Friday, 26 August 2011

Nova Invitiational / Open Stream

In case people had missed it clogging up the blog rolls earlier:

Provided by the 11th Company

Pretty good quality stream. Can hear the players pretty well, obviously the POV is not fantastic, but its all they really can do. I watched the Adepticon finals, and in that they did swap to table level for a few minutes every so often. Its not something I'd sit and watch but I'd certainly tune in when I turn the PC on and leave it on in the background muted, and occasionally drift in and out. 

Was glad to see the internet didn't implode with the sound of Dash's Dark Eldar beating Stelek's Wolves.

One thing though is that seeing the armies on the table proves a good source of inspiration and motivation to get back up and running with my stuff. I am still deciding on the list I'll want to be playing come the end of the year, but also I need to decide on schemes and themes. I can get working on some stuff, even if I don't get the codex/list quite right as I know certainly units/models will feature in anything I play.

There is one thing, that I've wanted to do since about 2nd Edition - been trying to figure out how I would do it. Its a project that has been done before by others, and I've seen one person do it absolutely stunningly, but I am not sure how well I could pull it off myself ... more on this soon (when I have more thoughts!)


  1. Congrats Nick on winning, watched the last couple of games while sorting out some shit in my room, good games to have on in the background.

  2. What an easy $1000. Daemons then a really awful Space wolf list. Not sure bout his previous match ups, but by god I wish I was there :(Would of MADE money going there and back lol. Gratz on the win non the less.

  3. He played demons twice I think.

    Funny thing is I saw a good few rule errors. I am sure spag hit the dread with his living lightning (exploding it) without the -4 on the test (not sure, but certainly didn't hear him say it). And in the first game I saw, nick said his dread didn't have preferred enemy - which it did (against the demons).

    Stelek lost twice, is now doing that tongue and cheek "I had a great time with a terrible list ..". We all know the saying, workman doesn't blame ... all together now.

    The wolves list looked a little odd. Those back40k boys swear by taking stuff for a bit of everything opposed to rinse and repeat, and I respect them for it. But that WGBL with frost axe? I mean I could have understood if he was on a mount. The PC fangs I didn't mind as much, because at least they can split fire, and given there was two seperate termy armies there, its not a bad shout.

    Won't get to watch any of the open as tonight I do have a life.

    KS, dude. What the hell happened in the land of holy cheese? Did you win all your games?

  4. I did not no. I got 2 loses 3 wins and a draw, but overall as a champion/put forward I did rather well. Its not like normal tourneys because not only was the terrain CRAZY (as champion you get the last shitty board no one wants lol) but the lists you face as a put forward are extreme i.e I played Dual raider chaos with 9 oblits on spearhead killpoints and he had first turn...yeh not going to go so well :( Had a fantastic tiume though. Im in the process of write ups but dont want it to be too long so cutting it down etc. Trying to upload pics but they are being stupid.

    As for the mistakes, Nick made a lot of silly mistakes, but becuase his opponents were bassically push overs (in terms of lists not players), it was very forgiving i.e. why did he move TOWARDS the wolves when he could of just baited him, and why wa she shooting the TW's instead of the long fangs turn 1? Just poor play overall hence why I said an easy $1000. List is similar to my new 1750 list which Ive dropped the deathcults for more strikes to playtest as the DC rarely kill anything :(

  5. I did the same KS - I actually grew to hate the henchmen - while on paper and in game I had some good results with them, I just disliked most things about them.

    But my force, model wise, is going to be, erm, slightly different :)

    Will take me a while to do, but looking forward to the project, finally got myself settled after play testing about 7 or 8 different lists/armies to see what really appealed to me.

  6. Nice to hear :) Btw I really think we need something like this in the UK...Andy, sort it out! Andy & Brolo should team up and bring the King Con to the UK :)