Monday, 4 April 2011

Brighton Warlords Tournament Results for Sos...of Crusader Seals and FNP

The weekend has been and gone, over the pond it has been Adepticon week, here in good ol’ Blighty it has been the Brighton Warlords 1500 singles tournament.

3 member s of SoS got down there, me (Venerable), Killswitch and Bully. My good mate Steve (bringer of death/BOD) made it down for his first tournament..

How did we do? Where do bragging rights go..? As some of you maybe saw on Sunday morning it was looking good for Killswitch and I, with the same results (2 wins and a draw each) with me edging him on VP’s…we were set to face off Game 4 on Day 2…. Bully and BOD had mixed results but were looking for strong Day 2’s…

Game 4 I faced Alex Harrison/Killswitch and his Imperial Guard in a Pitched Battle/Seize Ground match up… Ended on 6 as we ran out of time (rolled for and got a turn 7 but time constraints restricted us) …ended up? ……..Draw. Full write ups to follow, but it came down to the very last shot of the game where Alex cleared one of my Lone Wolves (the other was ready to pounce/charge in next turn) off his objective after the poor Wolf failed his FNP roll from a lasgun shot… He managed to remove the 2 rhinos, Hunters and MM/HF Speeder that were in his lines too over turns 5 and 6… I edged the game on VP’s but it was damn close!!

(Bragging Rights for SoS as it stands?: Venerable Brother remains UNDEFEATED!! against Killswitch and edges him on VP’s…but its bullshit really as we have only drawn!)

Game 5 I faced Lee Brown’s Blood Angels. Lee was running a unique assault BA army with 3 Storm Ravens (or Storm Chickens as they were repeatedly referred to?) … report to follow but that was a WIN for me as I tabled him on Turn 5…

Game 6 put me on top table playing for the tournament against Courtney Rhodes and his newly revitalised Black Templars. Courtney had stomped 4/5 opponents so far, with a draw in C&C mission so I knew I was in for a fight… now, Courtney may disagree here, but for me, this game came down to one big turning point (as these epic, king-of-the-hills matches sometimes seem to, which is appropriate for the tournament win!) in my Turn 4. Full write up to come, but essentially it went as follows:

- His Crusader LR full of 7 Ass Termies and EC with Accept Any Challenge and Furious Charge had unloaded and munched my Rune Priest and a Rhino, but left themselves in the mid table and in place for a counter chargE
- I moved up 3 packs of Grey hunters with double melta and Fists/Power Swords, and a Lone Wolf into pistol range and multi-assault range in a lovely horse shoe shape around his bitches.
- Plus lone Wolf Guard with Cyclone Missile Launcher and Storm Bolter, plus 2 full packs of Long Fangs (missiles ofc) and a split fire LF squad with a couple of missiles, and storm bolters from 2 rhinos up into fire support.
- Everyone unloaded. Killed 2 dudes with LC’s. I can live with that as I am now ready to assault the shit out of him and he genuinely can’t kill them all with the EChamp (or Chimp) swinging first.
- But wait. I have forgotten something. LD check for any wounds on Black Templars. I’ve caused 2.
- There’s more. Passes LD check and then consolidates towards nearest enemy unit.
- Emperor’s Chimp has Crusader Seals (think) and so they roll 2D6, pick highest. Rolls a 4,2 or something like that. Squad moves over a crater towards the top end of the assault horse shoe and escapes the clutches of 2 packs of Hunters and the Lone Wolf.
- I assault with one pack and they die.
- The Black Templars proceed to eat the Lone Wolf (EC kills him in one round) and all 3 packs of Grey Hunters, then the rhino’s, then the nearest Long Fang squad and push on to the next pack of fangs.

Fuck. Know the enemies army. Shit, Sun Tzu man, Sun Tzu…

- I didn’t move the Grey Hunters or the Lone Wolf as close as they could get cause I didn’t know/think about it.

- nor did I think about the option to shoot or just charge. I freakin’ forgot!

As I said above, my opponent (who was a sound Yorksheeeer lad) Courtney may disagree…but for me, that was that… I couldn’t claim or contest 5 objectives with that fuck up. If I had just charged, I am confident he would roll enough ones to fall before the TH’s could swing and even if it took one more round of combat (in his turn so no shooting at them) then the remaining dudes could roll out and certainly have a much, much better shot of winning…

But it is all moot. I lost. Badly. I lost 1314/1500 VP’s that game. I only got 690. Half his army.

