Thursday, 24 February 2011

UK40KGt Army Ideas: Space Wolves

Can I take Wolves over IG to the UK40kGT? 

Course I can…more character, less hatorade thrown over you… though not much less.

2 real options for me with wolves: Loganwing and Hybrid

1750 Loganwing first:

Rune Priest:TDA, Combi-melta, Living Lightning and Tempests Wrath (to stop deep strikers such as demons hating on my poor foot marines)

Wolf Scouts x 5 w. Melta –to mess up your ass…that just sounds wrong.
Lone Wolf – SS/CF
Lone Wolf – SS/CF

Wolf Guard x 10, 3xTDA – 2xCML, Combi-melta
Wolf Guard x 5, 1xTDA,CML, 1xCombi-melta
Wolf Guard x 5, 1xTDA,CML, 1xCombi-melta
Wolf Guard x 5, 1xTDA,CML

Long Fangs x 5, 4 x ML
Long Fangs x 5, 4 x ML
Long Fangs x 5, 4 x ML

Missile Count? 22 not that many actually.
Threat Vectors? 10 at long range.
Good CC through all the WG plus Logans abilities
Durable as can get cover easily

BUT – can be torrented easily enough…needs FNP lol!


Rune Priest: Chooser, LL, Jaws
Rune Priest: LL, TW

Wolf Guard x 5 – 2x CM/PW (join GH pack without priest), 2xCM (join a GH pack with Priest), 1xCM, WC (joins scouts)
Wolf Scouts x5 – Meltagun
Dreadnaught – 2 x TLAutocannon

4 x 6 man GH packs with Meltagun, Rhino (point: they become 7 man squads through the WG joining)

TWC x 2: 1xWolf Claw, 1xPowerfist/SS
Land Speeder – MM/HF
Land Speeder – MM/HF

Long Fangs x 5 – 4 ML
Long Fangs x 5 – 4 ML
Long Fangs x 5 – 4 ML

Good long range shooting, but also good CC. Only a few vehicles in this but it works… Tempests Wrath deters deep striking, Jaws for Nids and other real expensive stuff that it is fun to kill easily..

All GH packs have power weapons through either WG or RP’s. All have double melta.

We have 3 ‘fear’ elements…the Speeders and the Scouts. Scouts WG has a Claw to engage troops in combat with…extra power weapon can tip the fight. MotW is the other choice.

TWC provide excellent midfield counter assault and can hurt any unit in the game..not kill, hurt. Great for wounding any target on a 2+, or for hitting fast moving vehicles with 5 x S5 attacks on the charge with a reroll…

So, those are a couple of Space Wolf choices I am experienced with and could field at the GT.

But which is the more competitive choice?

Is either of these a real threat to IG or other competitive forces?

I think the Hybrid is better…you?


  1. Not keen on power weapons on the WG, take fists or claws (claws if you really want the anti-infantry. You will love the re rolls. Lone wolves are a bit too slow for this army, I would drop them for 2 Las/plas razorbacks for the long fangs, and spare pts on the change I suggested above.

    Apart from that, the Hybrid looks good. Not too keen on that logan list. If you want rockets, you need soem form of AP 2 for thigns like upcoming Dreadknights and FNP termies (your p.weps in combat cant always be relied upon).

  2. Are you talking about the indy GT at Maelstrom?

    Look forward to seeing you there.

  3. @Mercer - check it out... big event...I guess you could get on the reserves list, but its already 20-odd people in the line ahead of you :(

    @Killswitch - I am a little confused by the comment mate, the change from PW to Fist on the WG can't be done in the Hybrid becuase there are no Lone Wolves in it...they are in the Loganwing.

    I'd have to drop bodies to get PFists on the WG... not too keen on that as it only has an average model count anyway... I do want to get fists in there though.. just have to make do with the S10 x5 on the TWC!

    The low AP is needed on the Loganwing you are right... they have a bit of melta and all units have power weapons thanks to the TDA upgrade, plus Logan and RP, but you are right, it does lack low AP stuff... I like it, but it is limited.

  4. @Simo - yes dude... can't wait!! What you running bud? Any inside info? Share the love! lol.

    You played at Maelstrom before? I have not but I hear its wicked.

  5. I'll be running a Thunderwolf list. I'm the only claws and fists member heading for this one but I know that John from Bloodclaw will be there as well.

    Yeah played at the Caledonian open in Jan and will be there a couple of weeks after. Its really good, more food than at Warhammer world but at Caledonian there was a little bit too much terrain. The reasoning was to make it more difficult for IG armies to get line of site but all that really happened was that I had difficult getting near the IG army I played. Should be a good day, list sorted just a few more practice games to get in.

  6. Wicked, too much terrain I can live with! lol...

    I still have a few choices to make list wise, but am playtesting as I go and am familiar with the force so am feeling good.

    It'll be good to meet another UK blogger, hope we get to catch each other during the weekend...

  7. Oh shit my bad LOL! In that case, perhaps drop 1 of the priests? I tend to run 1 priest in my wolves and that does fine. Mainly there for anti-psyker. Up to you though :)

    @ Simo how did you do at caledonian? I was on table 4 last game but lost so dropped to 10th place :( Dunno if you saw my Blue Guard? Maelstrom is awsome :) The terrain didnt bother me too much. Clever positioning for a guard army doesnt mean much difference for me :). Just means I need to take a manticore or 2 next time lol.

  8. I like the Hybrid list Ven its very much like what I am running at the minute. I am beginning to resign to the fact that this style of list is pretty much the optimul set up for a SW tourney army. I agree with Alex on the Power weps for the Wolf Guard they whiff so often against other Marines.

