Thursday, 27 October 2011

First club night......Success or Fail?

Last night was the first club night for Sons of War: Cambridge and it went very, very well.

With our start up costs (ranging from public liability insurance, raw materials and tools for tables and terrain to web hosting etc) and the weekly costs of hiring our facility we need to have 13.5 people per week to break even across our total costs.

We did it.

We had 13 people last night.

Great for a first night! We had Warhammer 40k, Malifaux and Warmachine being played..Puppet Wars too!

In addition, we had 5 guys paying up for Annual Membership, netting us some real funds to go in the Club bank account. 

There were also 2 dudes who have said they'll "Member up" next week.

All in all, a great night.....BUT....

...we have more room! We can accomodate 20 dudes at once playing and that is something that no where else in Cambridge can offer. And this is just the start...we'll use club funds to expand to rise and meet demand as it develops..

Remember Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, Norwich, Milton Keynes (big shout out to our MK visitor from last night!! Let's get those interclub match ups sorted!)

London boys, if you have a club, then lets sort out some interclub stuff...home and away legs! ?

Hmm...this is me (well my army) losing to MechDar on 23 KP Grey Knights lost 7-5 to Tim's Eldar...principally he sat in reserve, got everything in T2, sat behind the cover in the top left and fired over the top...I gave 2 KPs away that were stupid moves on my part but otherwise it was a tight game with me edging ahead in my turn only for Tim to edge back into lead, opening up on the last turn of the game to give the extra points..

Great practice though as Tim is very experienced and a clever chap. Eldar at Av12 are also at the peak of where S6-8 are effective and it really highlighted this in the game. Av12 with Fortune, Cover, Holofields...ugh tough to crack. Luckily...the current gaming environment doesn't see alot of MechEldar...I think the internet told everyone they were rubbish..

More S8 needed on this one... tweak time..


  1. fantastic to see it went so well! i am seriously jealous now.

    I will be there in two weeks time though :) yay!

  2. ugghhh... massive terrain... :(

    Congrats though... great work!

  3. Massive as in height? I know, i wanted to play on it to see how it worked does provide alot of cover, going to work on some at half the thickness by sawing the foam boards down the middle and then doing the same thing.. to mix it up nicely, although if you notice, the large pieces all have narrow sections so vehicles can claim no cover through them...

    Cheap, quick and actually, not that bad to play on...and bear in mind that is only on 2 boards from 9 where that is the only terrain type, all others are damn good mixes of ruins, hills, yadda yadda...

  4. @Ven, Congrats on having such a successful first night mate. Great news. Also I think the terrain looks pretty darn good. Those tall rocky out crops mixed wth a load of trees could make a pretty damn good Infinity Jungle board.

  5. God the shame, losing to a 4th Edition Codex Ven. You can hand in your manhood on the way out the door.

    Looks good though, I think if we had a proper gaming club in London/near me/andy it would have made it a lot easier to play on a regular basis/kick in the competitive drive a bit more. I'll get my kicks proxing the dirtiest lists I can tailor make to beat Andy's guard so that he comes to events all guns blazing.

  6. Cheers all for the supportive comments.. it was a good first night and now hopefully the word will spread in a positive fashion and away we go...
    @Bully - piss off. Eldar can still hang. I think you have the makings of an excellent idea there bud. Smash Andy with tailored lists until he can cope with it and win! Strongest survive..

    @Frontline, cheers bud. I think with some of the pieces piled up for greater variety in height, it'd be excellent fun for Infinity... :)