Thursday, 24 March 2011

Scratchbuilt Dreadknight/Robot (1)

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates.  Today you will see why.  This post is the culmination of hours upon hours of work and even more hours of thought over the last two weeks.  My dreadknight/robot can now stand up for itself, and with the help of a small piece of masking tape, has both of its arms! This means i can show you all how its coming along.  Please bare in mind that only a few of the details and rivets are in place, and in some cases entire elements of superstructure are missing.  Armour for the groin and arms for example, are not there yet.

Essentially though, this is the structure, and this is the pose and this is the general feel i am going for.  Please let me know what you think.  
flame cannon appears wonky, actually isnt.  wierd.
close up of the CC weapon, i love this thing :)


  1. Looks pretty cool to me! And yes, I love the giant chainsaw... who doesn't?

  2. Awesome stuff dude, loving the feel of it - seems like a "natural" progression from those weapons teams in look/size.

    Are you scratch building dreads as well? Mini versions of these would look so good.

  3. Looks cool. He's kinda stepping out in pimp mode in the top side profile picture.

  4. thanks guys. Bully, yes, there will be dreads as well. i am planning similar torso shapes, but stumpier legs with only a single joint.

    my terminators will also be entirely robotic, though obviously scaled down.

    my marines will be normal marines, with large two handed chain halberds, and servoarm-like backpacks with stormbolters on.

    rhinos/razors are going to be open topped, tracked dune buggy type things, but i am still forming those ideas in my mind.

  5. Looks awesome brother. As Alex says, fucking epic.

    Teleport shunt, flame time...

    It's very...old school sci-fi. Sort of Cylon from original BSG. I get that sort of feel...

  6. Looks very much like an angular interpretation of the old school Dreadnought, or recent Horus Heresy era designs. While I a not too keen on walking mecha apart from Maschinen Krieger, I cannot help but to appreciate the workmanship shown.