Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Caledonian Uprising: Codex Option 3: Necrons!

Mumm Ra with his Tachyon Arrow! lol!
Is it the year of the Xenos for Venerable? 2012 that is... (Tau...whoot, no wait Chaos too!...oh but ...fuck)

I've reshaped my old Necrons and have been playing with them quite a bit over the last few weeks, I won the last tournament of the year with them - Blog Wars 2, a 1 day event to be sure, but it was a good run out..

They are ready to hit the tabletops in a major way and at 1750, I'm pretty happy with what I can do. However, as those of you that have a: been following the last few weeks blogging or b: are going, know the Caledonian Uprising is 1850 and with 116 players, I really need to make a mark.

I want top 10%.

Can Mumm-Ra's Evil Robot Squad deliver on this? I've only got to tag on 100 points to Anrakyr's...sorry Mumm-Ra's list, not too hard..

I have been desperately trying to rebuild the army from the ground up incorporating all sorts of shit that I have not really been looking at, Stalkers for one (inspired by the wonderful Warhammer with Zeil..man, is this guy getting enough limelight?), Wraiths are another example...I really want to use some of these dudes...I am literally itching to rip up some of my 20-odd destroyers and turn them into CC Wraiths! Cheap and cool.

So where am I currently at, let's examine:

Anrakyr/Mumm Ra - Command Barge - Gauss Cannon, Warscythe, Tachyon Arrow, Vehicle Control
Over Lord - Command Barge - Gauss Cannon, Warscythe, Shackles
Royal Court One -Veil Cryptek, Destruction Cryptek w. Pulse
Royal Court Two -Veil Cryptek, 2 x Destruction Cryptek 1 w. Pulse
10 Pyrrhian Eternals - Gauss Blasters, Furious Charge/Counter Attack
10 Immortals - Gauss Blasters
5 Warriors
5 Warriors

5 Warriors

8 Scarabs
7 Scarabs
7 Scarabs
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge
Annihilation Barge

So, the 1750 version of this is proven against Mech IG, semi-mech IG, Foot IG, Deathwing, Ghazzie BW Orkz etc. it needs a thorough testing versus SW, BA, GK and DE before I am happy, but I like what I've done with it to stretch it up to 1850.

The second Immortal squad now also has a Veil to port about.
I have a 3rd Scarab squad, otherwise all is the same.

Despite all of this, I still feel it is light on AT. Destroyers may work, I tried to squeeze in Triarch Stalkers but I did not like the list, it felt pressured..trying to push in too much at the expense of everything else working.

Now, Wraiths on the otherhand...I could squeeze these guys in!

5 Wraiths w 3 x Whips and 1 x Caster allow for a little bit of wound allocation, although I am pretty sure that missiles will be targeted at them and Psybolt Auto Dreads, doubling them out when I fail those 3++ saves.. however, versus small arms fire, the 35 points is worthwhile..it is either a bit of wound allocation or a 6th body.

But I can't get these guys into the Anrakyr list without some compromise. I have to drop 1 Immortal from each squad (9 not 10, not a major issue) and combine the Scarabs into 1 x 10 unit.

On the other hand, if I were to get rid of Anrakyr for a WarBarge Lord w. Shackles, I could keep the 10th Immortal from each squad and tool up the Wraiths with Particle Casters and Whips.

However, for the additional 50 points, the real question is, is Anrakyr worth those points? He brings the Mind Control shizzle, 3+ per turn...how many points is this worth? The Tachyon Arrow is 30 points in the codex, but if I had the choice, I'd not take it..but it is a boon for Anrakyr.

The other point is that I have only tested Wraiths once with a DLord attached for lol's. So is it perhaps a better idea to keep the list as it is at the top of the page...?

My final point/posing of a question...Can the Necrons truly trump the likes of the SW and GK lists I have posted over the last couple of days?
This is the real crux of the matter..I want to take Necrons, but as it will be the biggest and perhaps most important tourney of the year (bar the UK40KGT or IndyGT which I did not get a ticket for) then I need to bring the 'A' game...

Meh...I guess there is always Tau too...


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  2. Hi fella - like the list.

    Ive taken the plunge and decided againstr necrons for calledonian. BUT i had come up with a list that i liked. I just think its too much of a tall order to get it together and painted in time.

    But in the spirit of necron oneness (or is that zero oneness :P) this is what ive found is working - not when i way working....just pray you dont play draigo and paladins-:

    Traveller - barge
    Lord - barge, scarabs, scythe

    Pulse Cryptek
    Pulse Cryptek

    5 warriors in Night Scythe
    5 warriors in Night Scythe
    5 warriors

    6 wraiths, 2 coils, 1 pistol
    6 wraiths, 2 coils, 1 pistol
    10 scarabs

    Shooty Barge
    Shooty Barge
    Shooty Barge

    Definately works against wolfs ive found.


    Awesome character.

  4. @ The Voice - what's happening bud? I like that list, 2 things would put me off running it-
    1) Not enough Troops but damn it is quite shooty!
    2) This is the biggie...getting the Night Scythes together from conversion work over the busy Christmas period!

