Thursday, 17 March 2011

Stargazer's Painting/Malifaux Corner - Knights Sanguine Showcase

Hi guys sorry bout last week don't really have an excuse so I wont try to give one lol. Important thing is that I'm here now. I thought that this week to give you guys a break from the malifaux which no one understands lol I would showcase my 40k space marine army - Knights Sanguine.
I warn you this is very pic heavy although my photography skills aren't the greatest.

So I'll start with some of the vehicles to here's an Ironclad/Furioso and a Vindicator. Any questions on how things are done/techniques as always ask in the comments or email me. Feel free to leave comments and criticisms if you have any ;)


  1. The paint scheme looks fantastic. I love quartered paint schemes even though I would never ever attempt one!

  2. always loved this army, you should post up the awesome dudemenz (such a funny word :P) as well!

  3. Always good to see the Angels Sanguine...shame we dont see them on the tabletop enough...some other 'side project' game seems to have taken over... ;)

  4. yeh something like that lol :p I'll show more next week and actually show some dudes instead of the vehicles.

    @Magilla thanks bud they are actually much easier than you may think especially if one of the quarters is black. Less to paint ;) and any big things just use masking tape or something similar and if it's going over multiples panels etc it's quite hard to tell if you get it a little wrong