Sunday, 6 November 2011

1750 Necrons: No model for it? Not getting picked..

Earlier on today I built out my old army and collection into the new codex.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn't work as a competitive army. It DID work as a force to play and win a few friendly games, but you can;t just pick up your old force and expect to win a load of tournament games with it.

The purpose of this post is to build a force around my current collection and then add a few new models, keeping the costs down to approximately £100.

I personally feel that if you can update your old army to a modern, 5th-going-on-6th codex army for this price...well, that's ok by me.

So to begin. At this juncture, a day after I got the book, it's a bit difficult to throw out suggestions to the web, as a lot of people will not have gotten the book or had the opportunity to digest.

I have not completely, but I think I know what works in this game...ish.

Please remember when readin this post in particular, the aim is to revivify an army for under £100 with only the models that are available right now.

Firstly, take the collection and add a few bits.... more long range fire support, and for it's cost we can't really beat the Annihilation Barge imho.

We'll take 3, dumping the Monolith by the way side..

Combined with 3 units of 2 destoyers, each with Heavy Gauss Cannons, we have a decent amount of fire support....but we need more.

Lets take our Overlord and give him a Warscythe.

Now let's grab a Court and at 1750, I'll take 4 Crypteks, all upgraded to Harbingers of Destruction for 10 points each. When each Cryptek is upgraded to a Harbinger, he swaps his Staff of Light to a Eldrith Lance, granting a 36" S8 Ap2 shot.. this chap is 35 points... 4 are ok for what I have in mind.

Plus, the obligatory Solar Pulse...a one use item of Wargear that can induce Night Fighting or clear it.

Going second versus I very shooty army? Lots of options...reserve (denying two phase of shooting), roll on what you get turn 2, his turn 3, pop Solar Pulse denying a third turn of shooting, roll on your boys T3 and begin the shooting.

Going first, move into position first turn, fire, then in his Turn 1, pop pulse off denying shots...then Turn 2 fire again..2 turns without any real retaliation...

Of course, there are far more uses of this and the two above suggestions are just that, suggestions..there are far cooler applications...The Storm Lord and a couple of solar pulses (from seperate courts, meaning another Overlord) can keep Night Fighting going for the opponent for a long time!

So far we have:
4 x Crypteks - Harbingers of Destruction, 1 x Solar Pulse
3 x Annihilation Barges
3 x 2 Destroyers - Heavy Guass Cannon

We need at least 4 troops in my mind, but also keeping the army cheap, we are going for a few foot units.

2 x 10 Warriors
2 x 5 Warriors

Each has a Harbinger of Destruction added to it, granting each unit a long range AP2 missile shot per turn. For added fire support, in some cases I'll be keeping the Court together...

I want some distraction though... I'm going to take some fun but effective choices here..

I will upgrade the Overlord to having a Command Barge...granting him Av13 protection as well as a fast skimmer that can do 3 S7 2D6 penetration attacks versus a vehicle it flies over, or 3 S7 power weapon attacks against a unit as it passes.

Question...can this be done if it moves over 18"? As a fast skimmer it can turboboost.. can I do my attacks as I pass? Or can it only be done up to 18"...or even up to 12"?

If it is only 12", turboboost first turn into position, solar pulse for whole army protection, then get in his face for some distractions..

Next distraction, a Destroyer Lord..has a Warscythe, S7 2D6 pen, Power Weapon with Preferred Enemy (Everything!) ...give him a Sempiternal Weave for a 2+ save with natural T6... done.
Jump Infantry but still great.

Now, we are going with what we already own (by we, I mean me....) and I used to love me a C'Tan for distraction... so lets throw one in.

Just like this morning, I'm going to give him Stealth Pixies for added cover.. and Writhing Worldspace to make all terrain dangerous for the enemy.. sweet. 1&2's fail if it is already dangerous (i.e. difficult for vehicles)

The army then?

Overlord - Warscythe, Barge
Destoyer Lord - Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave
4 x Cryptek - HoD, 1 x Solar Pulse
2 x 10 Warriors
2 x 5 Warriors
3 x 2  Destroyers - Heavy Gauss Cannon 
Ctan Shard - Writhing Worldspace, Stealth Pixies
3 x Anihilation Barge

Cost's then?
4 Barges at 20.50...
This also nets you 3 of the 4 Crypteks.. the 4th Lord model being used as it is a Command Barge.
The 4th Cryptek for me with just be an old Lord..
I only have 21 (random) Necron Warriors, so I'll grab another box at 21

So total cost for the above list: £103 from Games Workshop or from Wayland Games that is £82 (link above!!)