    Dakka Dakka kills Long Fangs? Wraiths tie up and kill troops whilst Scarabs do the same or take out the mobility..Barges be barges... yeah, its good, I'd be worried about lack of troops..

    How are you finding it with troops?

    @Anonymous - he is so cool! Thinking of re painting my Anrakyr model to be a bit more MummRa..reckon its got some good elements to make it look right.. lol.

  5. "2) This is the biggie...getting the Night Scythes together from conversion work over the busy Christmas period! "


    And yea, the jaws issue is much reduced by multiple wraith units and models on foot are not too much on an issue. The troops. Ah the troops - thats the fiddly part. They are so squishy, but im finding that the scythes that they are in (3rd one in reserve) dont get targeted too much. Plus as they arent opened topped they are suprisingly resilent, combined with thier speed to get out hot spots.

    But i wont lie; alot of games are ending with 5 dudes surrounded by tanks, wraiths, scarabs and kitchen sinks to claim that one objective. Its not ideal but its the only way im finding i can deal with the calledonian ruling.

  6. Its a good work around to the court ruling, but yeah i can see it taking alot of casualties...thing is there are a lot od necron lists i am happy enough with, but not strong enough to really split the field at Caledonian...

  7. the only time i have faced necrons was against you with my stupid drop list so i dont know, i just cant see how it would play out in most situations. i cant see where the killing power comes from when compared to say GK's or Wolves, or even guard. maybe i am missing something, or just am not appreciating the awesomeness of certain units.

    for the love of god, i just cant take it any more, it is spelt 'a lot'. 'alot' is not, and never has been, a word, lol (yes the lol was ironic)

  8. @Atreides - "A lot" only time I can find it is in my comment above, and it is spelt correctly...stop bitching little man ;)

    Regarding your point...

    Anti Infantry: I would hope is relatively straight forward.
    Between Barges, Veil-Rapid Fire Immortals, even Rapid fire warriors pump out 30 shots, Scarabs can swarm small units, 2 Comm Barges have AP3 shots, Fly over from Lords combined on a singular unit followed by a charge willbe decent damage to units which will struggle to wound them.. oh, and the 2 Veil dudes have an AP2 flamer each..wounding vs LD at S8..
    Plus, it depends what Anti Infantry you have in your army? Anrakyr takes over within 18" on a 3+, remember he can do this after 24" move so it has an extremely effective range (he can sweep attack on his way there too)..so that Manticore? Yup,firing on your own blob squad..

    on the flip side, this ability can be used for anti tank too. Take over a Hydra and gun down your vendetta or vendetta and gun down your armour in the arse.. a lot of possibilities! ;)

    We have 3 S8 AP2 shots, meh but ok versus transports.. 3 x Annihilation Barges are good vs transports too.. think of them as short ranged Hydras but with more shots and an 'ap-' - which does stop them '6ing' people, but they are still very good..
    Scarabs x 3 will eat through tank armour like you wouldnt believe..
    Then we have the Comm Barges..each can hit a tank on a 4+ w. 3 S7 2D6 hits.. with good first turn positioning, they can do this by moving 12" and then dismount and charge another tank!!

    Then the last piece of the jigsaw, Night Fight. 2 turns for most armies of being unable to return fire, whilst I reduce the incoming fire, even if it is just by little bits and pieces...nibbles if you like..and then BOOM, T3 the whole army can push versus about 1300-1500 points of yours..overwhelm and go!

    Objectives, one warrior squad reserves or hides to walk onto home objective, the other two use night and terrain to wander off to others, and the 2 large Immortals just teleport wherever they like to contestobjectives or table quarters from T4 onwards.

    That is roughly how it all comes together..

    I can promise you that despite its lack of overt ability...it can kill pretty much anything...fully mech IG with 15 hulls? Not even an issue.
    Army of Termies? (lack of low AP for Necrons) roll dice and die, rinse and repeat over 5-7 turns. Definately tough, but doable.
    Horde? Use mobility of several elements to crush one half at a time.
    DE - Kill the venoms, which the Immortals and barges can do very well, and let anrakyr take over Ravager to punk another Venom..this removes anti infantry and 2nd turn charge ability..

    Anyway...we all know I'm taking Wolves right? ;)

  9. fair enough, i suspect this is why a lot of the internets is hating the codex, it is all about the synergy. i just have yet to see it in action properly.

  10. @Atreides - Hey, yes the Newcrons are definitely the anti-"Imperial" list. Every method you can think of to figure out if a list has enough AI or AT simply fails on the AT side for the codex.

    I'm still fiddling, but I've got an 1850 tourney at the end of January.

    OL (Phaeron, WS, Orb) (w/ Gauss Immortals)
    OL (WS, Command Barge)
    Ghost Ark + 10xNW
    20x NW + NL (WS, Orb)
    10x NI (Gauss) + Cryptek (Solar Pulse)
    10x NI (Tesla) + Cryptek(SP) + NL (WS, Orb)
    2x Annihilation Barge
    9x Scarabs
    2x Spyders

    Yep, this is more of a "kill them all" list that is hard to kill. Oh, and it is my one list that doubles up on the Royal Court, but I could drop a NW from the Ark to make it work.

    I currently going through a rebuild on it, thinking about putting some Mindshackle Scarabs out there for fun.