Saturday, 6 August 2011

2 exciting blog updates!

Very quick update for 2 exciting Sons' blog elements:

1) Commission painting will be getting a page on the site very soon, both Bully and Stargazer will be offering their services, Stargazer will focus on single miniature show pieces (HQ's etc) and Malifaux single models and Crews (I've had one, they are wonderful, exactly what I wanted) and Bully will focus on 40k, though I think to a limited scale...more news to follow

2) Next Sons' tournament is ready! As a warm up to Blog Wars 2 in December we have the next Brighton Warlords 1750 40k Tournament, this is on the 12th & 13th of November 2011 and so far there are 26 people signed up, but this bad boy goes quick! So get signed up NOW!

All the Sons are signed up so far, except Killswitch (who hasn't signed up super early for once??) and I even think Kabalite will be back from his Tour of Duty in late October so he should be all over this one too! I'm not sure whether to just book him in as he is 'incommunicado'?? Think I will...

So get signed up all you UK tournament types, hope Rupert and his Morph boys make it down, at least 3 of the Sons clashed with Rupert's team last time, think Atreides even played 2 of them!

As for me, I am working on ways of not drawing quite so many games this time (went 2-3-1 last time).....


  1. Oh I better go and sign up for that ... *looks at page* oh someone has already done it for me ;D

    Looking forward to doing some commission stuff, not really for the actual "commission" bit, but to get to paint some models and scheme's I don't get to paint. And its absolutely stopped my army ADD (which was primarily "oh I want to paint xxx model".

    Not to say I still don't get idea's - latest one - Count As Blood Angels using Ghouls! Never going to happen ... but one of these days!

  2. Thought it only prudent mate!! Can you email me with more detail on what you want etc from commission: scope/scale etc

  3. Not 100% sure on the Bton tourney. The Onslaught in Bristol has a lot of big names goin so would be more of a challenge. Also rupert + gang is going to that one.

  4. The cool kids are going to Brighton though Alex.

    Andy, what about the doubles, me and Atreides were talking about it - we were thinking of doing it together as it would give us a cool chance to get some stuff painted and go for best painted!

    I'll email over the commission "specs" - its a bit like Stargazer, though quite broad in a sense (and not just exclusive to 40K!).

  5. Bristol is just too far!! Its a massive trek when brighton is perfectly reachable for me...but fair enough Alex...let us know bra'h

  6. @bully, the doubles is now just a one-dayer, I hope to still up for it, but I don't know when it is yet. Bringer and I were thinking of teaming up on the assumption you london boys would be throwing down together

  7. Well that's cool - lets run with that. A day event is probably better for us anyway as it saves better part £100 not having to get that hotel!

  8. Don't forget to model all your guys with their shoe laces tied or you'll end up with tourney points being docked and 12 hours community service. ;)

  9. Yeah Pete's starting to get rly anal with all this soft score bullshit. You now need to paint your squads so they are easily identifiable. Its like wtf.

    Brighton is certainly the easiest, but Bristol is more of a standard, tough 1750 tourney. I'd rather trek it out to play with the England team guys etc as I wont have seen them for a while after the ETC :(

  10. Brighton should even feature a BroLo!

  11. ...oh... and are you guys doing the Brighton doubles?

  12. Venerable Brother's tight purse strings6 August 2011 at 19:22

    Well that's me sold!...the doubles was slated for this date wasn't it? I've read its now a single day event in Dec? But until I know when exactly I can't say, but I should very much imagine so.

    How many contrived excuses can BroLo come up with before this November tourney then? I'm running a book...

    @Killswitch - its the travel and cost mate, its too much ballache, especially when we all know the Brighton guys/setup and that it'll be great fun.

    I've checked out the Onslaught line up, most certainly is the tougher tournament, its also more expensive, one less game, further away etc, it's two nights in a hotel over get the picture...

  13. Bristol is pretty easy for me to get to (like 2hrs door to door, versus around 90 for brighton) - its tricky as I wouldn't mind broadening my horizons, but Bristol is just that bit easier, especially if we have company (and I dont get the floor of a hotel again).