I do have a better that doesn't use the very expensive C'Tan...

1 x Overlord, Warscythe  
1 x Destoyer Lord, Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave
5 x Cryptek - HoD, 1 x Solar Pulse
15 x Warriors
10 x Warriors
2 x 5 Warriors - Ghost Ark
3 x 2 Destroyers - Heavy Gauss
3 x Annihilation Barge

I add Crypteks to the bigger foot slogging units, plus the Overlord to the 15 man squad. The D-Lord can hang with them too and act as a counter assault/tarpit. With a 2+ he can eat a wound or two..

I'd prefer him to be running around and making a nuisance of himself. You know, cleaving tanks in two..

In this way, I think the bog standard Lord is a little wasted..he needs a toy or two...and I think the Command Barge/Chariot is the best thing he can get for messing with people...

I didn't thow in an Orb, but maybe I should in exchange for 3 Warriors from the bigger squad..

I briefly considered a Tacyon Arrow...but for 30 points a single S10, AP1 shot at BS4 just isn't worth it...

This version costs about £117 plus postage from Wayland Games or about £165 from GW direct. Big savings when you buy more stuff..vehicle kits benefit alot online.

You can save 19 by converting your Crytpeks from old warriors or Lord models. You knew they'd come in handy right?

I've got a second copy of the codex coming in to swap up at GW, so I can grab a Barge from there, reducing the cost of this army to under £100...

So there we go, 2 more lists that existing Necron players can use..for under £100. Pretty decent considering the cost of our hobby.

Most Necron players have more warriors than I do and the older lords...making the costs listed here alot cheaper.

Asto whether or not the lists work...I think they do. Decent shooting, good bodies, protection, resurrection (Arks) ...mobility and a little bit of playing on the mind of the opponent, second guessing moves through both Writhing Worldspace and Solar Pulse...

Let me know boys and gals, what you saying?


  1. here are my thoughts for an ideal world. picked up the codex yesterday and i have spotted a few bits and bobs i cant believe i am not seeing in other lists.

    basically i am wondering why noone is using more scarabs - they are amazing - and why the other cryptek stuff isnt getting more love.

    accordingly, this is the sum of my first thoughts.

    Overlord - Phaeron upgrade
    Overlord - Phaeron upgrade
    Cryptek - eldritch lance, solar pulse
    Cryptek - eldritch lance
    Cryptek - tremorstave
    Cryptek - tremorstave

    Immortals - 10, gauss blasters
    Immortals - 10, gauss blasters
    Immortals - 10, tesla carbines
    Immortals - 10, tesla carbines
    Warriors - 5
    Warriors - 5

    Scarabs - 10
    Scarabs - 10

    Annihilation Barge
    Annihilation Barge
    Annihilation Barge

    This comes to 1750 and i think it could be quite good.

    Scarabs are simply amazing. they are beasts, and wil be on most enemies turn 2. they have stealth and multiple wounds so are virtually impossible to kill off and will utterly screw up any mechanised list. they have 5 attacks each on the charge, and even against a moving target that is a total of 13 (rounding up) points of armour removed accross the board. per squad. if the target(s) didnt move well they are dead, or have av values of about 3 from now on. this will enable the rest of your S5 to kill them with ease, possibly even autopenning. alternatively, being fearless and multiple wounds models, they just tarpit stuff.

    the overlords make the gauss blaster immortals relentless. the crypteks with tremorstaves sit with the camping warriors and try and stop key enemy units from moving so far. the crypteks with other lances go with the tesla immortals.

    the barges are just awesome value, and should target undamaged or barely damaged tanks and should take them out pretty easily.

    an army like this would be crazy expensive though, so i wont be going there for a while ;)

  2. I agree with Atriedes, the Scarabs are amazing, and if done right you could certainly get the charge on say a landraider, surround it and at the every least force an emergency disembarkation, or just outright kill the unit if you get lucky n wreck the thing!

    I agree this is an expensive option, although I would probably drop the Immortals for Warriors (I have 60 of em).

    Can't wait to get my first games in with the new dex!