Saturday, 26 March 2011

Brighton Warlords - Grey Knights?

Whilst most guys in the UK are off at the first annual Indy UK GT at the Maelstrom in the Midlands, I am stuck at home not being able to afford the travel and accommodation due to unexpected car bills that landed on me when I got back from Africa.

Not cool.

But I’m not too high and dry with regards to tournaments. I have my second ever singles tournament at the Brighton Warlords club next weekend. There are quite a few competitive dudes heading down, names I recognise from results reports and a few I have met before now.. including our very own Killswitch (good luck Alex btw for today and tomorrow!).

It’s a 1500 tournament and so gimps my ImmoBAlizer list…it doesn’t scale brilliantly down to 1500 and with the new Grey Knights out now, I think I’ll try them out.

Before we go any further.. I want to play them because they are:
a)      New and I suffer bad with shiny toy syndrome!
b)      Have great, competitive options
Not because I have a desperate longing to play my long forgotten GK’s and I am so, like, joygasm, happy they have a new codex… this is sarcasm btw.

No delusions here at SoS – I like competitive, new toys.

Nids for next tournament, GK for this one.

I have been doing as much research and reading from across the blogosphere. Kirby’s codex review and the boys over at 3++ have been putting out some interesting thoughts. Stelek at YTTH has brought to light some exceptionally cheap options in the form of Ordo Malleus, Psycannon Inquisitors and there is a general consensus across the internet that the Bolterback is OK with Psybolt ammo. This gives a great, cheap, accurate suppression vehicle whilst we get our GK bitches into midfield.
Spagurytine (sp?) over at the Back40k has highlighted some list building options, primarily revolving around the flying shoe box aka Storm Raven. I am still not a fan, Killswitch has also been throwing some options around with Purifiers and a GM in a Raven with a stock Venerable Dreadnaught in tow too for some much needed MM goodness.

So where does that leave me? Well my original ideas I am still keeping to, to an extent.

I am going to try and use the cheap Psy-OMI as HQ (Psycannon Ordo Malleus Inquisitor) giving me a relentless psycannon to plod upfield and support.
He will also have servo-skulls to mess up infiltration and scout moves.

He is in tactical dreadnaught armour so will have to have an accompanying squad. No chimera BS here…play IG for that. But he will need something or his T3 ass will get punk’d quick.

We want troops too as, well – it’s 5th ed guys. Scoring is pretty important. So Terminators will do. Give them all halberds for free? OK. Psycannon as they are relentless and that’s a whopping 4 S7 rending at 30” effective range. With good deployment that is great board coverage from the word go.

We can stick the PsyOMI with them and get 8 S7 shots at a target…or if there will not be a very real threat to ID the Inquisitor then leave him in cover behind the squad and split their fire.

With PsykOUts, Deamon Hammer and Halberds, plus Hammerhand…the GKT’s are a good little combat unit.

To support these boys and provide cover we will go for Grey Knight troops with a Psycannon and Justicar with a Master Crafted NDHammer. 6 man squads.

The boys will ride in a PsyBolterBack as it is only 50 points and provide a 42” effective range  vehicle suppression and MC shooter.

We’ll take 4 of these, giving us 24 scoring MEQ bodies and 5 scoring TEQ bodies.

The idea will be to get the boys in an aggressive deployment and get into the midfield and hold out from there, using the Heavy profile of the psycannon to achieve some nasty results.

To support all this whilst they get there? Yup, you guessed it.

Psyfleman Dreads. Times 3.

List is now 1499 out of 1500 so that’ll do I suppose…

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with Daemon Hammer, Psycannon, Psykout grenades, 3 x servo skulls.
5 GK Terminators with Halberds, Psycannon, Psykout’s
Grey Knight Strike Squad x 6, Psycannon, Justicar – MCNDH, Razorback – Psybolt ammo
Grey Knight Strike Squad x 6, Psycannon, Justicar – MCNDH, Razorback – Psybolt ammo
Grey Knight Strike Squad x 6, Psycannon, Justicar – MCNDH, Razorback – Psybolt ammo
Grey Knight Strike Squad x 6, Psycannon, Justicar – MCNDH, Razorback – Psybolt ammo
Psyfleman Dread – 2 x TL Autocannon – psybolts.
Psyfleman Dread – 2 x TL Autocannon – psybolts.
Psyfleman Dread – 2 x TL Autocannon – psybolts.

This gives us 5 scoring units.
30 bodies
7 vehicles, all ‘unshakeable’
3 sets of Enhanced Aegis from the Dreads
Good CC from each unit.
Reasonable counter-hammer from the Termies, PsykOuts, Halberds etc.

So what do you think guys?
Enough for 1500?

Is this a good way to start Gk’s off? Relatively idiot proof and pretty tough. Good shooty and alright CC. Not too good in the movement phase though…quite slow for what I like, but should at least always be able to move…

Considering dropping 2 of the MC’d NDH from Justicars in order to get Psychic Communion on the PsyOMI so that I can play Reserves manipulation/denial if I need to?
Thoughts on that idea?


