Monday, 14 November 2011

TWO Sons' placing 3rd at TWO Tournaments this weekend..

The Sons' (that's us derp) took ourselves off to multiple tournaments this weekend..

As you will have seen from Alex's/Killswitch's article, he went to Onslaught in Bristol - a 5 game, 1750 event.

Myself (Venerable Brother), Kabalite and Bringer of Death tookourselves down to Brighton for the Warlords event - a 6 game, 1750 tournie.

I'm sure Killswitch will update us properly in time, but he came 3rd with his BA, just losing one game to Black Templars - Great result Alex!!

Myself, I finished 3rd as well, missing out on second through soft scores and first through soft scores and I think, a couple of hundred VP's.. my results were 4 wins and 2 draws.

Kabalite finished 7th with his DE at his first UK tournament (Kabalite hails from California - yup, if you didn't know it the Sons' are international baby!) - a great showing from him, winning 3 and losing 2.

Bringer of Death finished 21st with his mechnised Eldar, with a W/L/D of 2/2/2. If nothing else, B.O.D is consistent - he had the same results at the last tournament we went to..also down in Brighton.
Middle of the pack is perfectly decent for one of the elder (purposeful not mispelt lol) codices..

Speaking of age of codices... we had 3 Necrons lists at Brighton.

All 3 were almost identical, 2 were, 1 had Wraiths instead of 2 Triach stalkers.
All 3 were brought down by a group of lads who are, um, Uk tournament stalwarts/regular attendees..all top boys, great group of lads.

James, one of the Necron players from this group, won. He tabled 2 (?) of his opponents, including our very own Kabalite... and I played him and drew...I would have won, however, his Cryptek I had just killed in combat, used his 'Ever-Living' rule and got up within 3" of his home objective to contest and claim the draw at hte bottom of turn 6.

It came down to a 5+ roll with no influence from myself..however, rules issue..? I should have consolidated with my units first and closed off the objective, as the Cryptek can get up within 3" of his original position, but I could have positioned boys so that he couldn't get there. Cryptek doesn't get up til the end of the phase...but hey ho..

I didn't realise this til after the game though, so fair may not have worked anyway lol..tight game, great opponent.

That game, I had Dawn of War, which, combined with his 2 Solar Pulse Crypteks, meant I had 3 turns of my shooting being Night FIght. Eugh.

THat was in game 4. Game 3 what did I face? New Necrons, Dow, 2 Solar Pulses. Results? Draw with a Cryptek getting up on a 5+ to draw. Sweet.

Do I get how to handle the new necrons..I think that brief overview says that despite 3 turns of Night Fight...YES.

Do others? Not completely. Of the 3 Necron boys, 1 placed 1st, 1 20th and um..I can't remember, but I think it was top ten for the 3rd.

Cracking a new book quickly and taking to a tournie? Good idea. Not a lot of people knew anything about them, what target priority was, how to handle them, what moves to make etc.. and the Necron boys stomped it.

For me, I am very happy with my performance and will endeavour to put more painting love into my Space Wolves, because I am not letting soft scores ruin my placing ever again!!!! lol


  1. What did the necrons bring for troops? Could you post rough lists, thx!

  2. Hi Skip,
    Troops were 3 x 5 Warriors w. Cryptek (HoDestr) 3 x Lance, 2 x Pulse and 10 x Immortals w Cryptek (HoDespair) Veil, Abyssal Staff and morale Test power.

    This was the same in all 3 lists.

    This was not a perfect troop set up in my opinion. With the exception of the Immortals, who stayed back, veiled in ~turn 4 and rapid fired the objective holding troops before moving in to contest...all other troops were easy to kill once up close. Even Heavy bolters were fantastic once the 3 turns of Night Fight were over..

    Lists were:
    2 x Lord on Barge, Warscythe, Sempiternal, Mindshackle scarabs
    2 x Triarch Stalkers
    3 x Annihilation Barges
    2 x 6 Scarabs
    3 x 5 Warriors - HoD 2 x Pulse
    1 x 10 Immortals, gauss, cryptek - Despair (all powers/wargear)

    the 3rd list had an extra Destruction Cryptke and 5/6 Wraiths instead of the 2 Triarch stalkers..

    Hope that helps

  3. EDIT: Kabalite got 4-2! Six games Ven, Six! Andddd Florida, beachy, sunny, but less Boys In The Hood, more Bad Boys 2.

    (And to defend my tabling, he seized, and tesla'd, and tesla'd and.....tesla'd. If you haven't learnt it, get learnt! Cuz tesla is ROUGH.)

  4. Florida. D'Oh... sorry bro! I had barely woken up this morning when I sent this up before work...that's my defense and I'm sticking to it!

  5. Have to say, those Nercron lists dont look that scary, but in DOW Im sure they are a pain. I guess its down to suprise factor aswell, just like getting my ass handed to me against a horrid BT list which is just simply brutal in KP missions lol

  6. Oh and btw, Gratz on 3rd bro, we did good :D

  7. nice work all of you.

    i dont know about those necrons not being scary. that is an awful lot of AV13, and most of it is actually a threat. i like them. very light on troops, but then you can always make more.

  8. @Killswitch. You are correct to a degree..they are not that scary, I knew what would happen with 3 turns of night fight (DoW)...but tell me its easy to kill an army in TWO TURNS and I'll call you a liar!! LOL.. both games came down to the robots drawing on a 5+... and they both did! I think I have the measure of them, but both the lads are very good players, Luke came 5th and James ended up first...he had less than 100 VPs more than me and better soft scores...but same results..

    @Atreides..cheers mate. The AV13 is easy up close do to the +2 from my plethora of Melta weapons..

  9. Im loving the Scarab + Spyder combo atm, that seems just horrid. Also Wraiths + destroyer lord + res orbs can be letal!

    And yes as I said it can be a pain which Im sure it was :(

  10. All I can say is bloody eldar.
    Just not man enough to kill things
    Still a good weekend and well done Alex

  11. I posted my thoughts last Wednesday which included Spyders and Scarabs.

    They are definately horrible.

    Destroyer Lord I like and as jump infantry has definate synergy with Wraiths, they soak up the Invulnerable shit, he takes the regular saves on Sempiternal Weave... Res Orb could very much make it lethal..

    For me the stand out piece of equipment has been the Mindshackle Scarabs..ask Pete how he liked Mephiston killing himself slowly.. or my Lone Wolf how he liked Chainfisting himself to death over 3 rounds...

  12. Very small chance of working, but guess its a nice bit of kit. I think Stormlords deffo got his place, certainly loving the Night fight and sieze on a 4+.

    Cheers BOD. All I can say is, take a real army next time ;) lol

  13. LD on 3D6...not that small a chance at all..especially with careful placing and blocking of other models in base..

    It did work, every time...I got it across 2 games, not sure about Pete, but I think it went off when needed..

    @BOD...Low blow there from Alex..but what can we say... you do love a challenge..get that Guard army dusted off!!

  14. Oh I thought it was a Str test lol clearly reading the wrong ability. In that case, yes a very useful ability indeed :D

  15. I was also considering the d.lord with wraiths, but the orb will not help the wraiths as they do not have the reanimation protocols. However in my first game wit necrons i used 5 wraiths, and I'm definitely adding a sixth as soon as I can source one from ebay.


  16. Rathstar...don't take it then lol! Saves 30 points! makes it even meaner n leaner!
    I may try it out this week..