    God if I want to do my GK's I am almost certainly not getting max soft scores - 3 grenades per model? Can't be faffed with that lol.

    I think actually what annoyed me more is the fact that stock GW characters - E.G Mephiston, have to actually be re-modelled to fit WYSIWYG. I do think he needs to re-do his rules on this.

  14. almost certainy cant go to this one lads, as the 12th is my birthday.

  15. Blog Wars 2 you say, I may have to build a list while I wait to get home. Should be back for Warlords but will definitely not be ready to play by then but I may come down and talk shit!

  16. I sent ya an email Ven, from, my phone isn't working at all out here. Also on facebook on the same email just search Justin Thomas.

  17. Venerable came on his birthday Andy ... clearly means you can ...

  18. Well Bristol is closer for me and there is space...

    When I last spoke to Pete the Doubles was going to be in November and he'd pencil'd in another Singles tourney in October. I suppose both have been shifted back.

    Well I'm not working, so there's reason for me not to come down and beat your ass.


  19. Venerable Brother's hurt feelings7 August 2011 at 10:27

    @Atreides...yeah, what Bully said man!!

    @Kabalite: Whoot! He's alive! I'll get you back on email..

    @BroLo...dude, you can't call me a girl, that's unsporting. Why do you have to resolve things with such petulant, childish name calling. You know, it's not big nor clever.
    Now that you have started this, you know you have to finish it! lol.

  20. Brolo & Bully, man up and come bristol, we can get a triple room hotel or something :)

  21. Its damn tempting because Bristol is really good laugh as well. I'll have to have a think! Need to work out what army I am going to play (and thus also finally settle on a paint scheme!)

  22. Venerable Brother's teasing left nut7 August 2011 at 14:20

    Behave Bully...we all know it's going to be 'Wing!! You'll umm and ahh too much and run out of time!! lol...just like me...I talk a good game about other armies...but we all know I'll play bloody Wolves cause they are painted! lol

  23. lol.

    As Barney Stinson would say ... challenge accepted

    /goes and gets airbrush and washes <--- army in a few hours.

  24. Ven&#39;s eager wallet7 August 2011 at 15:35


  25. I'll finish with your mum first!

    See, I can do Mum jokes too! ... and who said it wasn't big or clever?

    Alex... why would I get a room when I own a house 30 minutes away? However, if I go to Bristol, I can't beat Ven's face in!

    Not sure if you guys have considered it, but Cardiff Carnage is the last weekend of this month. Saw a poster today.

  26. Haha fair enough :) I have reserved two spots on the Bristol Tourney for you and Bully so if you guys could let me know before the end of next week that would be great as I don't want to mess the organiser around.

    I considered it but Ill be soo tired from the ETC the week before :( Also I think its sold out, not 100% though

  27. Bastard! You went 'there'!! Haha...

    Had considered it, but dismissed it very swiftly when Mrs Ven reminded me that it was the same weekend as my mates wedding. Where would we be without women to tell us what to do...I'm best man for chuffs sake! Haha...

    On a side note, I'm bummed that I can't build a really good BA army I'm happy with... :(

  28. Who the fuck lets you be best man.

    Can just imagine the speech ...

    "So this little bitch ...."

    *grandmother faints*

  29. 'Best Man'... maybe it's one of those ironic things like big guys being called Tiny?

    Well... I've promised Lee and Pete an adventure down to Brighton for at least a year, but Bristol would be a much easier option...

    I am missing food from the Ginger Pig though...

    But Bristol is much easier...

    I could beat Ven's face in...

    I could beat Alex's face in...

    Hmm... how can I be so torn?

  30. Glad no one wants to beat my face in. I get feisty.

  31. You're a 4th Ed Terminator brother... why would I want to beat your face in?

  32. Haha...the speech contains snapped banjo's and fucking midgets...all carefully veiled and censored, not a bad word to be heard, Grandma will love it!

    Ginger Pig? Suckling from the teats of an old girlfriend? Da dum tish!

    If you've promised Lee,Pete et al it'd be rude not to before the year is out...


    Highly recommended when you're down that way.

    Best man speeches are the biggest pain in the ass. I think every story I had of the groom ended in some kind of bodily fluid...