Monday, 9 January 2012

Apostate Anonymous

Late last year I got an email from a lad named Greg wanting to get stuck into the tournament scene and how to crack into it..
I sent him via the warhammer forum at  and he was all set..

Greg recently got in touch to say he has gotten himself and a buddy into a few tourneys this year and has set up his own blog..

Check it out - the guys have just set up recently - let's see how many followers we can get them- from zero to hero in a day lol!

Looks like there is some Dark Eldar love and some Grey Knight love going on over there...good little article on handy transport tips for Dark,no, not unit analysis - actual transport tips, good stuff..



  1. Hey, Bede here, the other founder of apostates anonymous.

    Thanks for an awesome shout out! We really appreciate it.

    I hope that we can repay the favour somehow.

  2. No worries man, no idea if it helped! Hope you guys continue to post and we'll catch you on the tournament scene soon enough!