Sunday, 6 November 2011

Necrons: Old army translates how? Now with Stealth Pixies!!

Yesterday I posted my first 2 Necrons lists.

Both had a purpose.

The first demonstrated what a different list you could make to the old necron codex. 8 fliers at 1750? Cool.

The second showed how the book can max out the FOC at 1750, granted I only had 1 HQ, but all other slots were filled.

The first of several posts planned for today looks at what I can do with my current Necron collection.

I used to run Destoyer-Wing, which can still be done, but I think is not quite right...but lets look anyway.

Overlord - Warscythe 100 (Will come back to later for toys/tricks)
Destroyer Lord - Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave 140 (2+ and T6 with 4 S7 power weapon attacks with rerolls on charge? oh, ok then)
4 x 5 man Warrior squads = 65*4 = 260(I used to run 2 x 10, but for now lets leave it at this)
2 x 5 man Destroyer squads, each with 2 Heavy Gauss Cannons @240 per squad is 480
6 x Scarab bases @ 90p.. Entropic strike = cool
C'Tan Shard @185 (I'll come back and pick up his toys in a bit)
Monolith 200 (changes to Living Metal make a MASSIVE difference...but fuck it, did you read about PHASE OUT anywhere in the new book? No me either. Did you see that there are actual choices in the new book? Yeah, me too. So the Monolith is not as cool, it has reserves fun and a vacuum cleaner of death)

This clocks in at just 1455... I'm leaving out 5 Destroyers and a Tomb Spider as I want to use Scarabs, I may put the Spider back in as it works for anti psychic defense (Of sorts, 4+ in 3" of unit targeted) and generates a base for the Scarab unit...But now, time to look at the C'Tan..

For what it's worth, I think these guys are very easy to kill, T7, W4, 4++, I4. Jaws. Torrent of Autocannon, Missiles, lascannon, blaster, lance. FUCK.

But, this is the exercise for the morning so... I know I need more long range anti tank, so I throw in the Transdimensional Thunderbolt (24" lascannon) at 45 points..

Hmm... Fuck that.
I'm going for Writhing Worldscape (all terrain is dangerous, if it is already, then the test is failed on a 1-2. ) for 35 points and I'm going to throw in the Swarm of Spirit Dust (Stealth Pixies (TM Sons'! lol)) as the Deceiver model is not that big and can grab cover pretty easily. Plus, it's only 25 points.

So our C'Tan costs a mere 185+25+35..... just 245...or a land raider. Easier to kill than its points equivalent? Arguable (suicide melta) but I'd say YES. As effective? Hmm.. The terrain thing is amazing versus Orks and Nids, Foot Guard, any mechanised army as it may cripple some stuff.. vehicles treat difficult as dangerous anyway, so this could be VERY useful to slow down and really impact armies, MechDar? Turboboost...umm...

Umm...even with this hyper expensive bitch I'm only at 1515.

I think it's time to buy new stuff!! Whoot!!!!

How about picking up 2 x Annihilation Barges at 90 points each and then a couple of Dedicated Transports for the boys?

Well, 2 Annihilation Brages nets me 8 TL S7 shots on Av13/11, Living Metal vehicles for 180. Not bad. More than Hydra's, better armour for the first shot to glance/pen, but shorter range..

But it has TESLA!!! You roll 4 dice, TL. If you roll a 6? 2 more automatic HITS! Sweet! Quite likely to roll at least 1 six on 4 dice... MAXIMUM firepower? 4 x 6's? so that would generate an overall total of 12 S7 hits?
Fromone gun?

Never gonna happen!

Anyway I'm at 1695 now. Can I get 2 Transports as well? NOPE.

How do I keep my shitty troops alive then? Reserve and bring on through the Monolith? Av14 at range is still hard to kill.
Bulk them up?
Both = Better.

But the truth is, I've got FUCK ALL long range anti tank here. The Monolith is pretty laughable.. 6" move and 24" S8 Large blast, Ordnance. Shite.
4 S9 at range at 2 targets? Decent.
8 TL S7 Tesla at 2 targets? Decent.
Destroyer Lord to mess you up? T6, 2+, Eternal Warrior? Decent as it has the speed.
C'Tan MC...meh. Slow.

Entropic stike is awesome though right? well, only if you have a list that actually benefits from it. This list does not..
Sure the Warriors might end up being OK versus tanks, but then they have Gauss anyway and can glance anything they want. But they are small units and will just die.

What to do with the last few points? I can add a few warriors to the squads? make them 4 x 6.

Then I'm done.

What's the point of this list? Can I run my OLD Necron army with the new book? Damn Straight! I just need a couple of Barges at what £40 for the pair? That's nothing! Will I win some games? Locally sure, Tournies - maybe a couple... generally though, the point is this....

It's a new book. Embrace it. It's a great book. Next to build a decent army from what you've got and from what you can actually BUY! lol..


  1. Just to clarify (and I have read the Necron book several times) but Quantum Shielding works until the unit suffers a Pentrating hit, glancing hits dont effect it at all.

    This is one that the rumours (as far as I can see) got wrong as they said glance/pen would get rid of it.

    Only pentrating hits destroy the Quantum shielding.

    Other than that I like the list, I like the insight. I look forward to seeing how the Crons play on the tabletop.

  2. You forgot the stormload heis just cool.
    And why don't you put in some crypteks with eldrith lance or
    Some lords with res orbs to get the 4+ reanimation
    And if you get the command barge you get a free overlord in the box

  3. @Kraggi - just double checked my codex..EVEN BETTER!!! skipped that totally! only Penetrating hits reduce QS! Brilliant.
    Av13 for longer. No Autocannon, Psybolt Heavy Bolter Backs, Multilasers can damage remove the QS. Brilliant.

    I too cannot wait to get the Robots back on the table.. patient, I have 2 lists that I may try for Brighton with several of the elements you mention there dude.
    Just need 4 Barges and 1 more box of warriors for the cheapest, quickest version...

  4. No Problem Ven, am planning a post on my blog about it because a lot of people are saying the rumours have all been 100% accurate and that is something that will hurt players if they dont know.

    I have to say as well that the 5+ reanimation roll is actually better because you can't instant death em, or power weapon them out of the game. They always get it.

    The thing I see Necrons struggling with is actually dual Rune priest lists running jaws of the world wolf. You see that resurrection orb... roll a 1 or 2 or you lose it. sigh.

  5. Jaws is tough, but the thing is, its also not THAT great versus everyone else. LL is a must for Rune Priests most of the time, MH and TW are both fantastic powers.
    Jaws is useful versus Nob bikerz (any one see those anymore? lol), DW Termies, Paladins, Nids and now, more than ever, Necrons. It's going to see table time for sure (I have never not taken it for example) but I don't think we can worry too much about it.
    It's going to happen.
    The other option is, of course, to take full sqauds of Tomb Spiders and spread them out as much as poss, keeping your units with Orbs within 3" of them at some point to get the 4+ psychic nullify...see how the RUne Priests like a taste of their own medicine...

  6. Hehe, I like the idea of the Tomb Spyders keeping me units alive from that point of view.

    So many nice new shiney options in the Necron codex and i unfortunately want them all!