Thursday, 31 March 2011

Corteaz & Crowe Tag Team

So i got a request from a friend to make him a Crowe list. At first, I genuinely couldn't really think of something which could work with crowe except for simply spamming purifiers and psybolt dreads. This was a relatively boring list, and tbh had a lot of weaknesses.

After seeing a few lists online and having a good look at the codex, I thought about corteaz. Everyones loving him at the moment, and using him to bring some cheap scoring units. Then it hit me, he can bring what a purifier army lacks, Melta!

Its fair to say our str 7 rending psycannons have a chance to pop a raider, but is that truly reliable? Lets bare in mind that shooting at a raider reduces the impact of the squad and wastes all those storm bolters. What your purifiers should be doing is popping light transports and assaulting the remenants, or swaring them and blocking the access points. I personally wouldn't want to commit a large point unit into shooting a raider only to barely scratch it.

Corteaz was my answer. He bring cheap henchman, backed up by melta weapons, and further scoring bodies to sit around whilst the purifiers do their dirty work. I dunno about you guys, but after seeing some purifier lists out there, I sure as hell don't want one of my 250+ pt units sitting on a home objective in capture and control all game doing fuck all.

So after playing around with points, I came up with a fairly balanced list, which has fairly strong combat punch, whilst still maintaining a strong mid-field presence:

Castellan Crowe: 150pts

This guy can steal one of the henchman rides and run along providing an anti-big creature to go blow himself up on. His relatively weak, but one thing which some people forget is his a great speed bump. If anything, I'd use him to hold up units for a round or 2 in combat by giving him the re roll saves stance. This is great in objective missions when your opponent tries to put through a scoring unit onto one of the objectives which your purifiers are too far away to secure. Apart from that, in KP missions, I'd simply hide him behind a wreck or building, as he is too weak to stick around for long.

Corteaz: 100pts

Corteaz is relatively cheap for what he does. Not only does he make your henchman scoring, but I think he provides a big boost to the army in other way, his psychic powers. He comes with sanctuary ( a HUGE buff to your purifiers if used in a tight formation), Dark excommunion (not great but better than nothing) and hammerhand (this allows the unit of purifiers his in to cast cleansing flame whilst he casts this). This is a great boon for the list as a mini librarian. He can also take AP 3 shots if your feeling rather daring to put double T shots on him.
He comes with a MC DH as standard, which (with hammerhand) give your unit a further 3-4 thunderhammer attacks which I think is invaluable. Lets also not forget the re-rollable initiative steal which is always nice, or forcing your opponent to re roll their just happens ;)

8 Purifiers: 270pts x3
2 psycannons, 4 Halberds, 2 Hammers & Rhino.

3 units of these form the centre of your army. 24 veteran grey knight which not only pump out a fair amount of storm bolter & psycannon shots, but can all hold themselves against most, if not all combat opposition. With a fair amount of attacks, a large amount of bodies and fearless, its a unit which can be relied upon to do your dirty work.

5 Henchman: 95pts x3
3 Warrior acolytes with Meltaguns. 2 Warrior Acolytes with CCW & Las pistol.
Razorback with Twin-linked Heavy bolter & psybolts.

These are great to throw infront of your purifiers to pop any heavy tanks or transports. Use these fairly aggresively to great effect, utalising the cover and smoke launchers to reach your target. If faced with a fairly non-mech army, you can simply hold them back and take some pot shots off and use them to tank shock. If needed, one of the units can be thrown into reserve and Crowe can hitch the ride.

Dreadnought: 135pts x3
2 Twin-linked Autocannons. Psybolts.

Fairly standard fire support. I wanted to take some purgation sqauds, but personally I think its nice to have some long range anti-tank as with some armies, its sometime best to simply castle up. With this approach, you can rely on your long range dreadnoughts who gain a cover save behind the razor/rhino chasis.

Total: 1750pts

So there you have it. 9 vehicles, giving you a fair amount of armour saturation, 9 meltaguns, 6 psycannons, 3 psybolterbacks, lots of storm bolters & hammers for antimech & a plethora of forceweapons & cleansing flame/hammerhand for combat.

I personally believe this to be one of the few good builds to playing Crowe. Its hard to really get much out of him, but I feel Crowe & corteaz make a good tag team without costing a bomb.

I'd love to hear all your thoughts on this list :)



  1. Meltahench don't like RBacks. No top-hatch which to fire safely from and when they jump out they die like a breeze.

    I think Crowe and Coteaz is going to work better in making backfield scorers (monkeymobiles? or psybacks) so the Purifiers don't really have to care about backfield. Use any spare points on Dreads (either psyfles or MM and remember you can take up to 6!).

  2. Like the idea dude, but not withstanding the Pink Ones the Rback with HB's not at odds with the Melta range? One of the few fire support elements with good range is bombing forward to deliver the meltaboys?

    Argument for BS3 Melta?

    Survivability of the little bitches?

    Much as I hate to suggest it... How about a pair on Monkeys with a stock acolyte in a rhino?
    - Score
    - Pair of lascannons/MM
    - Two HF's to cover themselves from scouts etc.
    Can push up turn 3/4 to lend MM fire support if needed after a couple of turns of lascannon fire?

    RE Crowe - stealing a henchmans ride means that melta you wanted is walking no? That kinda sucks...which means Crowe is on foot all the time to get the best of the rest..

    The Grey Knight elements work well of course..just about the right number of bodies/cannons/halberds...

    Good on you for trying not to be boring with the Purifier/Crowe list!!