Monday, 19 December 2011

Caledonian Uprising: Codex Option 2 - Wolves!

Our traditional pic for Fafnir's Bitches...
The Wolves are back! (As if they ever left!!)

How have they changed since our last tournament outing?
Well, not much as it is only 100 points different in value, however this did open up alot of options for me. Having spent a serious amount of time scouring through pages and pages of worksheets in excel (where I store all my lists) for GK lists I liked yesterday and coming up with some pretty frightening lists (check them out here), I had a tough job redesigning my Wolves.

Every list I made kept on coming up short in my mind against the psycannon spam, but then I stopped (just a few minutes ago actually IRL) and remembered that the Wolves are well and truly battle tested and I am familiar as hell with them.

Time to relax, and just tweak what I took last time, after all, I ended up 2nd on battle points, but took 3rd Overall after soft scores were taken into account. Is this a slight manipulation of figures? yup. Point is, the army really worked and I just need to tinker with it a touch.

Here is what I came up with, pretty simple, no crazy tricks, but certainly a solid force..combined with extensive experience and damn fine generalship...I'll do well..if I go this way! lol.........

Rune Priest Fafnir - Chooser, LL, Jaws
Wolf Guard x 10 - 1 x TDA/CML, 13 Combi weapons, 2 Power Weapons and a Drop Pod
Lone Wolf - TDA/SS/CF
Lone Wolf - TDA/SS/CF
Grey Hunters x 7 Meltagun, Banner, Rhino
Grey Hunters x 7 Meltagun, Banner, Rhino
Grey Hunters x 5 Meltagun, Razorback - TLHB
Grey Hunters x 5 Plasmagun, Razorback - TLHB
Grey Hunters x 5 Plasmagun
Thunderwolf Cavalry x 2 - 1 x WC, 1 x Plain
Land Speeder - MM
Land Speeder- MM
Long Fangs x 5 - 4 x ML
Long Fangs x 5 - 4 x ML 
Long Fangs x 5 - 4 x ML

All pretty self explanatory, the Drop Pod carries 4 WG with 4 Meltas and 3 Flamers so they can multitask somewhat, perfect so first turn hit on things like The Baron's Hellions...Stealth matters not like this.. FNP maybe, but thats alot better, and at LD9... most of the time however, we just nuke something tank-ish..
Thunderwolf Cav have combined into 1 unit, bringing the same punch (minus one Claw) but this allows me to fit in 2 MM Speeders. Speed, mobility, Deep Strike and more Melta. All good.
Lone Wolves have been wonderful for me throughout this reason for this to change lol!
I do miss scouts though...
Troops may be a little light, but I like having the flexible units elsewhere as they are more disposable.. plus it draws fire from the troops.
Don't get me wrong, most of the other Wolves lists have 6 troops, but I am going with this for the Wolves..what do you guys think? What would you change..? 
Bradimus is running options that are very similar...guess we both must be doing something right? I know there is a real difference of opinion on troops for Wolves, alot of guys think that 5+WG is all good and are not a fan of the 7/8 man packs.. your thoughts?


  1. we all know you are taking wolves, why are you even discussing it? ;)

  2. Haha, cheeky bitch...I'm currently building more grey knight psycannon dudes, festooned with scrolls..scrolls everywhere...

    What do you think of the wolves as above?

  3. i rather like it actually. not a fan of drop pods at all, let alone singly, but otherwise great. speeders grant a bit more armour, and lots of threats overall.

    not sure how lone wolves work with that mission where elites are double KP's. i guess you really, really need to get them killed!

  4. Yeah the boys will have to die for sure on that mission...

    The pod has been very helpful just to drop in some melta and distract a slight amount of return fire for a turn... if reserved, the pod can come down empty to block terrain, or into a key position, it has a cml too so they can be far more than a suicide squad

  5. Better make your mind up army list submission is on the 22nd!

  6. I know mate!! I've got Weds and Thursday to playtest each of these and go from there! The beauty is that I'm familiar with all 3 codices and ready to rumble, it is afterall only submission...I'll be well and truly play tested and will have done all my "revision" by late Jan..

    But yeah, I'm a whore. One is just never enough!

  7. I'm a big fan of the larger units of hunters as the extra 30 points grants a huge increase in resilience. I find 5 man units die too quickly in combat, whereas the larger units can often deal with more than one other unit on their own
    I say keep them in.

  8. Pack sizes is always gonna bring some debate on whats more effective. I do prefer the larger packs of around 8 to do the dirty work but the problem is if they get hit by something that can chew them up easily its a lot of VP's thrown down the drain. They do however have the bodies and stamina to take that middle ground/objective and hold it.

    I think a mix like what you have listed is the safest bet. A couple of larger packs to get stuck in supported by the smaller packs. Collectively they provide the bodies needed to get business done and increase the number of scoring untis available whilst not being easy pickings like the MSU setup.

    I'm a bit undecided about support at the minute. I think the Wolf Guard Pod is going to stay as I like how it fucks with peoples minds if they have a Land Raider as as you say Its got a Cyclone in it which allows it to become a unit in its own right.

    Speeders are definately an option I'll go back to again especially a MM/HF set up to toast some scarabs when tank busting duties are done.