Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Psybolt Asscannons: Worth 100 points?

When you read the title the answer is, of course, no.

However, it could be yes right? I'm tweaking my GK list options (see yesterdays post) for an upcoming, 1750, standard mission tournament in just over 2 weeks.

I know right, golden rule of tournies, pick a list well in advance and get plenty of practice if you want to win...well, I've had plenty of practice..just in the game overall rather than with the list.. ah well.

Anyway. Thinking about S7 Rending on my Razors rather than S6 w. range superiority.

On a side note, I wonder what fast BA Razor/Pred spam would be like with S7 Ass Cannons over S6...effective is what!

Would look a little like this..

See how I teased you there...made you click!


3 x 5 man Purifiers - 2 Psycannon, 2 Halberds, Hammer, Razorback-Psybolts, Searchlights
5 x 3 man WAcolyte, Bolters, Razorback-Ass Cannon Psybolts
1x 5 man DCA, Razorback-Psybolts
1 x 5 man Purgation Squad, 4 x Incinerators, Halberd, Razorback-Psybolts
Dread 2 x TL Autocannons - Psybolts
Dread 2 x TL Autocannons – Psybolts

We have 12 vehicles
We have only 2 dreads...rather than the standard 3.
We have got a huge horde control unit in the Purgation as well as a mean way of getting rid of Hellion-Star's (of which I think there will be 4/5 being ran by DE players this tournament and I'll be fucked if I have to kill them slowly due to Stealth+Cover+Going to Ground on an objective, get through 20 2+ with FNP? No thanks) .... lets also not forget the Purgation squad will destroy combat sqauds, ork hordes, nids, guard blobs (especially in combination with one unit of Purifiers - cleansing flame and CC the survivors)

But more importantly we have:
5 x TL Psybolt HB's
5 x TL Psybolt Asscannon's
15 TL S6
20 TL S7 Rending

Both of which are on the move and scoring or carrying more psycannons (Purifiers) into the fight.

Total psycannon shots likley on Turn 1? 12 from Purifiers, 20 from Razors - assuming here Spearhead and Pitched Battle with aggressive deployment from me and averagely aggressive deployment from him.
Turn 2 however the Purifiers are likely to be in range for static shots so it becomes 44 S7 Rending, 50% of which (more or less, well, less) are TL.

we still have the DCA for CC counter attack, we still have all the other cool toys, I am just what?

What do you guys think here? Consider the army in its entirety...what am I missing? The simple answer is of course low AP, but then I could come back at you with the 'Cover/AP/Torrent' argument..Melta perhaps? The high volume of S6,S7R and S8 should be pretty decent for anti tank (yes S7 is fine for anti tank you goons, because when I say tank I mean the most common vehicle...the rhino chassis)

What do I do versus Pred spam? Roll 5's and 6's? Who effectively fields Pred Spam? No one I know at Brighton Warlords tourneys..

Shit or decent. Comment please guys, let me know..


  1. Assault cannons are already the most effective anti tank weapon in the game, more or less. Make them STR 7? That solves it. Now, mounting them on Razorbacks is a risk, but GK backs are the most survivable of all the marines with their powers.

    Pred spam? In my tournament experience, it has mostly disappeared. You just are not seeing it in the top players lists. Plus they are stil just AV 11 on the sides. Plan to deal with AV 11/12 and call it a day. From what I have seen, the top lists are going with heavy psy bolters, and either psy cannons or spy auto-cannons. Pick your flavor, both are awesome and both dictate your style of play. Sit back and fire and forget, or get closer laying down even more fire power and finishing the job with force weapons.

  2. Cheers Jawa! Good points all round. Time to flavour up!
    What about Crowe lists full of Asscannon razors.. time to play around... at 1750 something like:

    5 x 5 Purifiers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Halberds, Hammer in Razorback - TL AC, Psybolts
    3 x Psyflemen Dreads

    Not totted up the points but think that'd work..