Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Break...oh and I picked Necrons!

Well, it's coming up to that incredible time of year...I chuffin' love Christmas..I'm such a kid!

So, with that Christmassy loving approaching.. Venerable Brother is signing off until the 27th of December..

Before I go...I submitted by army list for the first tourney of the year - Caledonian Uprising.. and submitted.............



Yup, Mumm Ra and his boys are going to fuck y'all up! Merry Xmas!

Interestingly, the tournament has a "Band Wagon Amnesty" whereby players may change their list away FROM the most chosen codices to another of thier choosing.. the most popular at this event are, unsurprisingly, SW and GK. So players may email and change to another book.. I am glad in the end that I did not run either book.

Although I may come to regret not running my lovely Wolves...

Anyway, Merry Christmas fuckers!


  1. of course you did.

    Ven, please, please please, only use 1 army for a few months of tourneys! (Be it necrons or wolves!)

    Look how well Andy does!

    Merry Xmas all Sons though! Hope everyone has a great Christmas.

    For me, 40K has taken another setback - Star Wars is going to take up a lot of my attention. I am now running two separate PVP comps and become of the unofficial (or official) pvp officer of my guild (since I am super awesome). A lot of time :(

  2. HaHaHa!
    I will this year Bull, you'll The Star Wars stuff does sound very cool..and a lot of work. Good luck with it brother.

    Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a fantastic day and general festive season!

    Happy Christmas to all Sons' and all readers.

  3. Damnit, i really thought you'd pick the wolves. Thanks for the vote of confidence Bully but we shall see how i do at a real event this january. As ever, I am far from optimistic, mainly because I am shitting bricks about necrons and other properly built guard!

    I am getting a new PC for christmas, along with Skrym and Deus Ex (plus the usualy world of tanks, go get it now, its free), so I probably wont be surfacing a whole lot during January either, but I will try and do at least a small amount of painting with my new airbrush (also for christmas, yay). And no, we are not super rich, I have had to pay for half of these 'gifts'.

  4. oh and Happy Christmas to all of you as well, it has been a great year for 40k!

  5. That's a wicked haul for Christmas Andy..hope you have a fantastic day buddy, you deserve for being such a swell guy! lol.

    It has been a great year for 40k and for us.. keep it real brother!

    And remember over this festive season, don't be a fol...wrap your tool!

  6. Nice!

    Star Wars is pretty good. We have some stupid rivalries atm which is pretty comical for us. I just need max level, but what with having a job and a life ... it was hard (even with cutting gym short you only get 3 hours a night for example) - playing PVP as a lvl 30 against 50 right now is ... not fun.

    The comps should be fun, though I do have to fork up some prizes myself for the first season till we get the sponsors sorted.

  7. Have a great Christmas everyone and next year should be a great year or the sons and 40k

  8. Just got back from Holiday in Jamaica. Hope everyone had a great Xmas :)

    Good to see your taking the crons out, I'm with the majority it seems as I am taking Wolves. Strange since Wolves hasn't had a large presence recently, guess people are starting to catch on ;)