Wednesday, 23 February 2011

UK40kGT and DiA News

Breaking news: Venerable Brother has a chance to redeem himself….At the UK 40k GT!

This is awesome as it means that Team SoS has a member going to the biggest independent event of the tournament calendar.

It is also next month and whilst I was on the reserve list I did not think I would get the opportunity to play so I’m a little unprepared.

With a very limited window of time in which to prepare myself I am faced with a couple of decisions.

First – What army to use?
Second – What price my soul?

The second point kind of fits straight into the first…

But first, I am having to stop the regular posting of Deployment in Action posts. They take a huge amount of time and I simply don't have it at the moment. It is cutting into the time I have with the fiance and hobby does not come before that... they will continue as I have the time, but it will not be every week..sorry :( 

Back to list choices, I ran my ImmoBAliser list at the recent X Legion tournament to spectacularly average conclusion and whilst I have spent the last 48 hours building, priming and updating my Dark Eldar from 4th to 5th, I do not have time to practice with either of these very specialist armies to become proficient.

Whilst I can play test a bit and of course I can theorise all I like about how to use each of these forces, nothing is better than actual experience…

So where does my experience lie? Well, Atreides astutely commented on our drive home last weekend that I need to play one army and just stick with it.

I agreed but am not sure where to go?

Immospam BA is great fun and very different. But not top tier competitive…I think it could be with practice, so it stays on the list of choices.

Dark Eldar, Necrons and Tau are all old armies of mine, the DE have literally just had their 5th ed revamp this week and I have gotten 2 games in with them. So they go on the ‘pick-up game’ pile for now…until I get more experienced with them.

This leaves Nids, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves.

My Nids need a reworking as I went for dual reserve tyrant when the codex hit and since the nerf bat was swung I need to go another way…I’ve been talking about that a bit and I think I may work on them…sometime.

IG or Wolves then.

Both I have a good amount of experience with and are action packed and ready to go.

So here is the second question: what price my soul?

If I take the Wolves it’ll be Loganwing full of missiles with some character thrown in from scouts and either Lone Wolves or solo TWC with PF/SS.

If I go IG it’ll be something like the UK standard…

Which is boring. 

But ruthlessly effective.

The pair of forces bring different things to the table:

Loganwing is different and pretty damn cool. It has some CC in the form of the wolf guard, Logan and the Lone Wolves or TWC.

But is is susceptible to ordnance, fast CC armies, weaken resolve from IG PBS’ and each individual unit can be torrented away fairly easily. These are my thoughts anyway.

IG brings efficiency, r… all kinds of crap. I enjoy playing it to the extent that it works, has a tool for every opponent and has the utility to be applied to different things in different ways.

BUT, and it is a big but… a lot of people run it.

At X legion last weekend, there were no less than 7 almost identical IG armies on the tables… There were also a couple of SW armies that were pretty similar…but the UK’s standard tournament IG army was out in force…

With 120 people at the UK40kGT… do I want to be just another nob playing IG?

Yes. I think I do.

When you thumb through a codex and something just works, you own it and enjoy the stupid level of shooting it puts out… then it’s game on!!

I may even just put in a unit of Ratlings.. just to be different from all the others!!!! Well…only 50 points different! 

Stay tuned for the comparitive lists tomorrow... fairly straight forward, but with little twists.. 


  1. you are having my reserves spot...only need 22 people to drop out... :(

  2. Congrats on the GT dude thats awesome.

    AS for the army - you've sold your soul. Report to the garden center and get your name tag! Need a price check on a leafblower! Kidding lol.

    I'd like to see the Loganwing rocked personally, its a list I plan on being able to run w/ my "new" army models. (Ven I'm sending over a email visa vi the DW - just a preface thing real quick to get an idea)

    I do lean with Atreides in that you should stick to a list really - I know I am breaking that myself right now, but I think I am moving to something I can get more potential out of personally in the time frame than I could with my other list - which is a factor as well to consider.