  1. Not a bad list - actually one of the few MSU lists I'd play (with the GK's) right now, just because it doesnt have the henchmen which I have to say do not en-thrall me currently.

    Luckily I think that list is simple enough and close enough to your typical BA MSU that you won't need much play testing other than to get the codex straight in your head.

    So which one of us is going to get drawn against each other game 1 day 1?

    *gets back to painting squad markings* Only 40 more arms and 20 bodies worth of small details to do! Nearly there NEARLY THERE!

  2. Exactly. Simply and reasonably effective..

    Well I have Alex, yourself and my mate steve that I would quite like to avoid for the first game!!

    Painting today for me too! Trying to get everything at least 3 colour hold of some GK bits too to convert regular termies up to WYSIWYG standard...although the regular marines will not be... no storm bolters!

  3. are you allowed to take them? they are only out that saturday.

  4. Yeah the TO said if you "have the codex", implying that you just need access to it its fine. As long as you use the 5 min prep time to explain stuff to your opponent.

    I dont mind that, but if a guy mid game just goes "oh yeah this dude can cast this which just hammers this unit" ... i'd be pissed just because I've not had time to read the book fully you know.

  5. Bugger all to explain really...Hb's and Autocannons are +1S, I can test to ignore 1's and 2's on all vehicles in my turn, +1I on Halberd Force weapons... psykouts and servoskulls too I guess...Dead gimmicks here...

  6. its a good list, bt i sort of agree with Purgatus on this one. surely there is a more exciting way to run GK's than more RB spam.

    dont get me wrong, i know its what you have painted right now, and its something you can run with minimal playtesting. just seems like a shame if this turns out to be the best the codex can do is all.

  7. I agree with you mate. The inclusion of a GKT unit with Inquisitor is my effort at this early stage to differentiate.

    There are only 4 RBacks...not massively spammy...could get in at least 3 more I think if I went down the coteaz route. But that's just boring..

    But afterall...they are still just marines...

    I really don't think it is the best the codex offers, but like you's painted and ready to roll.

    Given more time, I am sure we will find better options/ more variety

  8. I am PT'ing 2 different lists after next weekend, one of them is crazy different to what I'd normally play (well except my deathwing ....) But with a week and not wanting to just flat out lose over a games worth of points - you gotta do something "realistic" if you want to play that codex really.

    Bikers nearly done ... I am nearly blind ...

  9. I am bored and watching X Files! loser. I need to get moving!

    Did come up with a decent foot list and a Crowe/Storm Raven idea I am vaguely happy with...

  10. I do think this codex has the ability to throw out probably the widest variety of armies that can be some what competitive to very competitive.

    A list like yours is a very nice and safe 1500 point route - I think it would be a great "intro" to the GK book - simple but I think effective midfield control army. I actually think this army has the potential to do quite well.

    I mean this book can range from spam'd to hell razor's (and KP's hihi) to mini-deathstars with bad invulnerable's lol.

    There is another dude taking GK's I think - wonder what list he'll come up with.

    My bikes are nearly done - just need to paint the leather gun pouches and frag/krak grenades - but going to wait for my eye's to stop burning. Had so many moments during them of "they look good ... now they look trash", have to say one of the things I hate about painting and why I often never finish models - if I get to a stage where I am really happy I often just leave them :(

  11. haha - I been watching some random MTV crap about people losing weight. Oh and having my client calling me so many times for mistakes I made yesterday due to me working when I should have been home in bed (fever + work = MISTAKES). However if I didnt have those few days off for sickness I doubt I'd have gotten stuff done to the level I wanted it.

    I just really need to work out what I want to do for Belial's base - might upload a picture and get some of you guys suggestions.

  12. Go for it mate.. I'm sure peeps will chip in thoughts...

    Yeah, it is safe...basic even. But that works nicely for wolves - think RP's, LF's and Hunters, works nicely at I think this kind of force can work alright too...

  13. It is sort of a mech "razorspam" wolves list "with a twist" - similar sort of AV and suppressive fire - arguably more reliable though (3 sets of TL'd S6, 12 TL'd S8 opposed to the S9/S8 spam - though less threat vectors) and probably more potent things inside.

    I am probably starting off with a similar list to KS, I really want to use a SR - infact the BA list I am going to use vs Andy to help him sort his GK list will use 2 ;D

    Here's the Belial pic -

    Couple of angles. I am not quite sure how I want to base him.

    Here is a couple of examples of my bases for the army.

    I quite like the idea of having him walking over some ruined tank parts - but its hard to cram it all onto a 40mm base.

    Also I am not quite sure how I want to do his LC's. I am tempted to do the blades a sort of electric blue - a bit like how GW are doing their blades recently - as in lighting effects right than just going from dark to light. Though the "power fist" part of it I am unsure - maybe leave it black and do a glow effect much like this article:

    Also Belial wont have a green face lol. Skin used to be my best painting technique - but that was 10 years ago - so I am going to practice on the 2 helmetless sarge's tonight and see how I get on.