Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ven's Daofei Test and Infinity Update

Ven's Virgin Infinity - Yu Jing Daofei model
Over the last 2-3 days I’ve been reading up on the Infinity rules. I’ll cover my first impressions in another post. I’ve also got a game lined up tonight to try out the rules, really excited about that..the sheer volume and variety of skills and abilities in the game really gets my inner geek going.

Weirdly, Parabolic Fire is my current stand out. Lobbing grenades over walls from your launcher as you’ve heard chatter or footsteps on the other side…firing blind into building windows to clear a room, your grenade shattering the glass...this just seems realistic and cool.
Although Camouflage and Hidden Deployment are cool too!

Anyway, I’ve picked up my first miniatures (just 3…I was being a frugal geek) from the Yu Jing faction. I loved the Invincible and Immortal warrior types…the models are great. But unfortunately, the model shop I picked up my D20 from didn’t have many in stock, so I picked up some other bits..

Little detail on the 'urban' base..
- A DaoFei, a vertean troop type with camouflage and infiltration skills…oh and a massive Heavy Machine Gun…check him out, I’ve just finished painting the figure and basing it..really quite pleased.
- A Hac Tao, an elite and well armoured, super camouflage unit..carrying a Missile Launcher!
- A Ninja, pretty much does what it says on the tin, fast, stealthy and effective in CC.

I picked these guys up based on looks and basic abilities, I have no idea how good they really are, but I threw them together with a few other bits to create a legal test list:

Quite pleased with the colours on the LHS of leg...
Yu Jing 250 point list:
Daofei – HMG 61 points/2 SWC
HacTao Missile Launcher 74/2
Ninja – Combi Rifle, Pistol, AP CCW 36/0
Keisotsu – Combi Rifle x 4 = (9/0*4) = 36/0
Invincible Liutenant – MultiRifle 42/0
= 249/4

The points costs are relatively simple, but the second figure is the Special Weapons Cost or SWC.. for every 50 points spent on the army, you can spend up to 1 point on Special Weapons.. So as you can see above, the Missile Launcher has a SWC of 2 for the HacTao…so this takes up a big chunk of the points available in a small force.

Up against this force I have made up a list for Bringer of Death to use made up of other cool toys..
Aquila Guard Lieutenant 59/0
TAG – Cutter 117/2
Machinist – Combi-Rifle, D-Charges 15/0
4 x Fusilier – CombiRifle 40/0
Fusilier Multi Sniper Rifle 24/1.5
= 255/3.5

This probably all makes no sense for a 40k lad, but it is something I think we should all get looking into, its cool as hell. And for those that are aware of Infinity…what do these lists look like? Bear in mind we are trying to use a variety of rules and model types in order to familiarise ourselves!

I am trying to make sure we both have plenty of activations/Orders to use as I believe this to be a key concept over taking lots of very expensive models and only having a couple of Orders to spend.. I intend to run my Daofei flying around and gunning the shit out of models..avoiding the Aquila Guard, which I am told is dangerous.. plus obviously the massive TAG!


  1. Welcome to Infinity! I must say you've chosen well. The Daofei with HMG is particularly nasty. I would not suggest using hidden deployment for the Hac Tao. Just set her up and fire away. At -6 to hit, even without being cloaked, it's hard to kill her. The Ninja should probably go in hidden deployment to seek out a TAG to cut up. The Cutter is the most deadly TAG there is. I just painted on Remotepresence.blogspot.com

    The trouble is that it gets TO camo, so that's -6 to hit and that it can go hidden. and Yu Jing has few options for getting Multi-Spectral Visor level 2.

  2. Venerable Brother23 August 2011 at 18:18

    Cheers OSH! I did wonder whether there was any need for the Hac Tao to hide. The Ninja needs it though right as it seems quite fragile?
    I saw the TAG on the blog and must admit, I chose Yu Jing after seeing the lovely Invincible mini on your site...

  3. Who fucking new you could paint eh?

    Looking really good, blending on that leg is gorgeous. Bigger pictures though.

    Ven you have no inner geek. More like the outward sledge hammer of geekdom.

  4. Who you pay to paint that fig? lol

  5. Cheeky bastards! Haha, it took a few hours..try and get more figs done tomorrow...missile toting femme fatale next...

  6. I got the next step of my commission going up tomorrow if no one minds?

    Btw Atreides, you got any use for old battered MK1 rhinos/razor? Clearing out some boxes and found a couple, figured your always looking for bits and bobs like that.

  7. the Shang-Ji is pretty cool looking. In game he's pretty decent as well.

    Yep, the Hac Tao with missile launcher is a frigging tank. You can hide him if you need but there really isn't a need for hidden deployment (plus you'll need that order). I run a Hac Tao with HMG, he sneaks about in TO camo until he has a target and then destroys it. Then goes back into camo. it's like a stalking tiger.

  8. Just finished a couple of test games... HMG-wielding Daofei (the painted mini above) ran about in cover with camo following infiltrated depoyment and just gunned dudes down spending other friendly models orders...seemed a very strong choice...

  9. Starting to sound like a bad ass game.

    Think my brother and one of my mates will quite like the dynamics of this.

  10. I can see a Hac Tao with HMG being a good choice, the -6 to hit is a big swing in odds thanks to the TO..great imagery there O.S.H...apt!
    @Bull...quite a lot to get to grips with, but cool...and I've not even scratched the surface!

  11. Sounds pretty awesome, ya sold me on getting into it. And Hassiqislam are looking pretty schweet. Is IS selling them or are ya ordering them?

  12. Haqqislam* haha

  13. Soooo, I made a list. That I will hopefully stick to. Tried to make it a mix between lking the models and actually being decent. 250 pts, 5 SWC

    Saladin LT w/Combiweapon,Nannopulser-37
    Ghulam Doctor-17
    Ghulam Doctor-17
    Djanbazan w/Sniper-33
    Djanbazan w/Sniper-33
    Janissary w/HMG-47
    Muyib w/Spitfire,Demo Charges-31
    Naffatun w/LFlamethrower-10
    Naffatun w/HFlamethrower-12

    Lots of orders with a mix of up close and personal and long range firepower. Debating swapping in a Taureg or 2 for some stealth,infiltration action. This game seems like it has so much depth to the combat and potential for really cool scenarios.

  14. IS has a few bits, but ordering will be best. Not going too heavy on purchases until we know the system and what works.
    I'll have a look at the army list for Haqqislam later and see what all of that actually means!! Good that you have Doctors in there though, healing seems to be in great demand!