  3. IG are awesome. If only they could be persuaded to get out of their metal boxes a little more often...

  4. @ Killswitch...I know... I'll see you there bitch!
    @GDMNW... just blow them out! Although its not that easy is it!
    @Bully..I've got my name tag and am ready to roll...

  5. so, anyone have the names of 21 other people who are going, just need to make sure they have an accident. Alex is already on the list of course.

  6. ;D! bring it lol!

    Gonna be a big event. I really don't wanna take guard cus the chances of facing another guard army, or daemons, and then having to roll for first turn is gonna suck balls :( Ill use your shitty wolf army :D <3

  7. Btw, I think I should share with everyone this sucky deployment <3

  8. I like the seige shields Andy (From what I can see, that bone white is very striking vs the dusty red).

    I popped you over an email as well.

  9. That FAQ is dumb... it's answers are in the rule book. Why does it not just say...


    1) Read the f***ing rulebook.


  10. @BroLo...yup!
    @Killswitch: The cheek, I couldn't push up further as he could roll on and disembark, blowing away my vehicles, or roll on and shoot with his tanks..night fighting is irrelevant if I'm too close to you.
    It was DoW so I have no idea where he is going to come on.
    In this case, what is the strategy? Push the middle, redeploy once on. At this point I can hit either flank bloody hard with a second wave, or the centre to destructive conclusion...although why anyone would deploy straight in front of me is a wonder...
    Or there is the possibility I guess you were talking about Atreides sucky!

    RE: IG/Demons. I feel it on the IG thing. If you take IG I think there needs to be something built in to tackle it...maybe hellhound to roast all the bubblewrapping?
    Demons. Bubblewrap man! Let them drop and bolt you, you've popped smoke. Let them drop and torch the bubblewrap with a 4+ to kill...then smoke the fuckers. No?

  11. @Bully - email looks great,I'd love a little series of posts maybe ..."wip army building from bully"?

  12. i doubt he meant my deployment, as i hadn't deployed yet :P

  13. Against guard iits simply first turn, unless uve got an astropath to control ur resrrves so you can reserve rather than get dicked first turn.

    I did that, only to get assaulted on 1 of my flanks by 1 chariot which dragged the whooe bublewrap along. cnt split the squad cus of kps :(

    As for deployment, Id of just push centre and poped smoke, then with fast vehicles i would of dispersed. And yes more pointing at atriedes. Why are your chimeras deployed sidewaya to expose side armour, and why r the vendettas in terrain? do you want to kill yourself lol?

  14. Re having bubblewrap dragged across.. yeah that sucks, but would you not use layers of wrapping... this is what makes the concept so useful with Tau, the kroot and drones form 2 layers of you can strip one and still not get to the meat.

    Its a lot of work just for demons though...I think having an astropath is probably easier! lol.

    Any thoughts on the wolf lists in new post?

  15. But what can you use for a second layer? each layer is a killpoint, and I cant find many units whoch can cover over 10 tanks lol. Bubblewrap doesnt always work, spread ur units into 2 firebases tends to work better for me against daemons but its still hard work, more so with fuckin fateweaver

  16. they are not deployed doofus :D its dawn of war and nothing has driven on yet, they are just sitting there.

    the Vendettas are the only thing to have deployed at that point, and they are in terrain because that was the best side for them to be, and it was either in terrain, or out of sight entirely.

  17. I hate putting mine in terrain, cus I know I WILL roll that one. I always keep mine on the move, prepping for last turn objective dives or to get a better angle. Ahh ok I'll let you off lmfao ;)

  18. @Alex... 2 firebases vs demons is a good idea. The second layer...don't know conscripts? not even looked at them but just thinking aloud.

    I used to regularly play vs fateweaver and he is a pain...the average to kill him is like 27 lascannon wounds... of course it can happen with just a laspistol hey Atreides... :)