Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP: Bjorn the Fel-Handed (Commission)

So here we are with another update on my commission work. Its been a bit slow, I got about another 40 minutes of work in to get the red done, but I've been pottering around with some other bits recently (non-hobby) which has kept me from really working on this. I am generally happy with the model, a couple of bits I will ultimately re-do once I've finished the rest of the model, but right now the main parts I am pretty pleased with.


So the main part. The banner front has come out really well. I am really pleased with the fur and the wolf head on this. The red has come out pretty well as well. I still need to add the free hand runes, which I am super apprehensive about, since they are going to be NMM gold freehand.

The red on the lightning claw looks very striking against the turquoise - but I'll ultimately re-do the turquoise on both weapons. The shins probably will be touched up as I am not that happy with the blend.


So not really much work here since the last one, just the back of the banner - its ok but needs some touch up with a wash and maybe another bit of highlight after that.

The metal on the back needs something, I am thinking a wash of black/dev mud followed by a light dusting of tin bitz and boltgun.


This gives a good view of the grey. Grey is arguably my weakest colour to paint, so I've been modestly pleased with how it came out. It is far from perfect - you can notice the difference between my red blend and the grey - the red I barely but thought into it, the grey saw me concentrating a good bit harder. I think its just the fact its a very dull colour I find it hard to attune myself to it.

It does show some sloppy highlighting / bending on my part - I may go back and do that again, depending on time, as I don't want to hold onto the model too long and currently the customer is happy with it as it is for what he is paying - especially since the grey isn't going to be the main feature of the model.

I am working on the base this weekend - since the customer posed the model very badly, Bjorn actually leans forward quite badly - so I am going to construct a "ledged" base - it will be traditional space wolves with a twist. Bjorn will be standing on a snowy ledge, using the incline to "right" the model, below him will be a ice pool - which I think will look rather striking.

Thats it for me on the hobby side of updates. I've really not been doing much painting other than this. Currently I am sieving through all my 40K bits and boshing the unwanted stuff up on eBay.

My Deathwing just need a few bits done to them, finishing off the shields (which I am sure I'll wait until the week of a tournament to do). I am making some new Ravenwing models - jetbikes - but I am not sure how they will come out.

Other than that - I really want to see how both this eBay and Sisters of Battle codex resolve. This is going to be a huge factor in what I move forward with as my "secondary" army.

Right now I have about 5000 points worth of marine stuff up or going up on eBay, plus a Dark Eldar Army - neither of which are getting near what they should - the marine stuff HAS to go, but the Dark Eldar I am less fussy about since the 1750 odd points of darkfootdar I have cost me about £30. I have a ton of sisters stuff that I am unwilling to let go. I might just have to run them as count as - I REALLY want to use the models now its untrue. Right now my "support" or "reserve" army could be anything from SoB, Dark Eldar to any of the marine codex's.

Anyway, next up from me is the Phalanx or Mid Range deployment article! I also have started work on my Ravenwing thoughts article, which might come hand in hand with some "fun" lists for them - I am sorely tempted to try one of them tomorrow night!


  1. Nice mate, love the reds. When's your deadline dude? Its taking ages, id kick your arse into gear!!

  2. Looking good, really really like the way the banner is coming out.

  3. Loving the red on the banner too.

    Very nice!

  4. No time line as such Ven, try to get it done by early / mid sept. He "wants it for the Autumn" lol. He has the worst army OCD out of every one ever, about the only thing he "sticks to" is his Chaos WHFB army, in 40K you'll see him field Death Company with tri-land raider one week, Space Wolves with Logan/Bjorn and Wolf Guard the next, then he'll get his Nids out or his Dark Eldar lol.

    Cheers on the red! Red Gore is an amazing colour to work with, what I've found is that it is not a good colour to work with "straight from the pot" as it doesn't apply very well, but using black to darken it up and thicken the pigment level up gives this amazingly rich base coat, from there working back to straight red gore (applying 2 or 3 layers, this acts as a blend itself, if you start to stay closer to the edge each application) - then add blazing orange for a almost blood red colour. Can go extreme for a line highlight with blazing orange - gives quite a jawaballs-esque effect.

  5. Showed the client Bjorn tonight - he was ecstatic, got a really good reaction from everyone about it, so that's good.

    Got to see a contemplator dread or whatever it is up close - it is amazing - and it is about 1/2" taller if that - I thought it had a lot more on the other dreads - so I might have to do a swap for those dreads.

    In the spirit of the commission I played wolves tonight, against a foot guard list (with some tank support). TWC are crazy fun to use, and boy are wolf scouts awesome. One came on, multicharged a medussa and a weapons team, stunlocking the med and wiping the team - then proceeded to explode a leman russ that tank shocked them. Am I a bad person for giving up GK's to play Wolves lol? I did use sisters of battle models! I have some wicked idea's for conversions.