Monday, 3 October 2011

Hanging up the dice bag ...

So just a quick one from me.

Having had a few weeks off 40K and GW in general having "hit the wall", it just became clear that it really wasn't the wall but just the end of the hobby for me, the wall was hit around BWL time a little while back.

I was going to go into a bit about it but I'll keep everything nice and simple!

Had a good time meeting people at the tourneys, cant say I've actually enjoyed any of the participation on my end, but only had a couple of poor show opponents or people I've met, so can't moan too much about that.

Star Wars The Old Republic will be the game for me (come pre-release in Dec + any beta I get onto).

As for my collection .... currently getting sold for far less than I bought it for on eBay! For anyone interested there's pretty much the entirity of a Grey Knight army on there, my Deathwing (all painted) and then a separate lot for Razors. I still have a couple of bits held back if anyone is interested. Just pop a message in here (if you want to ask about eBay bits as well go ahead ..)

- 3x IG Sentinals
- 1x Vendetta
- 3x Predator Autocannon Turrets (+ actually some sponsons, sprues etc..)

Really the interaction / community was the only reason I stuck around post BWL, and maybe even before that. I mean I've picked up the paint brush only for 1 commission since Blog Wars - I havent painted my own models in around 6 months! With SWTOR, my old guild and some of the interest I've already sparked around that hub, I just have my attention for that right now!

I'll stick my head around here every so often just to look at hobby updates. who knows, maybe 6tth Edition will perk my interest, or they'll make Warhammer good again like it used to be ....


  1. :(

    please keep hold of those turrets for me as wel as those bits we already discussed, but i guess i'll have to come round sometime and get them?

    shame, as i just bought the boards for my own gaming table!

  2. This is what I've been writing and speaking about for so long... the apathy quit. Its far more dangerous to the hobby than the rage quitters. Such a shame you feel this way, but you've got to do what you've got to do. I've seen so many 40k and Fantasy gamers just walk away from the hobby in its entirety rather than look at other game systems. Always sad to see a good gamer leave.

  3. Damo, absolutely gutted. I appreciate your contribution over the last year and am now unsure how my first day at tournaments will go without you to play Game 3 after 2 wins..and always draw...

    To a degree I understand your frustration/boredom, but in all honesty I think that quitting the hobby altogether, combined with selling all your shit is a mistake.

    Keep one army bud, you'll be screwed if you ever come back.

    As a last ditch effort...proxy a few games of malifaux or infinity with Andy on his new in-house game table...? Fresh game makes SUCH a difference...

  4. Come on man, GW products are expensive suck! Pick up a different game that actually inspires you, Infinity / Malifaux / Warmachine / Confrontation.

  5. Really just going to get back into online gaming opposed to table top, eternally better at that anyway :)

    DW sold, just had to paint the ezekial as a request, and thoroughly didn't enjoy it lol.

    I have to say if I did ever come back it would be for an army like DE or Tau, but I just keep remembering how secretly annoyed I'd get from seeing lots of 1's on my end or lots of 6's on theirs lol. I guess I am just too used to Skill trumps everything now these days, nostalgia lasted a good while but it had to run out.

    I'll prob head around to Andy's a bit for something like the smaller skirmish games - see what they are like.

  6. Venerable Brother7 October 2011 at 10:40

    Shame to lose you man, don't be a stranger.. Be good to have a beer or two sometime...a Sons christmas party/Bully goodbye!

  7. @Bully, skill does win out in games like Infinity. If you're the more skilled gamer, you'll manipulate situations to your numerical advantage and win games. The best player wins 9 times out of 10 in Infinity. There are other games out there too, the smaller skirmish games that don't require as much dosh, or time commitment. Don't give up on the hobby entirely.

  8. Sad times indeed!

    Will miss you matey :) xx