Points finished:

1 - Courtney Rhodes 160 194 8115

2 - chris Boulton 131 171 6418

3 - John Humphries 131 171 5016

4 - Simon Priddis 131 165 6303

5 - Lee Brown 122 162 5550

6 - James taylor 122 156 6432

7 - Alex Harrison 120 154 6351

8 – Venerable Brother 111 145 6288

First number after the name is game score, then soft score, then VP’s.

Go on then, let’s torture Venerable a bit.

If I won the last game? 29 more points to me, 29 less to Courtney:

Total Venerable = 174.

Ven wins tournament! The only other dude that would change that was Killswitch…so then I needed him to end up with the same result… but what about the other top 8 dudes…well…ultimately the WHAT IF? Question could go on and on and on…
Fuck it. Old codexes suck balls.

Bragging rights for SoS? I suppose I’ll have to give it to Alex for placing one place higher…cause he got a softer last game lol!!

I know I’ll never forget to really ask and think about old equipment again! Ahgh!!

Great tournament, great opponents, wicked weekend. Details battle reports to follow… Thanks to all the guys I played against, all wicked opponents.


  1. You forgot to mention why I came 8th...fucking last game..what a son of a bitch lol...ima stab him i swear. ;)

  2. oh dear. some disagreements i assume?

    regardless, congrats to all. those places are really not bad. disapointed i couldn't be there :(

  3. To be honest Alex, I was so engrossed in my game, whilst I heard the shouts of "stop fucking cheating" and "you can't do that"...."just take the fucking test man, stop being a dick" I don't really know what happened?

    What was the main issue(s)?

    @Atreides - thanks mate, shame you weren't there. I took my shot for number 1, but fell from the top of the hill pretty hard man..

  4. Was a good tourney - glad I took deathwing, just gutted I didnt get to play a few more test games against the likes of demons and orks - or didnt get a few more games vs marines!

    I'd certainly say that 4th turn did cost the game, out of curiosity - how come you charged with the single squad? Just hoping to get them stuck for a turn? Or to deny him a big ass multi charge into 2/3 squads of GH?

  5. Was hoping that by denying the Furious Charge and not getting an extra attack each I may be able to survive for just ONE round of combat before falling, he certainly would not have to multicharge all of my boys, so if I could just hold one round...

    Glad you don't regret the decision to take Deathwing, they performed well and with more practice you could get the to be a real powerhouse ...

  6. @ven - yeah its a solid list - and do enjoy playing it - and will def keep on with it, though the silly amounts of cash I just forked out to update my GK's really - I do need to start work on them!

    I'll finish up my report for the weekend anyway - prob when I get back in tonight or tomorrow.

  7. Sounds like you had a decent tourney. What was Courtney Running in his BT list? It seems the boys in black could on the way back.

  8. Hey guys It's Robert ( Killswitch's friend) This tournement was pretty good and taught me alot of things I hope to see everyone at the next BW meeting :)

  9. @Robert...nice online name... lol. I'm sure we'll see you down there next time bro. It was good, I think we all learnt from it.

    @Bradimus, hi mate. Courtney was running:
    EC - AAC
    7 mixed ass termies w furious charge in a Crusader
    5 shootie terms w 2xCML - tank hunters
    Ven dread w TLLC and Tank hunters
    2 x mixed armour troops Lascannon, plasma
    1 x mixed armour troop w power sword and meltagun

    Not alot, but mean. If you can deal with the LR quickly and at range then its not too bad at all.

  10. that is a really interesting list. it is typical of what you don't expect at tournaments - a guy who knows his army so well that he isn't afraid to look outside the box and use stuff that the rest of us wouldn't even glance at. i know there is a lesson there, but its a hard one to learn!

  11. Interwebz tells us that 2 shootie termies is better as people just kill land raiders and shoot the squad.

    This should be true.

    I fucked up.

    REserved speeders assuming he'd bomb it forward, then could just sweep on and melta it. he held back, waiting for speeders to come on.. then launched his assault. Had more patience than I did. Paid off. I should have deep struck the speeders to get instant melta...poor choice in the end.

    This is not to say that it was all me, Courtney ran his force extremely well.

    very hard lesson, but it is one I have learnt now:

    - Know all codices inside and out. Literally everything!
    - Remember it in the heat of battle. Hard to do, but remember to take a moment and consider shit.

  12. Yeah it's a great name ;) I don't know how to make an account on this thing so i used my AOL screen name, came up like that .. Definitely will! played a game last night remembering everything I had learnt and tabled my opponent! I just need to remember the bloody objective!

  13. Make a google account on google mail :) fool!

  14. Derp.

    Go Templars!

  15. Bitch! Did you just 'Derp!' me!!??

    lol. yeah, the Templars rocked my world in a very bad way...