Saturday, 19 November 2011

Casting Necron Scarabs

FTW's Ron does it again..
Just a quick question really here - how does one go about doing this? For my Blog Wars 2 Necron Army I need between 12 and 27... the lower end of that I have, but the top end? Thats a lot of Scarabs..

Oh and running the Storm Lord list? between 36 and 42...maybe even 48 Turn 3..

Ebay is dead expensive now for Scarabs.. far too much to be viable.

Buying shed loads of Warriors to get them, well maybe if I didn't already have a complete Necron army...but I do so no way.

I've looked into casting resin and a few other bits and it looks like my favourite method so far found its origins on FTW - Ron once again smashing it out of the park..

Blustuff from here in the UK, mix together, press onto the piece, release after 2-3 minutes and then fill with green stuff.

Blustuff is cheap at £10 plus £1.99 delivered for 100ml.

Even has a great video for how to use it..

Green stuff I have, but I prefer Milliput as it dries harder and can be filed a bit better.. question is, do I want it harder like miliput or do I want it like Green Stuff?

I know the guys that smashed out the Necron army from scratch in a week at last weekends tournament cast their Scarabs and the little dudes turned out I am definately up for it..

Any of you guys had experience with casting? How did it work out for you??



    Not too bad at all. I think the secret was Greek olive oil.

  2. That looks is that green stuff mold on green stuff new model? Is the olive oil just to act as a release agent on the new casting?

    Thats even cheaper!!

    Whats the process mate?


    this is the place to answer the mold questions.

    how to, guides to various materials, and he sells most of the stuff.

    skip the rest head to Hirst.

  4. How I did it is probably not the best way but I just used stuff I had laying around.

    Used a fair bit of green stuff but mixes 60% blue in order to make it a bit more flexible when it cured. Made enough to cover 1/3 of a plastic coke bottle cap.

    Made sure to grease up the bit thats going to stick on the bottom of the cap. Then greased the scarab and just pressed it until it was all the way inside the green stuff. Waited over night for the green stuff to dry and removed the scarab.

    Every time you try to make one, make sure you use some oil or something so that the fresh green stuff doesn't stick to the "mold". Hope this helps, it's just an easy, cheap, dyi way to do it if you have some green stuff around.

  5. Just tried making a quick green stuff mold your way Pope... will see how it looks in the am... :)

  6. Dunno but if you crack it I'll take a dozen Combi Meltas!

  7. Hi,

    I have pretty extensive experience working with resin casts and on green stuff molding. The resin method is going to leave you with a lot of resin, cost you more and take some time to get used to. It is best for 3d models.

    With scarabs, you can get away with 2d, so go for green stuff molding. I would make the molds out of green stuff (always use cooking spray as a release agent for your model and for the actual casting). From there, you can either use miliput or green stuff to make the actual scarabs. In this case, I would go for the green stuff as it will be hard enough for tabletop use and will fill the mold you make much better.

    A $20 purchase of green stuff will give you and your neighbors scarabs!

  8. If using Green Stuff for the moulds you need some sort of release agent. I use Vasaline personally but any cooking oil does well I hear.

    I imagine Scarab casting or converting will be quite common...




  10. @OST - Cheers for the advice, I'm going to stick to green suff molding I think, I've made 3 molds so far and they have turned out really nice...ready to start casting I think..

    @Kirbs - I think it will be pretty common indeed!

    @The Colonel.. Cheers dude, useful stuff, all helps to inform.. :)

  11. in regards to green stuff or milliput mix the 2 it makes a substance similar to green stuff however you can still file it (Ben Cartwright and Fet used to do this all the time when sculpting models) works wonders ;)