Saturday, 20 August 2011

Remote Presence

It is just THIS cool!
'Sup. I've been a little bored with my 40k after turning play testing into a day job during my summer hols (remember..I'm a teacher) and whilst I'm far more confident with both my SW and my GK armies, I'm also a littel 40k burned out.
I've said it.
So I've been playing a lot of Malifaux in the last 2 weeks..really getting back into that. With the 3rd book just arriving into out playing group and getting a game of Puppet Wars in yesterday I am still very excited about it.

But I need some futuristic, sci-fi action. This is the kind of geek I am.. so when I saw that Ol' Shatter Hands and some of his paying group had started an Infinity blog, I had to check it out.
It's looking great so far and has some excellent links to beginner tutorials etc.

This lead to me downloading all the rules, quick start references etc, which are all available for FREE from the website!

The cost is not prohibitive either, starter packs running at £27ish and individual miniatures at about £6 each all from Wayland Games (click the banner link at the top of the site and check it out)...
I;ll be spending my morning alternating between reading the rules and writing my best man's speech...for the 8th time..
Check out the links below:
Remote Presence - join the site and check out what it is all about
Rules Downloads - a couple of seconds to download all the rules? for free? OK, go on then...I'll have a look!


  1. They are some of the best models I've seen.

    Will have a looky later tonight while I am in boring re-install mode for my new PC (which is so badass I am pretty sure I could run nasa operations ...)

  2. Have to say Infinity is the my favourite game of all time and the miniatures are just simply stunning. The only thing I'd ever say is you need a lot of 'proper' terrain to play the game and this catches people out who are new to the game. Otherwise I'd urge anyone to give it a go, its great fun.

  3. What is "proper terrain" for this? Plan on running a couple of proxy games with my brother.

  4. Is it like 'faux where you need lots of terrain? Or do you mean a realistic setting like low walls, rubble mounds and barbed wire etc?

  5. Looks pretty awesome, like a Malifaux size sci-fi, Im in. In a monthish give or take which I can't rightfully say I'll be back in the wonderful clutches of England. (<-Translate that one.) JA! Looks fun, especially since it won't take me agessss to paint and assemble, which i do somewhat miss...Either way, Im interested in the Ariadna for obvious patriotic reasons, and that this time WE aren't potrayed as the mongering, evil, corporate, comglomerate like every other sci-fi nowadays, thanks Bush/Iraq Era. I'll take savages who side with the French/Scots. But I also like the Haqqislam, who again are not just portrayed as futuristic terrorist stereotypes but based on the positives to the islam culture. Enough of the political subtexts. Wicked chance to do a desert scheme with turbans and everything, Check. Wicked chance to do Braveheart-esque Savages in kilts, double check. Put me down for 1 plz. Ha!

  6. Good to see there is some interest...
    @Frontline Gamer...I've looked over the rules, think I can do the terrain properly, I guess ARO's and LOS, Cover are critical to survival and the game mechanic.
    @Kabalite, yeah man its looking sweet, funnily enough I fancied either Haqqislam or Yu Jiang (or whatevs) so that tips it for me...far east dudes it is for me!

  7. What kinda points are you looking at to start Ven? Tempted to play with some lists outta boredom. Sent ya another email, dunno if it went through my email has been funky for some reason, may start a new one.

  8. Venerable Brother21 August 2011 at 12:08

    I think start at 150...just to get the mechanics right...then scale up to about 300. I want a game where we can comfortably get 2/3 games in per evening..I know we can push 40k to that and even smaller (25ss) Malifaux games, but I think a smaller scale skirmish game could be perfect for that..
    I'll check email now bro.

  9. Cool, I was just looking at the starter for Haqqislam and thinking of picking it up and 1 of the assasin type models as a 150 starter, its a pain making a list switching between pdf files trying to see what everything does. Definitely gonna need the physical copies of the rules and stuff. But it looks fun for sure.

  10. I've printed it all off, I'll have it bound for when you are back bro...