Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Adepticon Championships 2012 - Team England Challenges you!

Adepticon Championships 2012 is held April 19th through the 22nd in what is perhaps the biggest warhammer scene on the planet, America. With events spanning over 200 players at any given time, the Americans know how to hold events, and Adepticon is from what I hear, the biggest.

This event will see thousands of Hobbyists and gamers come together to compete, paint, and learn in the many seminars and tournaments held over the week, with over 10 game systems in play. I have always wanted to head over and attempt my luck at one of Americas largest events, and wasn’t too sure on which would be a hot choice. I was convinced after seeing the actual scale and effort put into the effort, and the interesting ways it runs.

First, everyone has to grab a weekend bade. This nets you a goody bag, which last year had some awesome stuff including new Warmachine models, key chains and lighter pens. You then have a look at the extensive activities available on the Thursday through to the Sunday, from 40k to Malifaux tournaments, and the Crystal Brush award, similar to the UK’s Golden Daemon, but from what I hear has a whopping cash prize to the winner (think in the region of thousands). It’s going to be a great event, and I am fortunate enough to have the available funds (at this point in time) to go. I’ve already grabbed my weekend pass, 40k Tournament championships & the 40k Team tournament tickets.

The 40k Championship sees 256 games pitted against one another on the Friday morning, playing 4 games over the day at 1850pts. The top 16 players from these players (yes 16 out of 256) get to play in the finals on the Sunday, where then you will play against the other top players over 4 games. I think if this has to be the biggest tournament I would ever attend, and it’s certainly exciting to say the least. I’d love to get a feel for American gameplay, which I’m sure is a completely different playing field to the UK. After playing the Yanks at the ETC, I’m happy to say that not only are they great players, but great hobbyists. What fantastic armies they had.

The 40k Team Tournament sees teams of 4 play against each other. I’m not sure how this will work this year, but either way I’m sure it will be great. Me and Allen El Sour (a great player who played for the England ETC player this year with Orks) are currently participating in this event as a team, representing Team England. Hoping for more of you to join us, as we currently have the team ticket but not the 4 players.

Travelling to America has it’s benefits. Ontop of gaming, we get to enjoy the lovely spring sun, American food & booze, women and massive shopping malls. I’m sure I can handle that for a week. Not sure on the total costs for this “Holiday” but I’m sure it wont be cheap haha.

So that’s it, Team England heading off to the sunny costs of America to war-game, why not eh? Should be a laugh and I’m thoroughly excited. If anyone else is interested in participating, have a look here:


Please feel free to contact me on alexflyf(at)hotmail.co.uk if you wish to travel with us and sort out hotel arrangements etc.



  1. Pretty excited about this. I can get a nice direct flight from Anchorage, Alaska down; it's only like a 6 hours.

    I've assembled our team and we're ready to kick some lower-48 ass! :-D

  2. fantastic! cant wait to hear the reports from you guys, even if it is ages away. are there team rules or do you take whatever you like?

  3. Adepticon over NOVA.... really?

  4. HaHa! Now THIS is commitment to your hobby!

    Bra'h, I applaud you for your ambition and effort!
    However... 2 things.. 19th April? ...Ven's stag do!...that's you off the list fucker.. ;)
    and 2) I echo BroLo's comment, what made you plump for this badboy over NOVA?

  5. @ Kirby - Hey heyyy ;)

    @ Vilicate - Great news, will hopefully see you guys down there, should be a laugh. Any idea on the format of the event?

    @ Bully - Agreed, one thing which worries me is the lack of terrain but I hear Adepticons isn't too bad.

    @ Atreides - Not sure on the rules at the moment, will have a look at last years later on to get a rough idea, but I don't think its anything like the ETC. Should be a great event and I'm sure I will be covering it as best as I can, might video cam parts of it to chuck up here :)

    @ Brolo - It's just too close to the ETC, I can't afford two trips liek that in one go. Honestly, theres nothing wrong with Adepticon, the missions seems cool, I like the points level and it still has great coverage and hopefuly gamers/terrain.

    @ Ven - I know right!!! It should be awsome lol. Ah mate, so gutted, would of loved to coem otu with you old gits and show you all hows its done ;)!
    As stated above, It's too heavy in finance to cover two trips around the globe for 40k within a 1 month time period :( Plus majority of the lads I'm going with (now also Stu Robertson, captain of the Welsh ETC team) prefered to go to Adepticon because of the fixtures in the year.

    Just heard tickets have sold out, wow, glad I got mine early.

  6. Fair shout mate, cash flow is king and 2 US trips in one month might be pushing it a bit hey..
    I'm chuffed for you though mate, should be an absolutely awesome experience..

  7. My understanding is that you have to pick the team as either mixed, xenos, heretical or imperial. Each person gets 1 FA, HS and Elite, and must take two troops and an HQ. Each person gets one additional optional troops choice. Then, you assign each team mate to either have an extra elite, fast attack or heavy slot, and the last guy can bring an IA unit from a list of approved units (thinking we're going to take a mega-dread).

    At the start of each game, you split into two teams of two and battle it out with another team. You can get all kinds of bonus points for things like banners or matching team shirts.

    This'll be my first year going, and from all the good things I hear about the event, it probably won't be my last either.