, 1 into Wolf Scouts)
5 x Grey Hunters - Melta Gun, Razorback w/ Twin Linked Lascannon 155
5 x Grey Hunters - Melta Gun, Razorback w/ Twin Linked Lascannon 155
5 x Grey Hunters - Melta Gun, Razorback w/ Twin Linked Lascannon 155
5 x Grey Hunters - Melta Gun, Razorback w/ Twin Linked Lascannon 155
Land Speeder w/ MultiMelta and Heavy Flamer 70
Land Speeder w/ MultiMelta and Heavy Flamer 70
6 Long Fangs - 4 x Missle Launchers, 1 x Lascannon 155
6 Long Fangs - 4 x Missle Launchers, 1 x Lascannon 155
5 Long Fangs -  4 x Plasma Cannons 155
Total 1849pts

So time to have a think about how to take it out!!
First of all, I am worried about several elements.

- Dual Jaws
- Massed Plasma Cannons
- Deep striking/fast moving melta
- Accurate lascannons..

So what do I need to do? Where do target priorities lie?

I think the highest priorities are the transports.
I play Wolves and I know that the last times I played against Necrons (also the first times against them at tournaments), I had in in control and only drew both games due to 5+ Ever Living rolls... and some other stuff lol! Anyway, the point is, getting Wolves up close and gunning them down close range - Melta vs Barges = not cool... and hitting up the troops in CC absolutely wipes them..

Now it is reversed.. I know his troops (whilst a bit too MSU for my liking) will slaughter me in CC, even without being pimped for it.. and destroy my mobility.

In addition, he has paid for the TL Lascannons. S9 is bad enough at BS4. TL makes them incredibly accurate.. to be honest, I think it is inefficient and lasplas is best for Wolves but hey ho, not my list.

So they have transport capacity that would get my Barges down with melta, kill my troops and from range can blow away my Av13.. it is still 50/50 to glance or penetrate..but I don't like those odds..

So let's gun them down straight away.

On the flip side we have a problem with 2 other elements principally..

2) Drop Dread with Heavy FLamer, MM
3) Plasma Cannon Fangs

The solution starting with the Dread.
It's going to drop on me first turn and if I am not correctly bubble wrapped is going to kill a barge ignoring my Night Fight.. OR if I am properly wrapped (I will be) then he is going to kill 95% of a unit of Scarabs! Pain in the arse, but then he loses that Dread in my turn without a doubt - Scarabs, mobile missiles, warscythe fly overs as I get into position, yup...defo got the tools.

Now he could realise this and drop the dread in midfield and take a pot shot with the dread and use it as a distraction and a rather large dissuasion unit..But then I don't have to deal with it Turn 1 and it drops very low on my list, well, below the other bits.

3) Plasma Cannon Fangs. eugh. Massed S7 Blast with Acute Senses means they will NUKE Scarabs as they push for midfield control/reactionary or aggressive position...and they will destroy my troops, especially my beautiful Immortals after I have Deep Struck in order to get the best use from them..

So how to deal with them? Um, Deep Striking! I will hold back a turn or two to maximse my Night Fighting whilst also positioning my Barges (who are not too bothered with cover and 6's to glance)...this also allows the Wolves to close range to get their pieces in position, but also allows me to deep strike into the space left behind... the 20 Immortals will rape the one unit, realistically, one should do it, then the other can hit out at another Fang pack..

Rune Priests, two..with Jaws.. I2...shit. Only way to get at these fuckers? oh yeah...crack the transports! Anothe reason for those Razors being high on the list. They will be a massive problem...can only get to them by gunning down the squads.

I will not be around for the Scouts to really have an impact is OBEL'ing, but they could be a pain in the arse if they are infiltrated and in blocking mode..

The Speeders will drop in from reserve most likely and kill a barge as I will no doubt have positioned them in the open forgetting speeders are coming...

He can also play the game a different way, sitting back and waiting for me to expend my Night Fight snow globes and then just gun me down.
He can use the Dread, Speeders and Scouts to keep me from concentrating properly on his army and then maximise his shooting efficiency against the proper targets.. tough indeed.

You know what.. this is going to be a damn tough game and although I don't know Andy...I could see this being a victory for the Wolf Time.. I need to get some practice games in and stop fannying around with Herohammer Blood Angels.. but it's just soo much fun! lol!

What are your thoughts guys, how are Mumm - Ra and his cronies going to take down the Emperor's hounds of war unleashed?


  1. very light on troops, but frankly, they are not your priority because everything else does so much damage. nasty list. i havent even looked at the matchups, but given some of the lists ive seen, this could be a very painful tournament for a list that isnt min-maxed to death like mine xD

  2. I'd happily trade opponents with you!

  3. Where do you see your opponent?

  4. Actually I have seen it, got someone called Ian Mann who I have never played before I don't think so should be good.

  5. @Ateides - light on troops is right, but there is a lot to scare me in the rest of the army...if I can deal with them I may have a chance, but it is not a very good match up for Mumm Ra and his cronies...

    @Mc Tic Tac - what you got then brother?

    @Simo - do your research mate, check him out on Rankings, previous tournament reports etc, see if there are up there anywhere and get an idea of what the list is etc.

    If you post yours on the Warhammer Forum, I'm sure he will respond in kind..

    I need to do that! Andy Currie threw his up, I've not got back on there yet...tonight!

  6. I have a certain Josh Roberts round 1

  7. Interested to see how This wolf list does vs necrons, do you know the mission for round 1 yet or?

  8. I just took the time to take a proper look at this list and it really is very interesting. It is pretty clear that this guy plays this list a lot and has spent a long time refining it. it contains a huge number of little touches that you don't see in cookie cutter lists that show he is thinking outside the box and has his own approach. I'd be bloody nervous if i were you mate ;)

  9. What was your list? I don't see it anywhere, but I probably didn't look hard enough :P