Saturday, 5 November 2011

First 2 new Necron Lists at 1750...

Whoot! Got the book late this afternoon, have read it for one hour and have a couple o' ideas...

First is a very cool, air force themed one.. straight from the war-torn skies of Battle Star Galactica..

Overlord - Warscythe 100
2 x 5 Immortals - Nightcythe
3 x 5 Warriors - Nightscythe
2 x 2 Destroyers - 2 Heavy Gauss Cannon
3 x Doom Scythe

So, we have 8 flying vehicles in this force.
- Each Doom Scythe has a S10 AP1 Death Ray and a TL S7 AP4 4 shot weapon..
- Each Nightscythe has a TL S7 AP4 4 shot weapon
- Each Destoyer group has 2 S9 AP2 shots

Plenty of anti tank, 5 scoring units, very cool.. HOWEVER...
- None of the vaunted (or even alleged?) Necron anti infantry the troops..
- NO QUANTUM SHIELDING...that's right these are Av11 fliers.
- No Res Orbs to boost Reanimation Protocols to a 4+ instead of a 5+

And lastly, the biggie.... um, no models?

Next up we have a quick "max out the FOC" list.

Overlord - Warscythe
2 x 10 Warriors
2 x 5 Warriors
2 x 5 Immortals - Gauss Blaster
3 x 2 Destroyers - Heavy Gauss Cannon
3 x Annihilation Barge
3 x Triarch Stalker

This has:
- 6 AV13 (Quantum Shielding) vehicles that ignore 1's on a 2+ and 2's on a 4+
- 6 troops with reanimation protocols
- 3 walkers with a 2 shot TL Multimelta each (plus has a heavy flamer version)
- 3 Barges with 4 TL S7 shots
- 3 x Destroyers with 2 S9 shots each...

It has no?
- Scarabs for Entropic Strike...which is just COOL!
- Metal BAWKSES! for troops... meh, I have a lot of troops and quite a few other threats to shoot first..
- MODELS !!!! Pissing Stalker!!! I NEED YOU!

I like this second list, it's pretty decent... all Necrons still fold to close combat armies BTW...even the ones with a 4++ save and T5..

Anyway,time to go be sociable on a Saturday night...tomorrow I'm going to work out what I can do with the models I own right now...Destroyer wing is still here guys!! Lords are great as Destoyers and squads are still up to 5!!

First thoughts on new book? Easily as good as DE, not as good as GK. That may changeover time.. just first thoughts.


  1. Disagree Totally. The book is Garbage. I have been pouring over it for hours, ant is is nowhere near DE.

    So Mad!

  2. That first list is gonna get raped in the ass by Psyflemen lists, I think the Quantum shielding is going to be the way forward. Its very early days yet but from what I've beenr eading there hasn't been any "OMFG look at that!" moments yet.

    Its sad really if this is the case.

  3. Personally I shall have to disagree with DK I love the new Codex. I also agree it holds up to DE. The two lists seem great to me from what I have read and I shall be making some myself very soon.

  4. Av11 armies in general struggle versus Psyflemen lists..oh wait, that's all DE, all SW, SM, BA (Av13 Pred spam is dead), GK's (Living metal > Fortitude?) ... so in short... 8 Av11 is not bad.
    The point was just to show how DIFFERENT the new book is.