Friday, 25 March 2011

Stargazer's Painting/Malifaux Corner - Knights Sanguine Showcase

Well.. How can I follow that?? That really is an awesome robot!!

Anyway time to continue with my army showcase, I thought I'd showcase some footsloggers today but instead of your standard marines I'm bringing you something a bit different that unfortunately you don't get to see on the tabletop anymore or at least not in competitive play :(

Here are my Terminators. These were one of the first units I painted for this army, probably about 2 years ago. My plan which I followed through for this army was to try not to spend more than 2 hours on any model. Allowing me to churn out a decent sized army while still making them look like a decent tabletop standard. In reality most models actually only took me around 1 hour as I got the colour scheme down.
For these boys I wanted them to look like they had seen some action as well as having more purity seals which I green-stuffed on. They have like the rest of my army been weathered with forgeworld weathering powders. I also painted lots of scripture on their armour as they are relics of the chapter.

As always if you want to contact me about anything painting related please comment or email me at

Oh and here's sneak peak of my showcase next week ;)

Stargazer out.


  1. Looking nice mate as always. Hows the malifaux playtesting going?

  2. Yeh its goin well some things needing a few tweak but mostly awesome. Can't really say more than that lol but needless to say the new book is gonna b epic!!

  3. man i've always loved your army. its a shame you dont play much any more :) any chance of a full army shot some time?

  4. Yeh I'll put a full army shot next week would play more if I had a little more faith in gw not screwing me over after shelling out large amounts of money for an army. Also malifaux is much more enjoyable for me atm not to mention cheaper lol

  5. What did you use to highlight the black, just simply Codex Grey (or its Vallejo etc.. variant?) I need to highlight my terminator arms, and I've always been terrible with black (I blend to create highlights, cant really do that with black unless you change the colour a bit - like you'll see on my bikers next week).

  6. Just Codex Grey mixing up anything would have been far too time consuming lol.

    If I were to spend a little longer I would put an intermediate step in instead of just straight codex grey though... but up to you and your time constraints.

    Btw my Power Swords are painted in the same way as my lightning claws if it helps to visualise what I was trying to describe.

  7. Yeah - time is against me as well now - so that is pretty nice and simple.

    On my bikers I did blend - from a regal blue to a regal/ultramarine 50/50 mix (2 middle stages if I remember correctly) but I do not have time to do that on 40 arms :/