Sunday, 21 August 2011

Keeping it in the 4th Ed Family: Black Templars

Evening champs, as I decided the other day, I am going to keep on with Deathwing. Partly I feel its "unfinished business", but namely its just more enjoyable than most of the other armies to play that I've tested recently. However I want to "extend" the force as it were, just to give myself something to change the pace while still keeping it in the family.

Since the Dark Angels book, unfortunately, sucks on the most part, I'd probably have to look elsewhere, since really you can only really make two other types of lists outside of the Deathwing/Double wing lists we see, and neither of them are particularly striking or exciting. These lists being "GreenWing" as its affectionatly called by FAAC players, and Ravenwing based lists.

Now neither of these are really ideal. The mech based army (greenwing) is just pretty vanilla, but not as good as standard marines. The Ravenwing is not the worst, Samael is pretty "meh" but you can run plenty of bikers (plus without a shadow of a doubt the attack bikes are scoring here - giving you ~9 scoring units) and then have some terminators running off the teleport homers. At 1750 there is not all that much room for anything, but its quite interesting - in fact I'll do a post about this later with some Ravenwing biker idea's.

Black Templars certainly intrigued me, and they can do a lot of the things I want to do - run unique terminators, plus have a mix of mech. BroLo had mentioned a few idea's in my other thread, and I'd tested a BT foot army as well, so its certainly a route I could see myself going down.

BroLo linked a very cool army list (plus excellent explanation):

Black Templar 4th Ed Pod Abuse List!

Now, that seems really tempting, but two problems with it. I really want to run tank hunting terminators, plus I'd actually have to buy a ton of drop pods, since I only actually own one - and this kind of defeats the point of the exercise (use the multitude of resources I have available, despite selling half my bits).

So back I went to BroLo's posts on 3++, Bringer of Victory and Marshal Laeroth - I'd say I rustled this up, but I didn't, basically a copy and paste job.But I'll take credit for it :P

EC - Witch - 110

Terminator Squad (5) - 2 x CML - 265
Terminator Squad (5) - 2 x CML - 265

5xInitiates - Las/Plas - Rhino - 151
5xInitiates - Las/Plas - Rhino - 151
5xInitiates - MM/Melta - Rhino - SL - 153
5xInitiates - MM/Melta - Rhino - SL - 153
Land Speeder Typhoon 70
Land Speeder Typhoon 70

Predator - AutoCannon/LasCannon - 125
Predator - AutoCannon/LasCannon - 125
Predator - AutoCannon/HB - 110


So not quite sure about this. I think its fairly solid, but that's about all I can say. There is plenty of fire power, and I've used 4 mechanised troops before with my Blood Angels, so I am some what used to that. In an ideal world I've managed to sneak in a 5th troop, but points just don't work unfortunately. The temptation, and something I don't overly want to do, is to drop the 2nd Terminator squad, with the points from that I could add a basic dread and another "lasplas" squad in a rhino

But, this gives me a chance to clear some of my back log of models. I have about 6 predators all magnetised up that I never use from my BA days, and plenty of Rhino's - plus I can use a lot of my Dark Angel Veteran models for the troops - or Sisters of Battle models (cant decide which, tempted by Sisters as they are amazing models and gives me a use for them!). Just need to magnetise my two speeders and I am ready to rock!


  1. Something to think about:
    If I am not mistaken, Black Templars can take the cheapest all Las Pred....something to think about.

  2. Venerable Brother's timid viewpoint21 August 2011 at 21:47

    What 'intrigues' you the most about Templars? I either like the idea of double rock CC Termies! or of massive firepower presence from loads of TH a reclusiarch or Marshall combat squad of them...16 S9! Whoot!

    But in all honestly brother, this is just a mech list.. you could do this better with BA? What the difference?
    The fact that the Termies get 2 sets of CML? Sure it's more concentrated, but you could get that same output in any number of other codices...
    Surely if you are going to rock a 4th ed dex..there needs to be a 'real' reason!?

    Just humble thoughts...ignore at will.

  3. I actually like BT's and the fact they *arent* Blood Angels. I looked at a BA list for something similar and its just a bit bland. I'd rather do something else with them.

    Yeah it is just another mech list, but the fun off cool ass terminators and some heavy weapon options in the troops 5 man squads.

    Been playing around with some double rock idea's to actually get some use of out my land raiders on game nights.

    Bare in mind none of this is for "tourney play" or whatever, just something to keep me happy and painting :)

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  5. Oh ... and how could I not post this after finding the image above!

    Anyway, the BA version for some discussion:

    Libby - Fear/Shield

    2x Shooty Terms 1xCML each
    2x Sang Priest

    4x 5Man Squads w/ MG - LasPlas Razors

    3x AutoLas Predators

    That was the way I was looking at it. With FNP bubbles it is that bit more survivable. Get more fire power out of the squads in one sense, since you get fast status and melta which combines quite nicely on razors. Though we lose out on the typhoons. Could drop the sang priests and 1 pred down to dakka and get 2xMM/Flamer speeders I guess.

    Personally I am leaning towards (with the BA's)

    Libby (or maybe Meph GRRRRR!)

    2xLRC full of terminators
    2xSang priest

    Some bodies to take objectives, not that I care about them though. Its all about the terminators!

  6. 1 CML per unit is just not gravy.

    If you want terminators... go BT or DA. I don't see the point in any other. Especially as the list will never be 'optimised'.

    Ven... BA can't do the list better. The do it differently. You lose firepower for mobility. It's not a bad/good thing. It's different.

    BT get 2 heavies per termie squad AND Tank Hunter. Cheap typhoons and double special crusader squads.

    BA get cheap (relative) and fast (PotMS is an option however) transports. FnP is the big difference, but I'm not so fussed about it on terminators. I'm going to be putting power weapons or AP2/S8+ weapons into them so FnP can smoke me. Furious charge on regular terminators is about as useful as well... Ven.

  7. Thats how I felt BroLo - my initial instincts when I made the list was that maybe Ba could do it better, but I don't think they can do that particular list better - its just different.

    Any thoughts on it? Fairly run of the mill or have I missed a trick (I feel I have but can't quite finger it).

    Might be for nothing as it doesn't look like my Dark Eldar is selling, and all it needs is a trifector of ravagers and some venoms and its about 2.2k's worth of DE lol.

  8. 4th Edition drop pod abuse? I don't abuse anything. :)

  9. haha!

    Nah its awesome, I'd love to give it a go, but when I am looking at 12+ rhino chasis's, 3 dreads, 3 land raiders and a storm raven and I use ... none of them, I really need to find a use lol.

  10. Haha. I know what you mean. Except, I sold off all my extra stuff. :)

  11. I like the list. It's something i'd stick with until I'd played a few games. I'd not a fan of BT's dakka pred, but again, I know a few good players that use them.