Friday, 6 January 2012

The Bromance continues...BA Jumpers

The Caldeonian Uprising is coming in just 2 weeks now and whilst I very much should be playtesting my Necrons, I have been having an immense amount of FUN playing with 1850 Jumper BA.

You remember fun right? All you competitive players who min/max the shit out of your army in an attempt to run the nastiest, most points efficient and effective force?

Yes, stop it. Pot. Kettle... I know...I AM one of these guys....MOST of the time....ok, ok almost ALL of the time.. ;)

But since I relaunched my BA after receiving the Sanguinor for Christmas as a stocking filler.. I have been running these guys and PROPERLY enjoying it.

It is not a truly competitive force and I am not pretending it is so, but I do enjoy the challenge of winning with there are always some really cool moments.. Like the Sanguinor and Mephiston charging a load of Incubus and a tooled up Archon - Huskblade, soultrap, 2++...and the epic struggle that ensued.. Mephiston fixing him with his Transfixing Gaze and Sanguinor rerolling vs his target too.. led to a huge number of 2++ being made over several rounds before Mephiston finally struck true and doubled the little fucker out..

Or when Sanguinor got swamped with 14 Scarab bases, lost his armour and was down to his last wound when his buff Serg and the remains of this squad came sweeping to the rescue and slaughtered the Scarabs, before sweeping on to claim an objective..

Anyway.. the previous version of what I was running can be found here.

I found I don't need 4 Priests, I operated in a 1500 points game with just one and it worked well - I just clumped up and moved as a massive killy blob..
So I am going for just 2 priests.. leaving me points for.....?

a Chaplain!
Time for Hero Hammer! BA style!

The Sanguinor
Chaplain - JP, IP, Crozius, Rosarius
2 x Priests - LC, JP
2 x 10 Assault Marines - 2 Meltaguns, Serg's has LC,SS
2 x 10 Assault Marines - 2 Meltaguns, Serg's has PF,SS


The Sanguinor buffs one of those Sergeants into Super-Sergs/Mini Captains/Superhero's... with WS5, I5, 2W, 3A base.. they have 3++ and deadly weaponry...remember dudes within 6" of the Sanguinor also get +1A...So 5A on the charge for the buffed I6... with a LC they are rerolling wounds after hitting most stuff on a 3... cool. as. fuck.

Chaplain and Priest in the same squad as the buff Serg, running at least one dude of the unit near to Sanguinor for the +1A.. that is a killer squad..

40 FNP Marines is tough to kill, but doable..

It has speed and melta, plenty of scoring, some real big threats, some disposable units and distractions and ultimately, is mega fun to play!

I always felt this colour was too bright..sorry Jawaballs! I know you are similar!

I am working on painting a lot of the new models or models I havent really run before, like the JP Chaplain (the model I really love, but just haven't been able to fit into a 'proper' list) and Sanguinor..

But I am also thinking of redoing a lot of the Jumpers into 'real' BA colours.. the vast majority of my RAS are painted in Blood Hunter colours so Red and White (dirty) with the exception of 10 who are 'true' BA colours..
So its either replace 30 odd dudes with more marines in BA colours, or just do 10 new dudes in Blood Hunter colours?

I think it is pretty obvious we will be doing 10 new dudes and that's it..

This wonderful scheme by Xenobiotic on Heresy Online has been a constant inspiration!
This doesn't stop Meph or Sanguinor being done classic colours...they can be painted as a dark and brooding vampire and the shining exemplar of awesomeness without compromising anything..

So what do you think guys? Is this list decent enough to play and still enjoy it when I lose!? I think it is. Do you still play armies that are just plain FUN and not worry too much about good they are?

I like to think that I can play the game well enough that I can hang with this..

Colour scheme? Classic or Blood Hunter.. I think Blood Hunter so I can use them as Ass Marines in other armies or troops for GK etc *cough* counts as *cough*....


  1. Some of my most enjoyable games have been with "fun" armies. Both because I am less "concerned" about the result and more intent on playing with them and trying to get the best out of what I have.

    One of my favourites was the bloodstorm list I ran with 1xStorm raven with a furioso and mephy and 1xland raider with a full on deathstar then 3 squads of tooled up RAS packing in some rhinos.

    Blood Angels have some of my favourite units - deathstars, mephy, priests and raiders.

    TBH I am tempted to make them.

    Though if the rumours are true about the BT's being "THE" land raider spam army, then thats game on.

    Oh and I had some crazy games with Sanginator - but his tooled up sarg is just so good, he is basically a captain with 10 wounds.

  2. A friend and I built a similar BA Superfriends list, but with Sanguinor and Dante, not Mephiston. It's likewise uncompetitive, but has some fun tricks.

    For example, Dante's death mask + Sanguinor's avenging angel let you tag team against an opposing HQ (great when your opponent is also playing uncompetitive herohammer).

    If you take Sanguinary Guard as troops, then one unit of Terminators or Vanguard Veterans, you get a guaranteed awesome buffed Sarge from Sanguinor.

  3. Gosh that the exact same thing I posted a week ago about the true Bromance army of dante and sanguinor...


    2 sanguine priest with powersword,infernus pistol, melta bomb

    4 x Sanguinary guard with. 2 pistols 1 fist 1 squad gets banner

    5. Assault Terminators with lc sarge

    Seriously try it. 29 mmodels in 1850 amuses anyone until you drop a chapter bannered dante led priest attached squad inside the sanguinor bubble. Units just disappear.

  4. Good to see your having fun with the jumpers! I always wanted em to work but I don't think I have the brains to pull em off! Ready to get back on that grind and kill those blonde fuckers!

  5. I've never played an out and out Jumper list since my first few weeks in 5th when I was not really "down" with the rules yet - plus I was playing a massive cheater lol.

    Tried Dante at all?

    I've seen a dude use Dante and Sanginator - it was pretty brutal lol.

  6. @Sam - thats a nice combo - can be done similarly with Meph's Transfixing Gaze and Sanguinors Rerolls.. both boys going first through I boost from FNP.

    @Anonymous - I have been thinking about it for a while, I do have an army of Sanguinary Guard ready to rumble, but I always found they ran our of bodies too soon! lol..

    I do really fancy throwing in some Terminators though...I think almost every marine army should have at least one dude in Termintor armour!!

    @Bully - it is so fun..and I am really enjoying the challenge of winning with it. It is tougher than a properly built tournament army to win with..

    @Kabalite. You definately could succeed with practice, I think that is what this kind of army would need!
    Although a more serious version would not have the Chaplain and both Meph and Sanguinor.. I think I'd like some Vanguard and more bodies where possible..