    I'm loving Lone Wolves at the minute even in a Rhino based force they are the ulitmate Line backers with the CF/SS set up, they are too slow to spearhead an assault but if they are backing up your Grey Hunters its a different story. They work well in pairs but it forces you to ditch either scouts or Wolf Guard either of which are too important to lose in my opinion, but..... you have those Thunderwolves as well which I reckon make for a good counter attack combo.

    My List still struggles against Guard if they are half decent with plenty of firepower although the scouts and speeder tip the balance a bit and take pressure of the Grey Hunters

    @ Simo, Too much terrain at Caledonian? I though some of the tables were a bit bare espceically the one I got my ass handed to on by Eldar lol.

  9. Think Ive made the same mistake as Killswitch, for some reason I had it in my head you were thinking of taking Lone Wolves in the Hybrid list.

  10. Hahahaha goes to show Us wolf blooded players are just as dumbfounded as one another eh ;) We need more beer :(

  11. Ha Ha, no worries Brad..

    It's IG I'm worried about with these boys too. Although if I can get even ONE turn of movement out of the rhino's to get the boys near the midfield then that'll do me!! From there I can hold midtable objectives whilst punishing with Fangs, Scouts, Speeders and Dread.

    TWC are a great counter assault unit, not to be used in such small numbers as an all out assault force...they just die to return fire or even weight of numbers in attack...

    I do have another idea now though... drop pod..pseudo-Lone Wolf... hmm...

  12. I find the comments about Caledonia quite funny as despite our best efforts (I was one of the organisers) there was still less than 25% terrain on most of the boards (we checked).

    Also I presume the guy running this blog is mates with Mr Hancock? If so I am sure Biggs will be introducing you to me at some point (since I am running the event)

    Also quick heads up for SW players, there is a FINAL update to the FAQ coming out this weeks (as promised it will be locked after this) and there are a few questions relating to SW's we have been asked to answer.

    Otherwise see you all in March

    (and Brad hopefully sooner than that mate).

  13. Yeh Neil I found most boards adequate and you lads did a fantastic job running it. Superb event and looking forwards to next years :)

    Drop pod with lone wolf? Can you do that considering he cant take a dedicated transport O_o?

  14. Hi Neil, yeah I am Andy Humphris, met Biggs last weekend at X Legion Tournament and got chatting...fortuitous... will be pleased to meet you I am sure dude.

    You getting to play or just officiate?

    Thanks for the notice on FAQ, will check it out..

  15. It wasn't a criticism Neil, it was just an observation on one specific game against IG where there were a number of large buildings. Nothing went right that game so the terrain was just one small part of it, it was just something I noticed, I hadn't played on many tables with that much terrain and certainly not that had such big pieces.

  16. @ Neil Ignore me mate I've got the mardies on because I got shot to Sh** by Eldar and had no where to cower with my tail between my legs ;)

    @ Ven, I play against a Guard player nearly all the time who has designed his list to kill Marines :( Because of this I have become obsessed with taking out Guard and guess what happened at Caledonian Uprising? I didn't draw a single Guard Army lol. ( I appreciate it could have gone the other way.)

    I think you have the right idea though, Get mid field and hold on for dear life with the Hunters whilst hoping the Fangs and Scouts do some damage.

  17. @Killswitch - the key was "psuedo"...I was toying with the idea of a single TDA/CM/CF wolf guard in a pod...everyone else gets assigned to squads then he just pods in front of a high value target and melts it. Of course if that doesn't work, you need to shoot him or you have a Chainfist running around in your back lines.
    Also works to slow advances of LRaiders...both physically and actually is the melta works!

    I've run drop pod MM Fangs before and they are nasty with Logan, but the whole enemy army can focus on them next turn and remove with ease..

    with one dude, can I cause enough upset? definately to a degree, he can't be ignored.. and like I give a fuck if he is killed!

    I've already ruled it out though... :(

  18. I used to do tht, see my 1500 gt list on the space wolf blog. Used to also tag 3 combi melta wg with him, was fairly effective. Problem i found is when playing dawn of war going first or if my opponent reserved they wud drop down, do nothing, then die lol

  19. lol. yeah, I ruled them out for that reason exactly. although the podcan still try and jam up traffic/los lanes whilst the little 'killer' sqaud runs behind a rhino.. not very effective though.

    ever tried large scout squads infiltrating and scout moving to get a first turn meltabomb charge off on a tank parking lot...? like a vendetta/vets alphastrike? depends who scouts first though if they have any...

  20. I thought about doing that with scouts mate but if you read up the infiltrate and scout move rules you have to be "over" 12" away from an enemy thus making a 1st turn charge impossible and in theory even getting within 6" melta range is not possible.

    The rule does have its uses though, against Raider/Battlewagon rush tactics I infiltrate and scout move right up into thier face and block the most direct route. They either have to move around the scouts or if they are daft tank shock them. The scouts will most likely die in the shooting phase but if definately buggers up that 1st turn of movement.

  21. ^ +1. Wonder where he got that idea from ;) But yeh it even says in the FAQ you cant do that im afraid :(

  22. Shame... it is useful to movement block I guess but too fragile really... will just bear it in mind...

  23. So you settled on Wolves by the sounds of it Andy?

  24. actually.. played with my Dark Eldar last night and really enjoyed it! Might give them a go!

  25. lol, fickle as the wind... i give up :)

  26. I'm using Space Wolves at the GT too :P

  27. yeah...i'm probably NOT... see todays post...thats right... I have fucking big brass balls