Friday, 11 November 2011

Onslaught Weekend Tournament

Off to Onslaught this weekend, 1750pt 5 game tournament up in Bristol. Just about to trek it on a 4 and a half hour journey which I am not looking forward to. I shall be taking my Blood Angels for this, which is completely new to me. Should be good fun, with lots of competition.

With 22 out of 50 Grey Knight players at attendance, this will be perhaps the most GK swamped event I have so far had the pleasure of attending. I am sure these lists will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sow ill be interesting to see how my list fares.

After using Grey Knights and having some fairly solid results & success, I have the slight advantage of how Grey Knights will be played. I have therefore created a list with this in mind. Yes this list isn’t the “be all end all of Grey Knights”, as I have to consider overall balance as well.

Here is the list:

2x Sanguine Priests with Combi meltas & Lightning claws
1x Sanguine Preist with CCW & BP
1x 5 Assault Marines with Meltagun, Lightning Claw & Infurnus pistol in a Razorback with Twin-linked Heavy flamer & Dozer blades.
2x 5 Assault Marines with Meltagun & Infurnus pistol in a Razorback with Twin-linked Heavy flamer & Dozer blades.
2x 5 Assault Marines with Meltagun & Infurnus pistol in a Razorback with Twin-linked Heavy flamer.
2x 1 Attack Bike with Multi-melta.
3x 5 Devastators with Rocket Launchers. One unit has a Dedicated Razorback with Twin-linked Heavy Flamer & Dozer blades.

So the point of this list is to rush forward using the bodies of FNP marines to help drive my opponent out of their vehicles through the use of durability and melta fire. The Heavy flamers and Mephiston then set to destroy the MSU units which we regularly see in GK armies. Heavy Flamers are also great at getting rid of those pesky henchman squads.

Turn one would be nice, but not necessary as I can hog cover, whilst still storming forward 18 inches. The benefit of the Psychic hood from Meph helps with those pesky Fortitudes and other power. Attack bikes are great in these types of armies as they have the vehicles to cover their advance, creating your own fire lanes.

I would prefer Predator support as they would not only give me a few more armoured hulls, but the manoeuvrability and AV 13 screening which is necessary in some games. However, I don’t own the models and have plenty of Rocket Launcher Devs from my Space Wolf army. FNP Devs are always something to fear, as they are a huge pain to get rid of for some armies.

Ill try get some coverage if I can, the problem is I have no experience with this army so may be concentrating on all my games. Wish me luck



  1. best of luck tonight in the travelodge! ;)

  2. Good luck bro! Interesting list and facts there...22 out of 50 are GK? And what..fully half are likely to be Coteaz spammers? Yeah, I can see where TL Heavy Flamers with dual melta troops may come in handy!!

    I am off to Brighton tomorrow morning,will throw up a post in the am..

    Good luck again mate.

  3. Came 3rd, 4 wins and 1 loss to Black Templars on table one. Too many terminators for my liking lol, damn killpoint missions. Was great fun to use non the less :)