Sunday, 3 April 2011

Tournament Update: Day 1 for Team SoS

Quick update from Brighton Warlords 1500 Singles tournament.
Great atmosphere - this is my second Warlords tournament and its been wicked both times...good tables, terrain.
We have essentially 3 members of SoS representing and my very good mate Steve/Bringer of Death with his Eldar (who you may remember from the old Eldar Battle Reports) (Venerable Brother of course...fix up, look sharp) Killswitch/Alex (its a UK tournament on his doorstep, what he wasn't going to be there? lol) and honorary member, Bully with his beautiful Deathwing.

Results so far:
Venerable: 2w/1d/0l (draw in my favour on VP's)
Killswitch: 2w/1d/0l (draw against Alex on VP's I think)
Bully: I am not sure about his first result but think its 1w/1d/1L
Bringer of Death: 0w/1d/2L

Armies played for me have been:
Game 1 - Deathwing. TH/SS/CML galore, melta bikes and then oddly a dakka pred and a vindicator...seize ground, smashed it, WIN 2 objectives to none.
Dropped Belial down a hole with Jaws! love 5 more terminators...during the game.

Game 2 - Daemons - Fiends. Fucking fiends everywhere. Drew this game on KP's as I just couldn't kill my Lone Wolves (I was 6 - 4 up)....they wouldn't die, despite being in combat with 2 units of fiends and a freaking BLOODTHIRSTER during the game...fucking hero's. Why won't they just die!
Oh, and dropped a GUO down a Jaws hole....was gonna happen though...

Game 3 - Blood Angels - Hybrid with Mephiston. Capture and Control. Went second, hyper aggressive on my part, left just 7 dudemen to hang out on my objective, swept his left flank with missile fire and MM speeders whilst everything else pushed on his objective (I had placed mine aggressively opposite so I could get forces over), just swamped his objective, had 2 packs of Grey Hunters, 2 rhinos and a Speeder on his objective.
Killed Mephiston...but NOT with Jaws...he rolled low twice on hoping for the EPIC 6... My objective never threatened as he had to deal with all my bitches.

Overall, good stuff so far.. We have an SoS match up game 4 today as I, your beloved leader (Venerable ofc) take on the might of Killswitch... dum dum dum..........drum roll...


  1. Wish I was there, but I've gotta say, skiing was probably better. Good luck and keep us updated.

  2. Was a good day / weekend.

    I'll be posting up my 6 games when I get the go ahead :P

    Slaps all round for Ks/Ven/BOD for forgetting to vote for mine for best painted ;P

    The dude that won (I voted for him) had a beautifully painted Bad Moonz army, I forgot to take pictures - but I think there will be loads up on their forum soon as I saw some kid going around taking a billion photo's. Reason he won was on the merit of his bikers alone. I am sure I've seen them on dakka or Cool Mini or something, but they are converted kopters into a big wheel with the kopter/rider "inside" the wheel.

    Very good.

    I think I won best based army for the amount I heard that said over the weekend though. Go me. (Tutorial on how to do this coming up, its dead easy, and clearly works - want easy painting points? Do this!)

  3. hi. Good game:-). How is your list? MSU? Hybrid one?