Sunday, 20 November 2011

Necron Scarabs: First Casting Results

So time to show you guys the first in my early attempts to cast Necron Scarabs..

I am trying out a very simple green stuff molding technique.. I'm very grateful to the guys that've pointed me in the right direction, last night in particular.

So, how have I done? Averagely on the first one. The mold is fine, but I got too eager and damaged the Scarab when I removed it from the mold.
First, we take the single scarab..

And then we press the Scarab directly into the green stuff and leave it in there for a couple of hours.. release it by ensuring you pour just a little Olive Oil onto the green stuff before you press the scarab in.

When it's ready we can get it out..

It looks OK at this stage, it just needs to dry a little more and then be trimmed.. this one is the first and I damaged it slightly on the way out of the mold... the next 47 will be better... lol!

Thanks again to The AntiPope, Old School Terminator, Ron @ FTW and Col Shafer for all their tips and insights.. it really has been an easy little experiment and now I'm ready to smash out a fuck load of Scarabs for my next tournament! Blog Wars here I come..and speaking of tournaments, the last of my new models are built and complete..
20 Immortals and Vargard Obyron... the last purchases for my revamped Necrons.. I now have in the region of 3000 points of the robot bastards.. I'd complain about the changes from one codex to the next if I didn't love this one so much lol!!


  1. Cool,nice to see it worked for you. Get them Scarabs poppin' now! I am heading to my FLGS today to buy some Green Stuff to get into the production as well.

  2. What is the white substance you use to make them? just another type of green stuff?

  3. Its Miliput bud, cures harder than green stuff, can be filed etc..

    @Pope..cheers again mate and go get casting man!!

  4. haha, i also had this thought, and am going to be getting some blu stuff to experiment with at some point soon. i will let you know how it goes.

  5. Sorry... been away for the weekend. Wanted to post this, but phone is dumb.

    Have you tried this stuff....

    It seems to be perfect for the job. They sell it in my FLGS, so you can get it this side of the pond.

  6. I use InstaMold to cast my scarabs. On one Insta Mold, I can cast 6 scarabs with Green Stuff.

  7. Looking good, man. I have not used instamold, I've gone to silicone and casting resin. I can pop out 8 classic scarabs and six new style one in one makes it faster, but even at that pace, 93 bases(maximum farm) with 3-5 per base is still 270-450 or, lol. I really wish I had casted mine as bases...but I was not sure of the legality of it all and thought copying the bases might invalidate them at tourneys.

    Please feel free to check out my scarabs at