Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Further Wolf Tweaks and a BA comparable list?

I have been abused by Killswitch for not posting this week. I’m visiting family in the north of the country and have very little time to blog this week. BUT, I leave you with some thoughts from last week that I have developed.

My Space Wolves were discussed last week and I tweaked it a bit…here is a further tweak of that tweak for your perusal, plus a BA list that does the same thing? sort of... :

The Big Dog –290 TWM, TH/SS, Runic Armour, WTN, 2 x Pups, Saga of Bear
Rune Priest Fafnir– Chooser, LL, Jaws 110
Wolf Guard x 9, 1 x TDA/CML, 6 x Combi Weapons, 4 x PW 277
Grey Hunters x 6, Meltagun, Rhino – 130 points Rune Priest joins here
Grey Hunters x 6, Meltagun, Rhino – 130 points WG w Combi Melta/PW
Grey Hunters x 6, Meltagun, Rhino – 130 points WG w Combi Melta/PW
Grey Hunters x 6, Meltagun, Rhino – 130 points WG w Combi Melta/PW
Grey Hunters x 5, Plasmagun, Rhino – 120 points WG w Combi Melta/PW
Grey Hunters x 5, Plasmagun 85 points WG w. Terminator, PW, SB, CML
Long Fangs x 5 – 4 Missile Launchers – 115 points Bullet Catcher Wolf Guard w. Storm Bolter
Long Fangs x 5 – 4 Missile Launchers – 115 points Bullet Catcher Wolf Guard
Long Fangs x 5 – 4 Missile Launchers– 115 points Bullet Catcher Wolf Guard

Considerably less in the way of Missiles. 14 as opposed to 20. Less combat prowess too as I have lost Wulfen and Banners in order to get more squads and to have a squad to sit on a home objective. This is, of course, the GH pack with TDA/CML Wolf Guard attached, to sit home and contribute offensively, without detracting from my ability to push forward.

On the otherhand, all squads do have power weapons and we do have the Big Dog to run rampant and mutilate units. He will of course be hiding behind rhino’s til in midfield where he can strike out to wherever he wishes.
What is noticeably missing? Scouts. Very useful and excellent for delivering both fear and melta, but I like the stronger, on-board presence here.

Whilst I am on this note, could I not do the same list with Mechanised Blood Angels?

Mephiston- fills the role of ‘Big Dog’ above..
Naked Priest – babysits Dev’s..making them arguably better than Long Fangs…
Priest w Combi Melta, Lightning Claw x 2 …adds FNP and FC, plus LC’s to troops
3 x 5 man Meltagun RAS, PlasmaBack w. HKM
2 x man Meltagun/Power Weapon RAS, PlasmaBack w. HKM
Plenty of melta, FNP makes up for lack of bodies, power weaponry plus higher initiative on charge helps vs other marines a lot. In addition, 5 more units that on the first turn can just push 6” but also fire 2 high strength shots at targets, adding to the overall preemptive stike (god, have I just written that? Yes, *hangs head in shame* I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading a BOLS article)
3 x 5 man Dev Squads w. 4 ML’s with FNP here these guys are fantastic at surviving Venom spam etc.

5 lascannons
5 plasmaguns TL
7 Meltaguns
17 missiles for one turn (so thats 23 S8+ shots on T1)
12 missiles for the rest of the game
43 FNP Marines
1 FNP/FC Mephiston
 So, a few thoughts for you guys to chew on.. DISCUSS ...who'd have thought it ey? A BA list on Sons? Bout BA list is not as good by a long way IMHO...


  1. I've built a few BA lists that match my friend's Razor/Missile spamming Space Wolves. I've not tested it yet, but I imagine it would be comparable.

  2. Those type of BA lists are solid, since all you need is Meph. I like it :)

  3. I actually quite like the BA list. Mephiston is solid there, it has plenty of shooting and then combat to clean up, scary to charge/be charged as well.

  4. the only difference between that BA list and the one i faced in Brighton is that the one i faced had three MM attack bikes instead of a few men and upgrades (he had no melta on the squads).

    it was a brutal army to be seized by, and would have been damn tough regardless :(

  5. Venerable Brother4 August 2011 at 11:07

    What are your thoughts then Atreides? Is the BA here better as it can clear up left over units etc in combat due to priests and power weaponry?

    I did think about MM AB's - I really like them, but think I prefer having the lightning claws etc. Could squeeze 2/3 in I think.

  6. well the long range melta they give you is invaluable, and they are an annoying unit as far as target priority goes. T5 with 2 wounds a 3+ is actually rather difficult to shift at long range for an army such as mine and even those armies with missiles are going to have to chose to shoot at what is effectively a distraction unit for an entire turn if they want to remove it. multiply that by three and i think you have a much better option than a few upgrades.

    oddly enough, i said to Bully afterwards that that was, in my opinion, the strongest list of any i saw at that event.

  7. Played that BA list at Portsmouth. Same guy at Brighton Game 6 and won, also played James with a very similar list bar a razaorback, also beat him. Wasn't easy but after learning target priority (shoot the dreads at the Devs so they don't get FNP) it wasn't too difficult. Its reliant on Mephiston for combat, but with a few lightning claws its not that bad. Id personally take no less than 5 razorbacks as any less and your asking for trouble in terms of saturation.