Saturday, 1 October 2011

Games Day - Best of the rest...more new stuff too though!

So my last Games Day photo dump was a little selective, my top picks if you like.

This time around we get to see everything I took photo's of...yup, it's a little photo heavy!!

First up the Minotaur Land Raider door set, there is also an equivalent Rhino Set for the Chapter. This is not out yet..

A continued push on Badab War stuff..which is only a good thing..

Next up we have the Imperial Rapier, it's a blurry pic as I almost didn't spot it..the Controller is in the process of being designed still..

Controller. Cool concept.

We've not had much (read: anything?) in the way of a 'remote' unit in 40K...

Look forward to seeing how this works..
All photos in this post can be clicked on and zoomed in on for extra details..

How massive and awesome is this Phantom Titan?
It literally dwarfs and dominates this diorama/game board...

All the IG vehicles from FW are so cool.

Warhound is, for me, still better...

This is a really nice kit, really quite large too... can use S7 blades to slice up a tank as it passes too, has a transport capacity and can move, slice a tank or unit, shoot another unit and disembark its unit to kill something else...3 in one, not bad..

This was so beautifully painted, I love the Carnosaur more than anything, except maybe those feathers..

The blue on this just 'pops'...

Again, the colours and belnds plus weathering on these boys is just superb..

Always hard to do yellow well, plus nice NMM on blade..

Quality land train.. not really sure what it's doing though...on a collision course with Storm Raven...

The top levels of this tower of magical nonsense SPAN AROUND and LIT or mega-geeky?

Raaaagh! no, I had not noticed the wicked runes etched into tusks and forehead before..very cool.
OK, so it is not everything I took photo's of, but I hope that this gives a decent enough feel for the event..


  1. Ha, I don't fancy that much bra'h, high winds'll see you come tumbling down!!

  2. That Rapier would be awesome to make a Conversion Beamer - I never like the ones where people build it into the harness/make it hand-held.

    It's also awesomely retro. :D